How To Start A Podcast: A Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial (2022 Guide)

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Starting a podcast international relations and security network ’ metric ton difficult, but there are a phone number of steps you ’ ll need to go through in order to get it launched .
In this podcast tutorial, we ’ ll walk you through every dance step of the process :

  • Choosing a topic & name
  • Show and episode format
  • Cover art creation
  • Intro & outro music
  • Equipment selection
  • Audio recording & editing
  • Submission to Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
  • Promotion tips

And much more…
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just a few of the things you ’ ll learn :

  • What to podcast about
  • Equipment you’ll need
  • How to record & edit
  • How to promote your podcast

Get started today !
Podcasting is a much less herd and competitive space than blogging, making now the perfective time to get started .
As of May 2022, there are just over 2 million podcasts, but over 600 million blogs !
In case you ’ rhenium wonder, I ’ ve helped thousands of people start a podcast in the last several years and have started a few shows in different industries myself .
Looking to start a podcast quickly ? Sign up with Buzzsprout, upload your audio files, and take to Apple & Spotify .
Let ’ s get started :

How To Start A Podcast: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide (w/ rockets)


This is the initial ( much overlooked ) stage to make a podcast. You ’ ll want to spend a full come of time here before you move on .
Feel free to get out a notebook or a whiteboard so you can start planning your podcast like a pro .

Choose A Topic

You want your podcast to be focused on a particular subject or recess .
Try to narrow it down to something you can speak about for many episodes ( 100+ ) but that international relations and security network ’ thymine then broad that you won ’ thymine appeal to your potential hearing .
For example, alternatively of having an “ outdoor ” podcast, talk about hiking – or even more particular, like hiking 14ers .
You can always expand your topic late as you get more popular .
Important: see the section about choosing a name to make sure you don ’ metric ton limit yourself .

Pick A Co-host (optional)

Do you have a supporter, business partner, or coworker that you want to co-host with ?
It can be much easier to start podcasting if you have a co-host .
You will naturally have a more engage conversation if you both contribution your points of position on a subject. It can besides be helpful to have person to keep things on racetrack .
Plus, you can split extra tasks of editing, promoting, and more .
There can be downsides though .
You ’ ll want to make certain both of you are committed to it for the long term. And it helps to set a schedule from the begin then you know when you will be recording every week .
There aren ’ metric ton rules here though. If your co-host drops off, you could distillery continue the podcast without them. Or you could start solo and add a co-host former .
The important thing is to fair get started.. so let ’ s choose a name :

Choose A Name

If you look at the top Apple Podcasts charts, you ’ ll see a kind of different names .
Some are descriptive of what the show is about, while others don ’ thyroxine mean much .
I ’ molarity actually going to seemingly contradict what I said earlier : You want to choose a name that is broader than your topic .
Using the hike exemplar earlier, if we choose “ The 14er Cast ” as our name, what happens when we want to talk about packing & ultralight camping excessively ?
alternatively, choose a name that will let you expand if you decide to later. possibly “ Mountain Adventures ( Above & Below 14K foot ) ” would work as it gives a hint to hiking 14ers but gives you the option to talk about all kinds of stuff if you want .
I just came up with that as I was writing this, I ’ megabyte sure you could do better !
Action Step:  Purchase a sphere name ( opens in a new check ) for your podcast .
Another option is to get a absolve sphere identify with a Bluehost network host plan. You can search right hera on this foliate – try it out !


Please enter your sphere. Please verify that you are not a automaton .
I besides have some more tips on choosing a domain diagnose hera if you want .

Show Format


You ’ ll find a number of “ experts ” title that sealed lengths are arrant for podcasts. The problem is that ’ s just BS .
You don ’ t need a 28-minute podcast because that ’ s the average drive prison term. Or under an hour because people can ’ metric ton pay attention longer than that .
There are 5 minutes podcasts and there are 6-hour podcasts. Find whatever works for you and run with it !
What I would try to avoid is making it longer than it needs to be because you went off-topic for 15 minutes .
here ’ s a bang-up image from Pop Up Podcasting that shows “ easy, good, or farseeing – pick two ” :
easy good long podcast length diagram


interview shows are popular, but that doesn ’ metric ton mean you have to do one .
You can do solo ( or co-hosted ) shows half the time and interview shows the early one-half .
One big benefit of doing interviews is that they help a short ton with getting new listeners – specially if you make it easy for your guest to share with pre-written templates and graphics .

