How To Set Time On G Shock 5146?

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So you are having disturb understanding how to set time on G shock 5146. Yes, it can be a little confuse and with no layman ’ south guide, changing time makes it even more torment. particularly when the user manual is besides not easily to understand .
here at Tell Me Best, I have tried to write the time changing process in the simplest manner possible. It is drawn-out but written to keep things childlike. My love with Casio began after this beautiful masterpiece G Shock Rangeman. It is going fine for quite some time. I see it as one of the finest pieces designed by them.

The same tutorial applies to it a well. Hopefully, you can easily change the clock time after going through this tutorial for 5146. Please follow the steps carefully, if you are not successful from my have you may have missed one of the steps mentioned in this tutorial .

Know your Watch First before learning how to set time on G Shock 5146

It is very necessity to understand the different positions of buttons on your tactical military guanine shock watch. Look at your determine immediately and consider the names of the buttons as in the double .
The peak left one is button A, Top right is B, Bottom left is button C and Bottom right is going to be button D. Match with the design get yourself companion with the buttons .
We know that there are tags on the buttons already called Adjust, Mode, Reverse and Forward. For the sake of understanding please ignore these labels for now and stick to A, B, C and D as in the visualize. I will be using A, B, C and D as the list of buttons for the rest of the tutorial .
how to set time on g shock 5146 watch

What is Time Keeping Mode ?

By default, the g traumatize 5146 is in timekeeping mode. This mood tells about Time and Date. You do not need to go into any early mode to change the time. Since this guide is entirely about how to set time on gigabyte shock 5146 we will not go into details about other modes such as Alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer or world fourth dimension mood .
If you are able to figure out time changing then others modes are similar to be done by yourself .

Features of Timekeeping mode ?

so by nonpayment, you are in timekeeping mood. If you press the D release as in the visualize above you will see the Home City Date. If you press this button again you will see the Home City Time. Do not worry about the condition home city as we will cover it soon a well .
then familiarize yourself as to where the day of the week appears, where is the city code appear, where is the PM indicator, Where is the calendar month, day and hour : minutes appearing on the watch. I have attached a screenshot from the exploiter manual so you can compare and know it easily .
how to set time on g shock 5146 watch

Which time do I change Analog or Digital ?

You do not need to change the analogue time. vitamin a soon as you adjust the digital meter the analogue time automatically adjusts itself to the digital manner. If for some argue the analogue time does not adjust itself to the digital time then I have covered that trouble at the bottom of this post .
so first transfer digital time, if analogue does not change then follow the analogue scout in this tutorial .

How to change Digital time on G Shock 5146 ?

thus now that you understand what is meant by different items on the screens lets begin with time changing process. Time is changed dance step by step on G shock 5146. To get into time changing settings hold down the ‘ A ’ button for about 3 seconds until you see that a three alphabet code is flashing on the screen door .
These three alphabets are a code of a city. The gram shock 5146 watch is presently displaying time in this city. G shock has by default about 49 cities codes stored in it. immediately identify which city you are located in. If your city is not on the list then select the city which is closest to your current city. This is the tilt in regulate as they will appear on the watch :

PPG Pago Pago -11
HNL Honolulu -10
ANC Achorage -9
YVR Vancouver -8
LAX Los Angeles -8
YEA Edmonton -7
DEN Dever -7
MEX Mexico City -6
CHI Chicago -6
MIA Miami -5
YTO Toronto -5
NYC New York -5
SCL Sanitago -4
YHZ Halifax -4
YYT St. Johns -3.5
RIO Rio De Janeiro -3
RAI Praia -1
LIS Lisbon 0
LON London 0
MAD Madrid +1
PAR Paris +1
ROM Rome +1
BER Berlin +1
STO Stockholm +1
ATH Athens +2
CAI Cario +2
JRS Jerusalem +2
MOW Moscow +3
JED Jeddah +3
THR Tehran +3.5
DXB Dubai +4
KBL Kabul +4.5
KHI Karachi +5
DEL Delhi +5.5
DAC Dhaka +6
RGN Yangon +6.5
BKK Bangkok +7
SIN Singapore +8
HKG Hong Kong +8
BJS Beijing +8
TPE Taipei +8
SEL Seoul +9
TYO Tokyo +9
ADL Adelaide +9.5
GUM Guam +10
SYD Sydney +10
NOU Noumea +11
WLG Wellington +12

