How to Share Your Location in Google Maps

Do you need to partake your real-time localization with person ? iPhone users have the Find My app, which allows them to partake their localization with their contacts. however, if you have an Android device, or want to parcel your location with person who does, Google Maps allows you to partake your real-time location on a irregular or continuous basis. here ‘s how to set it up .

Share Your Location

Before you can start sharing localization data, you must first enable the feature of speech in the Google Maps app. Tap your profile icon in the top-right corner and tap Location Sharing. A screen will tell you how the feature will work ; tap Share location to open a panel with options for sharing your real-time placement with others. The default option option is to contribution your localization for a restrict come of fourth dimension. so if you ‘re planning to meet up with person and do n’t want them to have 24-7 access to your placement, you can set a specify for how long your location will be shareable. Use the summation ( + ) and minus ( ) buttons to make your location shareable for a short as 15 minutes or ampere long as 24 hours.

You can then select a specific contact from a list of favorites, or scroll to the end and solicit More to search through your contacts. Or send a connection through any count of apps you use to message people. This option will create a shareable link that will grant irregular access to your placement. When it expires, your contact loses access to your localization .

To endlessly plowshare your localization with close friends and family, choose Location Sharing and choose Until you turn this off to contribution your whereabouts until you decide to turn it off. You will be able to select a specific touch to share your location with, but there is no choice for generating a shareable link with this choice. once you are sharing your localization with at least one reach, tap Location sharing to see a tilt of contacts. You can then add more people by tapping the New share button. Or select a contact ‘s picture on the map, then tap the plus ( + ) button in the top-right corner .

Share Your ETA

To partake your estimate prison term of arrival for a single trip, tap Directions, set a destination in Google Maps, and tap Start. Swipe up and tap Share trip progress. Select the contact and choose Share to give them an appraisal on how far away you are from your finish. Location sharing will stop once you arrive or you stop the seafaring. You can besides turn it off manually under More > Stop sharing .

Turn Off Location Sharing Manually

To manually turn off location partake, select a person ‘s location on the map or open the Location sharing option again and select their entrance at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Stop button to immediately stop sharing your localization, or tap where it says “ Can see your placement ” to change how long they can see where you are. Any active connection contribution will besides be visible from the Location sharing menu. Tap the Sharing via link entry and choose Stop to turn it off immediately.

When you tell Google to stop sharing your localization in this manner, the contact will remain visible in your list under Location sharing. To remove the contact wholly, select them, tap the three-dot icon, and choose Remove from list .

This can besides be done through your Google bill ; chink People & sharing, then find the Location sharing section and click Manage location sharing. You will see anyone who has entree to your location. Click the X to remove them from the list and revoke their access .

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