The 7 Best Frozen Foods to Buy at Lidl

As the cost of living—and subsequently, eating—continues to balloon up and up with increasing inflation, some of our tried-and-true grocery budget hacks may not be adequate anymore. however, the good news program is that not alone has the grocery store shop experience evolved in the past few years to make stocking the kitchen a bite more transparent and manageable ( Hello, on-line shopping ! We see you ! ), then have our store options.

For years immediately, careful home cooks have relied on white-label-dominant stores like Aldi, Save A Lot and Trader Joe ‘s for low-cost staples, but years ago I found my personal favored : German-based Lidl. I begrudgingly gave them a judge when they bought out my favorite local chain Best market on Long Island in 2019, and I promptly became a convert. Lidl offers a comfort, cheery shopping experience that is far more uplifting than Aldi ‘s sterility, but with prices that are on par with Aldi ( and well lower than at Trader Joe ‘s ! ). With its low-cost organics and produce, and a atonement guarantee that promises a refund and surrogate for their own branded items, Lidl quickly became my go-to for groceries. now, Lidl is on a massive deputation of expansion, which has made it even more pleasant to shop in, as many of the stores in my new hometown of Atlanta are new constructions. It ‘s become a top-five U.S. grocer, thanks to all of the above and to its commitment to high quality at low prices. In fact, Lidl merely recently announced an East Coast price drop that has impacted over 100 of their high-quality, self-branded groceries, giving us jiggle room in our budget to treat ourselves every shopping slip with their fresh-baked viennoiserie- and boulangerie-style goods–something none of the other private-labeling budget markets have. But beyond the authentic pantry necessities and seasonal worker european imports, there ‘s another section of Lidl the everyday shopper should get to know well : the deep-freeze aisle. From the seafood coolers to the “ specials ” bins to the standard wall of upright freezers, buying freeze items from Lidl is a surefire manner to cool down your spend. here are some of my favorite, best-value deep-freeze finds from this low-cost retailer.

1. Frozen Broccoli

If I could lone ever eat one type of vegetable in the worldly concern, it would be broccoli. High in fiber, supportive of heart health and immunity, crammed with vitamin C and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory to boot, these little trees do the work. Plus, broccoli is incredibly versatile. Steamed, roasted, sautéed, mashed into other things, turned into soup, just salted or covered in cheese, this crucifer is the dinner guest we all need. however, with a succumb of entirely one head of broccoli per plant, it ‘s far from invulnerable to rising farming and fare costs, which makes Lidl ‘s bulk bag a clasp key player. The lowest I always get bracing crowns for these days is 99 cents a pound, and tied those need to be trimmed of excess stem. But at my local anesthetic Lidl in Marietta, Georgia, I pay $ 2.24 for 2 pounds of pre-cut, ready-to-go florets. Related : healthy Broccoli Recipes

2. Frozen Pizza

With food prices rising faster than some pizza crusts, buying freeze pizza can sometimes cost ampere much as picking one up from a budget fast-food chain. Getting them from Lidl is not one of those times. They can be a small sparse on toppings, but I find them a bang-up way to use up straggling veggies and little leftover portions of kernel.

They offer a big range of different types—including heighten, obviously, plus more european stone-baked italian and german shepherd styles—but the yellow-box Crispy Thin Crust Pizzas are my go-to. I stock up on the White Vegetable when they ‘re on sale for a little as $ 3 each ( they ‘re normally $ 5 ), add some barbecued chicken and a lot of that freeze broc and call it a night. The three-packs of slenderly smaller Margherita Brick-Oven Style Pizzas for $ 4.95 are a great budget pick for a tomato base, and weigh in with significantly fewer calories and less fatness.

3. Steamable Veggie Bags

Every basic vegetable in a steam-in-the-bag format is typically $ 1.25 on sale ( and only up to $ 3 when they ‘re not ). They ‘re not going to come in all the sauce and seasoning options of the name brands ( the limited selection of these run round $ 2.50 ), but knit cut green beans, peas, corn, assorted vegetables and broccoli are under a dollar each. The family-size corn and desegregate vegetables are literally just around a dollar and a dime a hammer.

4. Frozen Berries

clean berries out of season can be an investment. But the health benefits of berries like blueberries, raspberries and more make them worth adding to your eating blueprint. Buying them frozen in big bags from Lidl saves me time, money—and from worrying about mold in my good morning smoothies. They always have frozen blueberries and strawberries in stock and for roughly the lapp price as on-sale fresh—around $ 5 for 2 pounds in a resealable bag. Lidl besides normally has mangoes for the same general per-pound price, if you have the space. Related : goodly Berry Recipes

5. Bulk Frozen Potato Goods

These are bang-up, cheap and quick sides for your oven or air fryer. I get big sleeves of hashish brown patties, adult bags of potato tots and straight-cut fries for less than what I ‘d pay for the smaller bags of their name-brand counterparts. You can besides get oversea styles, like Chunky Chips. They ‘re all made with substantial potatoes, sunflower oil and no hydrogenate oil or artificial ingredients, excessively, which makes them even more of a steal at sometimes deoxyadenosine monophosphate little as $ 1 for 2 pounds of these prepped potatoes. Related : 18 Recipes That Start with Frozen Hash Browns

6. Frozen Fish & Seafood

While the prawn may not always be the best dicker when you break down the per-pound price, the freeze seafood department at Lidl has become my go-to. seafood is generally a lean protein that ‘s a healthy choice, and can be effective for the planet when you shop sustainably, like with Lidl ‘s choice. The perfectly pre-portioned freeze flounder, c, salmon and ahi tuna steaks are all Marine Stewardship Council certified. They ‘re all by rights flash-frozen in plank-like fillets, so they take up minimal quad in the deep-freeze.

The Preferred Selection elephantine wild ocean scallops are restaurant-sized and a dainty to stock up on when on sale, specially since the price just dropped to $ 9.99 for 12 ounces. The ones Lidl brings in are besides MSC-certified. Or try the smaller bay scallops, besides $ 9.99, but for a wide pound.

7. Ice Cream Novelties

The say goes, “ There ‘s constantly room for internal-combustion engine cream, ” and with these sanely size novelties, I ‘d reckon it ‘s true. The Gelatelli Mini Mix Classic bars are precisely the right size to close out a dinner, and the indulgent quality of Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate makes it feel nongeneric. They besides make miniskirt ice-cream sundae cones, if that ‘s more up your bowling alley, but I love the seasonal Crisp ‘N ‘ Cake, which is half chocolate-covered cream and chocolate eccentric stracciatella and the other half a Lotus Biscoff/speculoos type of cookie. however, for some european degeneracy, keep an eye out for the Bon Gelati brand, which is actually made in their own factory in Germany .

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