How Do You See Someone’s Location on Your Android Phone?

Three Ways to See Someone’s Location on Your Android Phone

Before we move ahead with answering the question “ How do you see person ’ sulfur placement on your Android phone, ” let ’ s take a well-defined look at what we will be covering in this guide .
We will be covering three different ways for how you can see person ’ mho location on your Android call. All these methods will let you see the localization of another person but they all differ in one way or another .
There are some easier, rid ways to see person ’ mho localization and while there are some elusive, highly circumspect and more comfortable ways. You will get to know all them including their pros and cons in this steer. We will start off with the best solution available ahead heading on to the less significant ones .

Method 1: Use Xnspy to See Someone’s Location on Your Android Phone

Xnspy is a better way to spy on person ’ s placement than other methods that we will be discussing. Almost every other solution available is either not perfect, circumspect or sincerely effective.

When you use a top spy app like XNSPY to see person ’ mho location, you get a fortune of benefits :

  • You aren ’ metric ton intruding the person whose placement you want to see .
  • You get seamless location tracking for a retentive as you want .
  • You get other spying features along with location chase .
  • You can see person ’ mho location on your Android call via Xnspy ’ s mobile app .

All Steps: Use Xnspy to See Someone’s Location on Your Android Phone

When Target Person’s Device is Android

If the aim device is Android, then it ’ s a prerequisite to download Xnspy on that call or pad.

Xnspy dashboard

Step 1: Download and Install Xnspy

Download Xnspy on the Android device. You will require a physical access to the device for this. It ’ s very easy to download Xnspy on an Android phone. You get the entire initiation manual once you subscribe. note that it requires merely a few minutes for the integral setup .

Step 2: Log into Your Account

Go to https : // to entree your Xnspy ’ south on-line explanation. Choose Android as your platform and enter the code that you received upon installing Xnspy on the device. This will successfully pair the target Android device with your account .
XNSPY dashboardXNSPY dashboard

Step 3: Select “Locations” from Dashboard

Go to ‘ Dashboard ’ on your XNSPY account. Select ‘ Locations ’ from the sidebar. The fresh loaded screen will show all the previously plus recently visited locations along with the date, time and address stamps .


Xnspy requires location services enabled on a telephone to get its location details. Considering increasing the number of apps requiring location details for their functionality, it ’ mho very rare that the location services won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be enabled on the prey device. But if you aren ’ triiodothyronine able to see any locations from the monitor device, Xnspy recommends checking if the location services are enabled .

When Target Person’s Device is iOS

If the target device is io, Xnspy offers multiple options to see person ’ south location on your Android telephone .

For Jailbroken iOS Devices

If you know person who has a jailbroken io device, you can see the localization by downloading Xnspy on their iPhone/iPad. Because Xnspy or other descry apps aren ’ t available on the App Store, a break is required to download Xnspy.

But considering jailbreaking hasn ’ thyroxine been made available on the latest io, Xnspy has devised a non-jailbreak solution besides. For a detail Xnspy Jailbreak installation guide, suction stop here .

For Non-Jailbroken

If you don ’ t have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you could use Xnspy ’ s iCloud version which only requires the iCloud credentials of a person to see their placement on your Android telephone. You could find the entire facility lead here :

How Do You See Someone’s Location on Your Android Phone?

once you have Xnspy frame-up, you can download the Xnspy Dashboard app from the Play Store. Sign into the app using your XNSPY credentials and start seeing the monitor person ’ mho location on your Android phone on the go .

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