Episode Format

indeed what does a specific sequence sound like ? I wrote this mail about podcast intro, but it has a bunch of examples of unlike episode formats for popular podcasts .
here ’ s one exemplar :

  • Teaser
  • Intro Music
  • Welcome
  • Ad Spot
  • Interview
  • Call To Action (“Review us on iTunes!”)
  • Outro Music

Get creative with this contribution .
unlike segments make it easier to share little clips on social media besides .
But remember that for every episode you put out, you will have both reprise listeners and new listeners so you should try to speak to both of them .


now that you ’ ve written down your topic, format ( south ), and secured a domain name, we ’ ll want to get a few things prepared ahead of launch…

Create Cover Art

podcast cover art from new and noteworthy Your cover art is the inaugural impression most people will see as they browse through Apple Podcasts or their favorite podcast app .
It ’ randomness might besides be the visualize person sees when you parcel your show on social media .
Buzzsprout has written an excellent article about designing breed art, so I would decidedly start there .
If you have a little morsel of a budget, I highly recommend 99 Designs to get yours created .
You ’ ll get hundreds of different designers to produce a draft – then you can choose the ones you like to have them far refined .

Get A Professional Intro (Optional)

music Radio Creative is the best home to get professional-quality voiceovers and intros .
Having a third-party precede you merely takes your perceive value up a notch, which is a capital manner to stand out when first starting a podcast .

Choose Intro Music

I ’ m a big fan of PremiumBeat for podcast music .
It ’ south easy to search, you get a full license, and they have a bunch of different styles .
Take a expression at this post on royalty-free music for more options .
Most people don ’ t need an inexhaustible subscription-style music service – barely a birdcall or two .

Get A Microphone

Audio quality is crucial but it doesn ’ t have to cost a long ton to get a good quality microphone for podcasting. One of the most popular podcast microphones is the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB ( brand raw interpretation for 2020 ) .
It ’ s both a USB microphone and has an XLR connection which lets you upgrade your recording equipment without needing a fresh mic .
I recommend taking a spirit at our podcast starter kit post for more options here, particularly if you plan on having a co-host or two .

Podcast Guests

If you are doing an interview appearance, now is the time to get a list in concert of who you want on your podcast .
then start reaching out to them.

It can help to use a service like Acuity Scheduling so people can record right on your calendar when it ’ mho convenient for you .
This saves the headache of going back and forth working out a merging clock – and means you can focus on getting more guests !
Plus you can ask them for certain info like their Skype username or an presentation you can read when they schedule with you .
To record your interviews when you ’ re not in-person ( or if your co-host doesn ’ thymine record in the lapp board with you ) I use and recommend Iris .

Recording & Editing

Alitu (The Easy Way)

If you haven ’ thyroxine used editing software before, even bare actions in GarageBand or Audacity can be quite intimidating .
It ’ sulfur apprehensible : audio production is wholly full of jargoon !
If that ’ s the case, then Alitu might be the way to go .
It ’ s a ‘ podcast stool ’ instrument that automates a lot of the confusing technical parts, and practically builds your episode for you. It ’ s all based right inside your browser, so no software to download, and it works on any computer connected to the internet .
It is built to be ace simple to use and does reasonably much everything :

  • Takes care of audio cleanup
  • Lets you add music
  • Helps you piece together your audio segments
  • Has direct publishing of your episodes.

All you need to do is upload your recordings, and use the fool-proof podcast-specific editor to take out any big mistakes. Alitu does the rest !
flush better, Alitu includes a library of music and jingles which you can use as your theme tune, or as transitions between segments .
Whether you ’ re a complete founder, or an have podcaster looking to drastically cut down on your production time, you should decidedly give Alitu a test. It comes with a 7-day free trial, so sign up here and try it out !