How to change the cities?
If you press B the city code will shift towards up. If you press D the city code will move down in the above list .
Let ’ s take an exemplar that you are in Los Angeles and your watch is presently showing the code of Miami i.e ‘ MIA ’. You want to change it to ‘ LAX ’ code that is Los Angeles. Press clitoris B on the vigil, it will move higher on the list towards upper city codes .
similarly, if you are in Sydney ( SYD ) or city conclusion to Sydney Australia and your gravitational constant shock 5146 is showing the time of Miami ( MIA ), then press the ‘ D ’ push button it will make the city code motion downwards in the tilt. You will approach Sydney code after going through all the cities that come in between MIA and SYD in the list above. alternatively, a quick path is to press B in this situation as it will take you to SYD quick because the list starts from the bottom adenine soon as you reach Pago Pago ( PPG ) .
It is very important that you set your city code correctly because rest of the global prison term gets automatically adjusted in your lookout with it .
When you are done with city code choice now press ‘ C ’ it will take the following choice that is Daylight Saving Time .


Daylight save is basically summer time-saving strategy. Some countries shift time by one hour from standard fourth dimension to save daylight. If your city is presently on DST then pressing ‘ D ’ will turn on the DST. If you want to shift back from DST then pressing ‘ D ’ turns off the DST. The D button is basically on and off ( toggle ) switch. After completing the DST now press ‘ C ’ again. It will take you to 12/24- Hour Format .

12/24 Hour format

In this choice flashing on the screen, ‘ D ’ is again act as the toggle throw. Pressing it switches between 12H time format or 24 hours time that is a military fourth dimension setting. You will notice that ‘ P ’ alphabet appears when you set the time to 12 hours format. This indicates the time from noon by to 11:59 prime minister. There is no A to indicate AM on the vigil. besides, the 24-hour format does not have P with it. After you are done with choose clock time format Press ‘ C ’ again .

second, Hours, Minutes

After completing the time format now is the time to set the time. First, you have to set the seconds .
The moment you press C after setting 12/24 hour format you see 2 digits flashing on the screen. These are the seconds. Pressing D will add into seconds and B will subtract. After setting the seconds crush ‘ C ’ now .
now you are in Hours section as seen by the numbers flashing on the screen. again by pressing D will add and B will subtract. After setting hours imperativeness C again and you are in Minutes .
Setting minutes is precisely the like process. D will add and B will subtract the minutes.

year, MONTH, DAY

After completing time separate last incision that is minutes, when you press C this time you get into a new section which is class calendar month and day .
indeed first gear you will see the year flaunt on the screen. The rules are lapp for D and B in this case deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. After selecting the class, press C again it will take you to Months character immediately. After setting Month, pressing C will take you to Day. Rules are lapp again for day and calendar month a well. D adds while B subtracts .

light duration

This is the last character of time setting. It means how much prison term the watch should turn on the light to illuminate the screen. ‘ D ’ button acts as the toggle switch. Pressing D will set the option to as LT1 or LT3. LT1 means the screen will illuminate for 1.5 seconds while LT3 means that the screen will light for 3 seconds. Set this according to your predilection. I personally like the LT3 .
Congratulations you are done with setting time nowadays. Press A and it will take you out of the clock time settings to normal timekeeping modality .


If analogue meter did not get mechanically adjusted after you set the digital meter then this means that due to the strong magnetic airfield or some hard impact has affected the mechanical side of the watch. In arrange to fix the digital prison term, you need to ensure that focal ratio hand is at 9 o clock or pointed to 50 and infinitesimal and hour hands are both pointing to 12. here are the steps to do that :

  • Press down the D button for 3 seconds and you will see letters ‘SUB’ flashing on the screen. See the attached screenshot
  • Adjust the position of speed hand to 50 (9 o’clock). Use ‘D’ to move it clockwise to reach there. After it is at 50 now press ‘C’.
  • Now make sure that both hour and minute hands are pointing to 12. To do that use the D button to move hands.

how to set time on g shock 5146 watch
now press ‘ A ’ the watch will go back into the timekeeping mode. You have now successfully reset the analogue meter. arsenic soon as you quit the analogue time adjustment mode, the watch analogue clock time and accelerate dial automatically adjust themselves to the current digital meter .
If you are hush not successful then repeat the above steps again. If the watch still does not respond then its time to contact the manufacturer and get master avail .
The work of how to set clock on gravitational constant shock is similar to that of shark watch following the above steps should solve your problem .

BEST G SHOCKS UNDER 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 & 50

Below are some of the Best G shocks under low-cost budget for anyone who is looking to expand their G Shock Collection beyond the Casio G Shock 5146 .

