How to Store Ginger Root Properly

Ginger solution is a great component to have on hand, and when stored properly, it ’ ll keep for a long fourth dimension. When you buy pep root, it may be sold refrigerated or at room temperature. Decide how hanker you ’ d like to store your ginger then follow these tips to keep it fresh .

how to store ginger
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look for tauten pieces of ginger root that have a smooth, unwrinkled outer peel. If you see wrinkles, it ‘s already beginning to deteriorate. Be certain to check the ends for signs of mold. While you may be able to trim those spots away, it wo n’t keep well and is n’t worth your money. For the freshest ginger etymon, workshop at an international market as they ‘ll have a higher turning over than a grocery storehouse and normally better prices .

Refrigerator storage

It ‘s best to store ginger in the refrigerator integral, with the undress hush on. You can store cut pep in the refrigerator, but it wo n’t keep as long. To maximize the storage clock time, place your ginger in a deep-freeze base ; press out most of the air out and place it in the crisp drawer in your refrigerator. If you ‘re short on time or deep-freeze bags, place it in the refrigerator in the brown university composition bag you brought it home in. It should keep for about a week this way .

Preserving in Spirits

If you unintentionally peeled more ginger than you need, you can preserve the extra part by placing it in a small looking glass jar and adding enough vodka or sherry to cover it wholly. It should keep for respective weeks this way. Toss it out when the alcohol starts to look cloudy—that ‘s an indication that mold or bacteria may be present .


To store ginger indefinitely, stick the ancestor in the deep-freeze with the bark on. space it in a deep-freeze bag or another freezer-safe container to protect it from deep-freeze burn. Whenever you need fresh ginger for a recipe, pull the ginger out ; grate what you need ; and return the rest of the root to the deep-freeze. There ‘s no need to thaw it inaugural as freeze ginger is a fortune easier to peel.

Planting in a potentiometer

For a ceaseless provide of ginger, plant a ginger ancestor in a belittled potentiometer and keep it on the windowsill. It ‘ll send up shoots and leaves barely like any other houseplant. Whenever you need ginger for a recipe, lift the plant ; cut off a piece of the solution, and return it to its pot—it wo n’t hurt the plant a bit. adenine long as you keep your implant watered, you ‘ll never run out of pep .

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