30 Ways to Say Thank You in French & Audio Pronunciation

Saying ‘ thank you ’ in French is easy : one discussion : “ merci ” ( mair see ). But it ’ s not the only way. What about saying “ you ’ re welcome ? ” or expressing your gratitude in french + sound recording record. so let ’ s excavate into the different ways of saying Thank you in french !
This article features audio recordings. Click the blue sky textbook next to the earphone to hear me say that password or conviction in French .
bill that when applicable, I used a mod spoken french pronunciation.

Thank You in French

The most common discussion to say ‘ thank you ’ or just ‘ thanks ’ in French is “ merci “ .
It ’ sulfur pronounced like “ mair see ” ( watch out, no “ mur ” good ! ! ). The “ you ” part is included, so watch out, we don ’ t say “ merci tu ” like I sometimes learn students say .

Nuancing “ Merci ”

You could nuance saying thank you in french it this way :
Watch out for “ merci bien “. You ’ ll hear it in France, but it may be frown upon in upper berth social classes. so I suggest your stick with “ merci beaucoup “ .
As with saying hello in French, it ’ sulfur constantly more polite to follow your thank you with “ Monsieur, Madame or Mademoiselle ” or the mention of the person .
madame or Mademoiselle ? If the difference is no longer used in administrative forms and letters, they both still are very much used when address .

Thank You in French Slang

You may have heard of “ verlan ”, this french slang which consist in inverting the syllables of a son .
well, to say thank you in French slang, we say : “ cimer “. Verlan is not a new slang thing, but saying “ cimer ” is kind of fresh. It ’ s very used nowadays by the young generation but was not used when I was younger .
A parole of caution about gull : if slang can sound natural, or hip and cool in the mouth of a native french loudspeaker, it frequently sounds invent or even eldritch in the talk of a foreigner. Besides, it ’ sulfur very easily to make a “ fake pennsylvania ” using slang in a situation that wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be appropriate .
For example, I ’ thousand 48 as I write this article. I can ’ thyroxine think saying “ cimer ” – it would sound absurd coming from me !
Another means to say thank you in French gull is “ merki “. This is french pop culture : it comes from a french comedian, Elie Semoun, whose character Micheline ( Mikeline ) pronounced the sulfur and ch like k. “ Merki ” was the title of his 2009 be display .
This would alone make sense if you used it with a younger crowd, but if a foreigner was to drop a “ merki ” to the mighty hearing, they ’ five hundred credibly be flabbergasted !

My Thanks To You in french

If you wanted to direct your thanks in french to a specific person or group, you ’ vitamin d follow your “ merci ” with the preposition “ à ”

  1. “Merci à toi”
    Thanks to you – informal
    Note the difference of intend: “merci” is just ‘thank you’, but “merci à toi” is an emphasise. You insist that you are thanking this person.
    I would use it in a dialogue such as:
    – merci !
    – Non ! merci à toi !
    No, I’m the one thanking you!
  2. “Merci à vous”
    Thanks to you – formal or plural – tu versus vous is explained in my article.
  3. “Merci à tous”
    Thank you all
  4. “Merci à Pierre”
    Thank you Pierre

Thank You For Something

If you wanted to thank person for something in french, you ’ vitamin d use the preposition “ pour ” – so it ’ s the same structure as in English
Merci pour les chocolats !
Thanks for the chocolates !
yet, if what follows thank you is a french verb, then it would be the preposition “ de ”.

Merci de me répondre rapidement.
Thank you for answering me quickly .

The french Verb to Thank

Another way to say ‘ thank you ’ is to use the verb “ remercier ” .
note that the verb “ remercier ” has a bow in “ one ”, so the final sound will much be a vowel, just like the verb “ étudier ” .
It ’ s normally followed by the preposition “ pour ” – equitable like to thank is followed by for in English .
Using “ remercier ” is quite formal in French, much less common than using “ merci ” .

Thanks in french

When talking about the thanks, the noun, you ’ vitamin d use the noun “ le/les remerciement ( s ) ”, normally used in the plural .

Being Grateful in French

To say you are grateful in french, the common expression is “ être reconnaissant ( e ) ”
The preposition used after it is a snatch crafty :
– “ pour ” / “ de ” + something
– “ envers ” + person ( sometimes “ à ” but I don ’ t like how it sounds ! ! It may be outdated now )
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other Ways to Express Your Gratitude in French

hera are other expressions to address you thanks in french

How To Say “ You are welcome ” in french

To answer ‘ thank you ’ in french, we ’ d consumption :

  1. Je t’en prie (pronounced ‘shtan pree’) if you are using “tu”
  2. Je vous en prie (pronounced “shvoo zan pree”) if you are using “vous”

note that although very very common “ de rien ” ( it ’ south nothing ) is not considered proper by some french people and will be frown upon in upper berth social classes .
You ’ ll besides hear “ illinois newton ’ yttrium a pascal de quoi ”. I would quite translate the intention into “ don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mention it ”. You ’ d only say this when you very mean it was nothing at all .
Watch out ! “ Bienvenu ” means you are welcome as in “ welcome to my house ” “ bienvenu chez moi ”, or “ je vous souhaite louisiana bienvenue ” – I wish you welcome… however it ’ s never used as an answer to thank you in France .

thank you Notes are not Common in France

It ’ mho not very common in France to write “ une menu de remerciement ”. I mean, it ’ randomness very civil, but it ’ s not like in the US or England where thank you cards are a huge market.

Feel free to send out a thank you note – it ’ south in no direction a “ fake pas ”, merely don ’ t expect your french friends to reciprocate. here is more about writing letters in French .

No Thanks in French

If you say “ merci ” with a smile, it implies that you accept whatever is being offered to you. If you wanted to reinforce that you accept, you could say : “ oui. Merci. “
however, you could say “ not merci ”, and shake your head “ no ”. Or even just say “ merci ” with a hand gesture, showing your handle to the person in front of you in a kind of stop gesticulate : this would mean you refuse. You may like my article on how to accept and refuse in french politely .

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