How to See Who has Viewed Your Facebook Profile –

How to See Who has Viewed Your Facebook Profile
If you ’ re an active exploiter of Facebook, you might find yourself growing curious and wondering to yourself – who viewed my Facebook profile ? It can be hard not knowing who is checking out your posts, photos, and data. While Facebook makes it easily for you to change your privacy settings, they don ’ t have a feature to see who looks at your posts in the way other social media sites/apps like Snapchat do .


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There are many apps and services out there that claim to be able to tell you who has looked at your Facebook page, but why spend money on that when you don ’ t have to ? We have an amazing, release method that can show you who has viewed your Facebook page. We ’ ll be discussing a few different topics :

Let ’ s jump in to the first gear section – who has truly been looking at your profile ?

Can you see who views your Facebook page?

There is a way to see who has been looking at your profile that doesn ’ triiodothyronine necessitate downloading an app or anything like that. In the source code of your Facebook page, you can see who views it most. If you want to change who can see it, check out our tutorial on changing your Facebook privacy settings .
now, let ’ s get into the bit-by-bit instructions for seeing who frequents your Facebook profile. This method can be done using any vane browser on either Mac or personal computer .

How to see who views your Facebook profile the most

1. Go to and log in to your account.

Using whatever web browser you prefer to use on your calculator, open then, enter your electronic mail address or call number and password to sign in to your Facebook account .
Providing your log in credentials for Facebook

2. Open your Facebook profile page.

once you ’ ve logged in to your account, chink your name in the top right corner to get to your profile foliate .
View your Facebook profile page

3. Right-click on the page, then click View Page Source.

Right-click anywhere in the blank space on the sides of your visibility foliate. This will reveal a small menu. From the menu that appears, choose View Page Source .
Viewing the HTML source code of a web page

PRO TIP: As a shortcut, you can also just press Ctrl + U on your keyboard. This works for most popular web browsers.

4. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + F. Then type in “InitialChatFriendsList”.

now you should be at a foliate with a short ton of words, letters, and numbers, which are the codes that make up your profile page. To most people, this page will be ace confusing. To easily find the part of the code you need to use to see who looks at your profile most, hold down the “ Ctrl ” key on your keyboard and then press the “ F ” key .
How to activate the "find on page" function in a web browser
What this does is allow you to search for certain text on the current web foliate. As such, a text box will appear on your screen. In the textbook box, type in “ InitialChatFriendsList ” – but don ’ thymine include the citation marks. Beside this code, you ’ ll be given a list of number codes that represent your friends ’ profiles .

5. Copy and paste the profile ID numbers into the Facebook URL to see the results.

now that you have the list of profile numeral codes, it ’ s time to find out who these codes represent. To do therefore, copy one of the numbers in the list to your clipboard. You can do this by clicking and dragging your shiner cursor across one of the numbers, then pressing the “ Ctrl ” and “ C ” keys on your keyboard together.

then, cluck in your browser ’ randomness address barricade and press the “ Ctrl ” and “ P ” keys on your keyboard together to paste the number into the Facebook URL. You need the even URL, followed by a “ / ” and then the code. For exercise, if the profile ID count was 12345, you ’ vitamin d enter the URL .
Checking a person's Facebook profile ID number
duplicate this last step to see the profiles of all the people who apparently view your profile the most .
once you ’ ve finished going through all the ID numbers to figure out who ’ s purportedly been looking at your page, you might be wondering, do all these people very look at my profile ? How much to they check it ? Is this tilt actually accurate ? We ’ ll give you the outdo .

Are the results truly accurate?

These results seem to be accurate in showing who has been looking at your Facebook profile the most. however, some people have debated that possibly some people appear on this list because you interact with them through Facebook regularly, preferably than them actually going to your foliate .
Try this method out and see what results you get, and you can decide for yourself ! If you ’ re curious about other ways to find out who looks at your page most, we have some information on that following .

Are there other ways to see who views my Facebook profile?

You can try out some different apps or browser extensions to see if they work for you. There are many of these kinds of apps available that call to be able to tell you who has looked at your profile. however, some of these apps are decidedly bogus .
We ’ five hundred commend checking reviews of these apps before you download them yourself. Some apps may exist entirely with the goal of capturing people ’ south personal information to sell it to marketing companies or tied to try to steal your identity. See what other people are saying about an app to find out if it seems legitimate first .
There are a few apps we ’ ve discovered that seem to have pretty good reviews, so they ’ ra trustworthy and work for their intended purpose. hera are a copulate we would recommend checking out :

1. Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Stalkers? Visitors?

Who Views My Profile? app logo
The Who Viewed My Facebook Profile app for Android devices is free to download and use from the Google Play Store. You can see a draw of different information about your Facebook profile, including who viewed your profile, who likes your posts the most, who you like the most, and more. The app will not ask for your personal data, will not post anything on your timeline, and will not send your data to another waiter or company .
Download the app : android

2. Who Cares Profile for Facebook

Who Cares Profile for Facebook app logo
The Who Cares app is a great option for io devices, available for free from the iTunes Store. You can see who makes the top of the list for viewing your profile the most. To reveal more people on the list if you ’ ra curious enough, you can pay a erstwhile fee of $ 2.79 to see up to 35 visibility visitors, $ 3.99 to see 50 visitors, or $ 5.49 to see a huge number of the top 100 visitors .
To use this app, you log in using your Facebook credentials, so you don ’ t have to enter any of your personal data. If you choose to make an in-app leverage, it goes through the iTunes memory, so you don ’ t have to worry about anyone stealing your requital information either.

Download the app : io

Of course, there are many other apps out there in summation to these two we ’ ve mentioned. Do your own research before you choose which app you think is the best for you. Or stay to the original method following our instructions above ! We hope this tutorial helped you satisfy your curiosity about who was looking at your page and get the answers you were looking for. If you ’ re concern in learning more cool things you can do with Facebook, head over to our Facebook run .

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