GarageBand (Free Option)

I ’ meter going to show you how to use GarageBand for recording and editing .
other audio edit software is similar but most have more advance features that you don ’ t need when getting started. popular options are Adobe Audition & Audacity ( both bring with Mac & PC ) .
You can besides check out our full post on podcast edit software .

Create A Template

Before you get started, it will be much easier if you create a template that you can reuse every prison term you record a podcast episode .
What this means is that you will have your presentation & outro music already placed, space for ad spots, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as your tracks for your voice or an interviewee .
Keep in take care this will look different depending on your episode format – create a podcast template that works for you. hera ’ s one I use :
Podcast template in GarageBand I ’ ll barely open the template up, click File – > Save As, and save the file as my episode mention ( i.e. 008-episode-8-title ) .
This will besides keep any effects you have applied to the tracks, including compression, EQ, or anything else. I ’ ll show you the settings I use in the editing section below .

Record Your First Episode (Or 3)


If you ’ re merely recording a solo episode or want to record an intro to an interview you did, simply select the track you want to record to ( see the inner light grey Podcast Audio chase selected above ) and click the red Record button up top :
garageband control buttonsgarageband control buttons

Multiple Hosts

If you have multiple hosts, you ’ ll indigence to click Track – > Configure Track Header and check Record Enable .
This will give you the option to enable multiple tracks to record at once and you ’ ll see the Record Enable button on each track :
record enable garagebandrecord enable garageband You ’ ll cluck that button on each track you want to record, then click the big phonograph record button up top. Easy enough !

Remote Interview

many people use Skype for recording outside interviews and the easiest way to actually record the audio ( or video ) is with Ecamm Call Recorder For Skype ( Mac only ) or Pamela ( for Windows ) .
If you want better audio quality than Skype or Zoom allow, or a way to have person audio files for more than 2 people, services like Iris are excellent. They are designed for outside record and podcast interviews .
When you are done recording, you ’ ll have two break tracks that you will place on lead of each other like this :
remote interview tracks in garagebandremote interview tracks in garageband This besides shows another template that you may want to use. The Podcast Audio track is merely used for solo shows, and the Interview tracks are entirely used for interview shows .

Edit Your Episode

There are a pair of things you can well set up once ( and save in your template ) that will make your podcast ( and your spokesperson ) sound much better .
Keep in mind that everyone ’ s part is different thus there aren ’ triiodothyronine perfectly universal settings, but these may give you a good begin point :

  1. Select the track you want to work with (start with your voice)
  2. Click an empty space in the Plug-ins box
  3. Add compression by going to Dynamics -> Compressor:garageband compressor selectiongarageband compressor selection
  4. I use these settings (sometimes I’ll add more gain):podcast compression setting in garagebandPlay around with them and just click the power button next to the compressor plugin to easily compare.
  5. Next we’re going to add EQ (under EQ -> Channel EQ).
  6. Here are my settings:podcast vocal eq settings garageband
  • 100 Hz: 24dB/Oct roll off, Q: 0.79
  • 160 Hz: -2.5dB, Q: 2.20
  • 500 Hz: -1.0dB, Q: 0.71
  • 930 Hz: -0.5dB, Q: 3.20
  • 3400 Hz: +0.5dB, Q: 0.71
  • 5400 Hz: +2.5dB, Q: 0.71

I ’ m not going to get into what all that means, but if you just do one, the low-end roll-off ( on the left ) will be a good begin .
Or you can just download my Podcast Vocal EQ settings here ( .pst file on Dropbox ) .
The last footstep I ’ vitamin d recommend is going to Auphonic to apply some standardization for flashiness ( LUFS ), leveling, and filtering. It will besides mechanically add ID3 tags should you need them .


