How to send a fax from your iPhone

many users are unaware how easy it is to send a fax from an iPhone. Follow these simpleton steps using a democratic iPhone facsimile app to perform this occasionally necessity tax .screen-shot-2019-10-14-at-11-16-30-am.png
We ’ ve probably all been there : You need to send a quick document to person insisting the information arrive via facsimile, however you no longer have access to a facsimile machine, and you may not want the complexity of an efax app. thankfully, it ’ mho easy to send a fax using equitable an iPhone. No facsimile machine or fax phone number is needed. here ’ s how .
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foremost, download Municorn ’ s free Fax from iPhone app, as shown in Figure A. The program has over 228,000 ratings, the majority of which are five-star reviews.

Figure A
The Fax from iPhone app is easy to learn and features a clean interface.
future, choose your subscription. The iPhone fax app is spare, but you must pay to actually fax a file .
While the app previously permitted purchasing credits, as is proving true for thus many software products, a subscription is now required. Three options exist. A one-week subscription is $ 9.99, which you can cancel at any clock time. A month-long commitment is $ 24.99. Those frequently sending iPhone faxes can besides select a annual option for $ 99.99. actual payments are processed using your Apple iTunes score .
To purchase a subscription, tap the fax app ’ mho Info tab key found on the penetrate right corner. When the information page opens, press the blue sky Buy Subscription button, as shown in Figure B .
Figure B
Fax from iPhone permits selecting from three different subscription options.
unfortunately, price is not american samoa economic as in the by. previously faxing a unmarried page ran about 10 credits. Any previously purchased credits will remain until they ’ re used. Because 250 credits previously cost $ 9.99, the developer must be guessing customers are will to pay about ten bucks to send a few iPhone faxes a calendar month, While that ’ s still not a bad deal, if you ’ re sending faxes more much than a couple times a week, an actual facsimile machine might prove a better option .
In the consequence you lone occasionally send iPhone faxes, the subscription model should still work well, though. Just remember to cancel the plan when you no longer need the facsimile service .
While more expensive than mailing the like document, iPhone fax is much easier than having to find an envelope, address the envelope, purchase a stamp, put the emboss on the envelope, find a mailbox, mail the envelope and then wait two or three days for the information to actually arrive. Although fax has largely been replaced by e-mail, secure on-line file-sharing and code electronic mail, faxing surely retains a function for many purposes.

To proceed, specify the document to fax by tapping the bluing Add Image or Document button. once pressed, the New Fax window will appear, as shown in Figure C .
Figure C
Several options are available for faxing a document, including using the iPhone’s camera to scan the actual pages, loading the file from another app or locating the document within your iCloud account.
There are respective ways to locate or scan the document you need to fax. The app permits scanning the text file, selecting a file for faxing from another application and locating the file within your iCloud account. You can besides use Notes to scan the document foliate or pages you need to send, then transfer the note to iCloud by saving the note to Files and selecting iCloud .
alternatively, many apps ( such as Microsoft Word and Apple Pages ) license opening the file you wish to fax and selecting the Send a Copy or Share choice to select sending the file with another app, from where you can choose Fax from iPhone. Yet still another option is to locate the file you wish to fax using the iPhone ’ south Files app, selecting the compatible file in wonder and choosing the Fax app option .
once you ’ re ready to send the iPhone facsimile, enter the facsimile number to which the facsimile should be sent within the Send To airfield. then, tap the blue Send button. Once the facsimile completes, confirmation will appear within the Sent Faxes tab key .
The Fax from iPhone app permits faxing from an iPhone in more than 90 countries. The app besides allows users to combine multiple documents into a unmarried fax message, preview faxes before they are mail and send a wide range of files, ( including PDFs, Word documents, JPGs and more ) and using a variety of text file sources ( including Box, Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive ) .
While you likely preceptor ’ t want to use the app to scan and station faxes for numerous pages, at least if that file international relations and security network ’ t already scanned, the app is an easy and low-cost method of forwarding those occasional agreements and files that I seem to encounter a six times a year and for which faxing from an iPhone excels.

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