BEST G Shock Under 500

G-Shock that is constantly setting fresh standards of timekeeping, stamina, and style never disappoints its customers. The watch actually uses different materials for the bezel to create a two-layered structure that adds a new dimension of shock repellent making it even tougher .
Key Features:

  • Its shock resistant properties are unbelievable.
  • It has a stainless-steel band with a mineral glass.
  • The watch is 200-meter water resistant.
  • The daily alarms will keep you on your feet all day with hourly signals as well.
  • It has a full auto calendar with a dual format.
  • The battery time is 8 months so forget about even worrying about it.

The watch certain comes at a price but it is thus deserving it. This is one in a life kind of watch that will not allow you to buy another watch for a very long time .

BEST G-SHOCK Under 400

This watch features about all the latest technology that you can imagine. It is specifically built for marine activities. If you have any job that requires you to have a batch of contact with water or you are just very affectionate of swimming and dive and so forth, then this determine will decidedly not disappoint you .
The encase diameter is 55mm with a draw of functions on the dial .
Key Features:

  • This watch features a triple sensor which included a digital compass, thermometer, altimeter, and even barometer to make your experience even more memorable.
  • It also has moon data which shows the moon age and moon graph.
  • The watch has an LED light for superb readability in the dark.
  • The low-temperature resistance in the watch can withstand rough weather.
  • The barometer can even predict weather changes.

To sum it up, this watch is surely for marine activities but its versatility makes it a great outdoor watch for many other purposes as well. It is a perfect blend of classical dive watch with advanced outdoor looks .


Casio ’ s G-Shock Range man series is one of the best manufactured by the company. It is one of those series that meets high-end features, outstanding looks, and Innovative Technology, all in one watch. The watches in this series might not be angstrom bum as the one you bought earlier, but every penny spent on these watches is worth it and you will not regret buying the watch .
Key Features:

  • This watch offers a tripe sensor which included having a digital compass so you don’t get lost during your outdoor activities, a thermometer, an altimeter and even a barometer that predict weather changes.
  • It has sunrise/sunset data to plan all your day.
  • The battery is solar powered so you won’t have to worry about charging it again and again.
  • It also features a multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping.
  • This watch is also very reasonably priced.


  • The thermometer is affected by the body temperature, so you need to take it off your hand for about 20 minutes for accurate measurement.

This one is my personal favorite because of the counterweight between high quality and dependability and lastingness of the watch .


  Casio might be the most versatile watch stigmatize with the most simpleton, elegant and classical looking watches with the minimum features to the most furrowed, stylish looking watch with every sport that you can think of .
Key Features:

  • The watch is ever ready for a dip in the water being 200 meters water resistant.
  • It is solar powered so the battery won’t die for a pretty long time.
  • It has a backlight which makes it super easy to read time in the dark.
  • The watch features four daily alarms, and don’t worry it comes with a snooze option as well.
  • It has a stopwatch and even a countdown timer with 12-hour and 24-hour format.

Take this determine to hike, swim, running, bicycle, any gamble that you have ever wished for and we promise that this watch will stand by you in your tough times .


This one might not be the most expensive watch but this decidedly is the toughest watch you will ever come across. This solar power lookout is adequate to of withstanding every challenge you throw at it .
Key Features:

  • So, this watch comes with a shock resistance feature which means you can take it out in your roughest adventures.
  • Luminosity is there to save you from the darkest of nights and helps you read the time easily.
  • You will never miss out on another meeting or a class if you are a student because the alarm system of this watch has got you covered.
  • It is water resistant up to 200 meters so you can wear it during swimming as well.
  • It is a chronograph watch with a dual time system.
  • It has a 1/100 second stopwatch and auto calendar.

The tough and hardy look of the watch might fool you for being expensive but this watch is less than $ 100. What are you waiting for ? Go grab your watch right now .


The brand doesn ’ thymine actually care about how expensive the watch is but rather about the quality and the acceptance and satisfaction of its customers. G-Shocks authoritative watch DW5600E-1V is show in one of the most noteworthy series of the company .
Key Features:

  • The watch might be a little cheaper but it comes with a shock resistant feature with a case diameter of 45 mm.
  • The watch is also water resistant up to 200 meters.
  • It has a backlight glow in order for you to make it easy to read time in the dark.
  • The multi-function alarm won’t let you miss anything anymore.
  • The watch features an auto calendar, countdown timer, and hourly time signal.

This is the kind of watch you wear to a ball event but besides withstand all the weather huskiness and all your rough adventures with you .

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