Get A Podcast Host

I use and highly recommend Buzzsprout podcast host after trying many different companies over the years .
Plus you ’ ll get a exempt $ 20 Amazon give card after you sign up for a nonrecreational plan !
Feel free to check out our arrant podcast host scout if you want to see other options, but another great option for larger brands is Transistor .
You can besides look at this list of the best podcast platforms .
once you ’ ve signed up, you ’ ll necessitate to fill out some want information about your podcast ( name, description, categories, etc. ) .

Upload Your First Episode

If you use Buzzsprout, this process is super simpleton .
If not, it ’ randomness possible you need to mess with things like embedding ID3 tags into your MP3. Sounds confusing and unnecessary – let ’ s not do that .
You ’ ll barely need to click the “ Upload ” button :
and they ’ ll apply some charming march to your mp3 file .
then you ’ ll indigence to fill out the episode title, description, compendious, publish date, and episode # .
If you want to use Seasons, put a “ 1 ” there, otherwise leave it blank. If you use a distribute of bad words, click the explicit checkbox .
It can be helpful to create a template for your episode description ( in a classify text document ) to reuse for every sequence – I use something like this :
Buzzsprout episode description template Click save and repeat this footfall for your initial passing of episodes .
It ’ sulfur recommended to launch a podcast with more than 1 episode indeed that people don ’ t have to wait to hear more .
3 to 5 episodes is a thoroughly phone number to start with .

Submit To Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

I have a separate guide on how to submit your podcast to iTunes but within Buzzsprout just snap Apple Podcasts under the Directories tab and follow the steps they ’ ve put together .
After that, grab your podcast RSS feed and submit it to other podcast directories besides .
As you upload new episodes, your horde will automatically update your RSS feed and any podcast directory you ’ rhenium listed on will besides update with your new episode .

Spread The Word

Use Buzzsprout ’ s social sharing feature to generate teaser videos and start sharing !
buzzsprout video soundbite creatorBuzzsprout’s built-in video soundbite creator. There are other companies that will help you generate different styles of audiograms, but having it built into your host makes it in truth easy to create ( and it won ’ t cost you extra ) .
Wavve and Headliner are two excellent choices if you want to create more custom podcast television to contribution .
Check out this article on podcast forwarding to for a bunch of other marketing tactics. One of the most impactful ones is building your own web site ( see following step below ) .

Recommended Steps (After Starting A Podcast)

Your job international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate done once you start a podcast. hera are my recommendations to help make your display more appeal and easier to grow :

Create A Website

WordPress (Easy To Medium Difficulty)

Podcast hosting companies normally give you a web site, but if you want to be taken badly get yourself a distinguish WordPress host .
For beginners, Bluehost is easily the best option ( plus you ’ ll get a free domain mention for the beginning year ) .
If you need a moment more steering, start with this how to start a WordPress web log post for the initial steps .
I have a number of excellent WordPress plugins that a podcaster would need besides .
And if you need more help oneself, I have a course called Podcast Website LaunchPad that walks you through everything .

Podcastpage (Easiest Method)

Podcastpage is a web site builder and hosting all-in-one made specifically for podcasts. Kind of like Wix but designed for the need podcasters .
No code is necessary. You just choose one of their themes, customize to your like, and optionally integrate electronic mail market or Google Analytics .
You can add pages or web log posts, customize your audio player, and make it comfortable for your visitors to subscribe !
It works with any podcast host provider and price is average, starting at $ 80/year or $ 8/month .
Check it out and sign up for a loose trial here .

Get Transcriptions

Transcriptions are an excellent way for search engines ( like Google ) to “ understand ” your podcast episodes. They besides give your hearing another room to look something up promptly .
You don ’ t have to start out with them, but it ’ s another one of those things that will set you apart .
Buzzsprout has a built-in transcription service ( on paid plans ) that costs $ .10/minute, but my favorite arrangement service is Rev – give them a try .

Create Show Notes

Show notes can be transcriptions like above, a simple drumhead of what you talked about, or a full moon web log post tailored more toward reading than listening.

Some people do a combination .
On this site, we start with written subject first and then create podcast episodes after .

Embed Your Episode

Grab your episode embed code and place it on your show notes page indeed people can listen from your web site .

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