Can’t Stop Scratching That Mosquito Bite? Here’s Everything You Can do Stop Bug Bites from Itching

If you ’ ve been eaten active by bugs, there ’ s nothing worse than the bumps and itch you ’ rhenium left to deal with that can leave you constantly scratching for days. No count how intemperate you try, the compulsion to scratch is always there. And that ’ randomness because bug bites cause inflammation in your torso that your body tries to fight. “ The itch you feel is the body ’ s natural immune reception to being bitten by an worm, ” explains Dr. Corey L. Hartman, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and Founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, Alabama .
Every worm, be it a mosquito or bee, or any other bite tease, releases saliva and sometimes venom into the skin, which causes inflammation, swelling and itching. ” The allergy cells in our clamber react to the saliva or other by-product of the worm, ” says Dr. Tania Elliott, MD, AAAAI, FACAAI , board-certified allergist in New York City. “ The allergy cells release a chemical called histamine that results in itching inflammation and swelling. ”

Related: 10 Severe Allergy Symptoms You Should Take Very Seriously Your clamber besides may react differently depending on the bug that moment you. “ Every bite is different, and everybody is different, so the tied of chemical reaction may result in a small bump for some, and a big flog with pain in others, ” notes Dr. Hartman .

How to stop bug bites from itching

thankfully, it ’ south ace easy to stop microbe bites from itching. here are 9 tips to help you find some respite .

Apply a cold compress to the site a few times each day

“ The cold from the compress helps to dull the steel endings around the site so the pain and itch international relations and security network ’ metric ton felt as powerfully, ” says Dr. Hartman. “ A cold compress can besides help reduce inflammation, which can make the morsel feel better overall. ”

Apply ice 

“ By icing the sphere, you can reduce swelling and ignition and can prevent a bite from getting bigger if used correct aside, ” says Dr. Elliott. “ Cold and itch are transferred through the lapp boldness endings, so your consistency can ’ t feel both at once. ”

Use a hydrocortisone cream

“ Using 1 % hydrocortisone is one of the best itch fighters for wiretap bites ; it ’ s an anti-inflammatory medication that will help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain, ” says Dr. Hartman. “ It ’ s besides easy to find at any drugstore. You can apply it up to three times day by day. ” Related: 15 Easy Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Apply a baking soda paste

“ Mix baking sodium carbonate with enough water so it becomes a spread, ” says Dr. Hartman. “ Gently pat some on the wiretap bite and let it sit on the skin until the paste dries. Light brush it away and clean the skin. Baking pop can help reduce itching and inflammation from bites. ”

Apply some calamine lotion.

Calamine lotion international relations and security network ’ thyroxine precisely for poison ivy. “ It can besides be used to reduce the urge and sting from hemipterous insect bites, ” says Dr. Hartman. “ Calamine besides has lifelike acerb properties, so it can help disinfect the sting localization as well. Pour hemimorphite onto a washcloth or cotton dab and gently dab against the bug sting and let the lotion sit down on the skin for a few hours. Repeat 1-2 times each sidereal day as needed. ”

Use a lotion with tea tree oil, or apply a small amount of 100% tea tree oil to the bite location

This can be done once or twice a day depending on your need, says Dr. Hartman. “ Tea tree is an antiseptic that can reduce scabies and help expedite the heal process. ” Related: What Bit Me? How to Identify Common Bug Bites

Take an antihistamine

“ An antihistamine can help with itch, specially if you have multiple bites or are itchy in more than one place, says Dr. Elliott.

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Layer up when outdoors

If you want to avoid antsy microbe bites altogether, a little prevention goes a long way. “ Avoid a bite in the first place by wearing whippersnapper cotton long sleeves, pants, socks and a hat, ” says Dr. Elliott. Next up: Here Are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Gnats


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