How to download videos from Facebook

With television sharing one of the independent reasons to visit in the first invest, it ‘s utilitarian to know how to download videos from Facebook so you can enjoy them wherever you are. however, there ‘s no “ official ” way to do this, like with Netflix or one of other best streaming services. Although there ‘s a push button next to clips on the Facebook web site that says “ Save video, ” all this does is add the video to a “ saved television ” number to watch later on the web site or app. fortunately, there is a way around this, on both background and fluid. just behave in thinker that some content you might want to download may be copyrighted, so check you ‘re not breaking any rules before going on a download spree. additionally, private video uploads could well be private for a cause, so you should check with the person whose video recording you plan to download before proceeding.

With those caveats out of the manner, here ’ s how to download Facebook video .

How to download videos from Facebook on desktop 

1. In your desktop browser, go to the Facebook website ( opens in new check ) and find the video you want to download. For the purposes of this steer, we ’ ll use the most late television on the official Tom ’ s Guide Facebook page ( opens in new tab ). How to download Facebook videos on desktop - Tom's Guide ( visualize credit : Alan Martin ) 2. Click the video that you ’ rhenium matter to in. When the clip starts play, click the three dot button on the right-hand side of the television. ( double credit : Alan Martin ) 3. In the drop-down menu that opens, click “Copy link.” It ’ s the fourth token down. ( picture credit : Alan Martin ) 4. Paste this link into a newfangled browser tab. It may be shortened to an “” link. If so, press Enter so it expands and you should be left with something that looks like the associate in the screenshot below. ( trope credit : Alan Martin ) 5. nowadays change the URL in the address bar so that “www” is changed to “mbasic.”  so, in the exercise above, becomes Press Enter, and you ’ ll be presented with an atrocious mobile opinion, as seen below. ( trope credit : Alan Martin ) 6. Right click on the video and select “Open link in new tab.”

( image credit : Alan Martin ) 7. In the new tab, the Facebook video will be the only thing on display. Right click it, and choose “Save video as” to download the television to your calculator. ( image credit : Alan Martin )

How to download videos from Facebook on mobile 

Downloading Facebook television on mobile is a whole different kettle of fish, and while there are apps that call to do it, a far bare way is to use the web site ( opens in new yellow journalism ). This works on Android and io, but you ‘ll need to download the Firefox browser ( opens in fresh yellow journalism ) on an iPhone or iPad, as the locate does n’t load by rights in Safari. Bear in mind that this method only works on publicly shared Facebook videos. 1. Open the Facebook mobile app and log in. ( image citation : Alan Martin ) 2. Find the video you want to download, and press the ‘Share’ button underneath. ( prototype accredit : Alan Martin ) 3. Swipe across until you find the option labelled “Copy Link.” Tap it. ( visualize credit : Alan Martin ) 4. Open your mobile browser ( remember, to use Firefox ( opens in new pill ) if you ’ re on an iPhone ) and head to Paste the video URL into the box in the middle of the page, and press “Download.”  ( image credit : Alan Martin ) 5. On the future page, press the link to download in either “Normal Quality” or “High Quality.” This will impact the file size and how much space the television takes up on your mobile device. ( double citation : Alan Martin ) 6. This will open another page showing good the Facebook video recording. Long-press the clip and then tap “Download video” when the choice appears. The video will immediately be saved to your mobile device, where you can play it offline and keep it for vitamin a long as you want.

( image credit : Alan Martin ) now you ‘re familiar with how to download videos from Facebook, you may besides want to learn how to hide Likes on Facebook or how to make yourself anonymous on Facebook. Or if you think emojis are indeed last year, check out how to make your own Facebook avatar .

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