How to Screen Record on the iPhone 12

What to Know

  • First, add it to the Control Center. Tap Settings Control Center > scroll down to Screen Recording and tap the (green plus) logo.
  • Swipe down to open the Control Center, tap the Screen Record icon. After a 3-second delay, recording will begin.
  • To stop recording, tap the red status bar at the top left of your screen, then Stop.

This article explains how to add the screen commemorate option to the iPhone 12 ‘s Control Center angstrom well as how to start and stop sieve recording .

How to Add Screen Record to Your iPhone 12

Before recording your screen on iPhone 12, you need to add the option to your Control Center to be able to find the controls well. here ‘s how to add it .

  1. On your iPhone 12, tap Settings .

  2. Tap Control Center .
    iPhone with Settings and Control Center highlighted

  3. Scroll toss off to Screen Recording .

  4. Tap the + ( green plus ) logo following to it .
    iPhone Settings with Control Center open and the plus sign next to Screen Recording highlighted

  5. Screen Recording controls have been added to your Control Center .

How to Record Your Screen on iPhone 12

Recording your screen on iPhone 12 is simple once you add the relevant option to your Control Center. Read on as we explain how to record your screen on iPhone 12 .

  1. On your iPhone, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen .
    You can do this from the lock screen or while your iPhone 12 is unlocked .
  2. Tap the Screen Record picture .

  3. Wait 3 seconds for the recording to begin .

  4. You will nowadays be recording everything on your screen until you stop the record .

  5. To stop recording your screen, tap the red condition stripe at the top leave of your screen .

  6. Tap Stop .
    iPhone with Screen Recording button on Control Center highlighted as well as the Stop Recording button

  7. The video is mechanically saved to Photos.

How to Screen Record With Sound on iPhone 12

By default option there is no sound recording recorded while you record your screen. If you want to record your part narrating along while you record the screen, for example, all you have to do is change one simple settings. here ‘s what to do .

  1. On your iPhone, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen .
    You can do this from the lock screen or while your iPhone 12 is unlocked .
  2. press and hold the Screen Record icon .

  3. Tap Microphone On. 

  4. Tap Start Recording.
    iPhone with Screen Recording options open including turning the microphone on

  5. You ‘re now recording your screen with voice so you can talk alongside it .

  6. To stop recording your screen, tap the loss condition bar at the top leave of your screen .

  7. Tap Stop .

  8. The video recording is automatically saved to Photos .

What Limitations Are There for Recording Your screen ?

You ca n’t record everything on your iPhone 12. The biggest issue here is that you ca n’t record streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video. That ‘s because otherwise it would be possible to pirate the shows you ‘re streaming which would be against the terms and conditions of using the service .

For the most part though, you can record anything on your iPhone 12 including clips of games you ‘re playing .

Notifications and call calls are besides recorded indeed you may wish to switch Do not Disturb mode on whenever you make a sieve recording.

How Do You Adjust screen Recording Settings ?

In a word, you ca n’t. The only options you can adjust are the ability to start a Facebook Messenger broadcast alternatively of recording and saving to your Photos. It ‘s not potential to adjust the resolving power or flush the television quality of the time .

once the screen record is saved, it is potential to trim and edit the television trot in the Photos app .

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