How to Scan Documents on Android Using 2 Easy Methods

We explain how to scan documents on Android using either Google Drive or Microsoft Lens, letting you digitize receipts, photos, and more. Scanning documents is n’t fun, but we all have to do it sometimes. thankfully, using your Android device, you can promptly scan documents without any special equipment .
next clock you need to digitize a acknowledge for reimbursement, scan a government form so you can email it, or want to save business cards to your calculator, here ‘s a bare lead covering how to scan documents on Android .

The Simple Android Scanner Method: Google Drive

Android does n’t offer a built-in way to scan documents, so the easiest choice is using the Google Drive app. Since it ‘s installed on about every Android device out of the box, it ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate dear as a nonpayment method .
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Scanning with Google Drive besides offers several benefits. As it uploads your scan to your Drive account, you do n’t have to remember to back up your documents manually. It ‘s besides easy to share your scans with family or colleagues by sending them a Drive yoke .

How to Scan Documents Using the Google Drive App

If you do n’t have the app already, install Google Drive from the Play Store, open the app, and sign into your Google account. On any of the app ‘s yellow journalism, tap the Plus clitoris at the bottom-right of the riddle to show the Create new panel. Choose Scan once this appears .
If this is your first clock time using Google Drive, you ‘ll have to grant permission for the app to use your camera. once you ‘ve done indeed, the camera will launch and allow you to snap a photograph of the document you want to scan. Use the television camera interface as normal to take this picture. Common options like soar and a timekeeper are available, if needed .

You ‘ll see a preview of your photograph ; tap the redo clitoris to try again, or the Check clitoris if you ‘re satisfied. After hitting the Check clitoris, you ‘ll have the choice to make several edits to your scan .

Editing Your Scan in Google Drive

Google Drive offers four icons at the bottomland of your read page. From left to right, these are :

  • Redo: Tap the arrow to scan the document again, which is useful if it came out blurry or similar.
  • Color: The palette icon lets you choose between four color enhancement options. Black & White and Color are the most common, depending on whether your document has color. But you can try the other two to see if they improve the scan quality.
  • Rotate: Use this to rotate the scan in 90-degree increments.
  • Crop: Google Drive’s scanner should automatically crop the scan to what it detects as the edges of your document. But in case it didn’t get this right, use the Crop tool to adjust the edges yourself.

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If you want to add extra scans, tap the Plus icon in the bottom-left corner to scan another document. last, there are a few options accessible using the three-dot menu at the top-right. Use Rename scan to change the generic list that uses the date and prison term .
There are a few options under Settings worth looking at, besides. Image enhancement lets you set the default option color enhancement. Paper Size lets you change the size of document the concluding PDF uses, while Paper Orientation can be Landscape or Portrait if you do n’t like the Automatic option .
ultimately, change the Image Quality if you want higher-quality scans, or to drop the quality for smaller file sizes .
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Viewing and Saving Scanned Documents in Google Drive

When you ‘re all done, tap the Save button binding on the main scan page. here, you ‘ll have a chance to change the document title if you have n’t already, angstrom well as pick which Google Drive report the charge goes to ( if you have multiple ). Pick a Folder, and it will upload to Drive when you tap Save .
You can view the PDF in your Google Drive anytime. If you want to access it even without a network connection, tap the three-dot button on the file and choose Make available offline. You can besides choose Download to save a local copy anywhere on your telephone ‘s storage .
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How to Scan Documents on Android Using Microsoft Lens

While scanning documents on Android with Google Drive is easy, you might not like the app for whatever rationality. possibly you do n’t want to use a Google account, or possibly you do n’t like the mind of every scan you make uploading to the defile .
In that case, there are tons of mobile document scanner apps worth using. We ‘ll highlight one of the best : Microsoft Lens. It ‘s a simple Android text file scanner that lets you easily save your scans as local files, which fixes the biggest hangup with Google Drive .
Install Microsoft Lens, then open it to start. During the abbreviated presentation, you ‘ll see some basic information about the app and will be asked to grant permission to your photos and television camera. once you ‘ve done this, Lens lets you jump correctly into scanning .

Microsoft Lens Scanning Modes

Unlike Google Drive, Lens provides modes for scanning different types of media. Along the bottomland, you can switch to Whiteboard, Document, Actions, Business Card, or Photo. Most of these are self-explanatory, except for Actions, which houses several tools .
Inside Actions, you can use the sub-menu to choose from the following OCR tools :

  • Text: Extract the text from a picture so you can copy or share it.
  • Table: Grabs a printed table from an image.
  • Read: Speaks text in your image out loud.
  • Contact: Grabs the info from a business card and saves it to a contact on your phone.
  • QR Code: Scan a QR code with your phone to open the information it holds. This isn’t OCR, but it’s grouped into the same menu.

Capturing and Editing Using Microsoft Lens

No topic which modality you ‘re using, scanning the text file is the lapp : precisely point your television camera at it and snap a painting as common. For best results, use a setting that contrasts with the document you ‘re scanning, and hold your telephone right above the media for the cleanest get .
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After capturing with Lens, you can adjust the borders in case the app does n’t detect them properly. once you hit Confirm, you ‘ll see a page with all screen of options .
Add opens the scanner so you can add more images to the document. Use Filters to modify the look of the prototype, then Crop and Rotate if it does n’t look correct .
Under More, you can select Ink to draw on the document, Text to overlay type text, or Reorder to rearrange the items in a read. When you ‘re glad, exploit Done to move on .
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Saving and Uploading With Lens

now, you can choose where to save your scanned file. Adjust the Title at the clear, then check the box for every localization you want to save the file to. Your Gallery is selected by default, which saves the scan as an image .
But you can besides save the scan to a PDF in your OneDrive, an OCR document in Word, or early Microsoft apps like OneNote and PowerPoint. These are n’t necessary, but if you already use Microsoft Office products, they ‘ll make your work flow more efficient .
Tap Save when done, and your android read is dispatch. You ‘ll find it in the Office Lens folder on your phone, which should appear in your Gallery app .
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Scanning Documents Made Easy With Android

You have a handy PDF scanner correct on your Android telephone. future clock time you have to scan something, save the trip to the library or getting a family scanner. It ‘s easy to use these two Android document scanner apps to appropriate and change documents .
This is n’t the entirely kind of scanning your earphone can do, though. Did you know your call can scan barcodes to learn more about them ?

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