How to resize an image on Mac 2022

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Looking for an double resizer on Mac ? Whether you need to scale down a large image file for it to take up less space and be more sendable, need to resize to fit into a presentation without distortion and weighing down the file, or barely need to compress your endless photograph library, there are plenty of options for you to choose from .
In this post, we will look at the tools in the picture resize tools at your disposal and how to use them .

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How to resize images on Mac

Let ’ s depart with the basics. Macs actually have a built-in image editing software that can resize images on your Mac. If you go to Finder > Applications and scroll through the apps, you ’ ll find Preview, an effigy view and editing app that comes with your Mac. And yes, Preview can resize your effigy .
here ’ s how to do it :

  1. Open an image in Preview (simply double-click on the file to open it and Preview is the default option in most cases).
  2. Find Markup icon in the top menu bar of the Preview window (for narrow images, the icon often hides behind the >> .
  3. In the Markup mode, click Adjust Size icon:
  4. adjust size preview

  5. In the pop fly window, set your coveted image dimensions and cluck OK :

preview resize
note that by default option, Preview saves all edits in the existing file. To keep both your original trope and the resized ( or differently edited ) one, go to File > Export… and save your changes as a new file .

Resize multiple images at once

But you don ’ t have to go resizing your photograph collection on Mac one by one. You can actually batch resize both with Preview or apps like batch edit and watermarking tool PhotoBulk .
Let ’ s get down with Preview. here ’ s a bit-by-bit for batch resize there :

  1. Select all images you want to resize in a Finder folder and right-click on them.
  2. Select Open With… and click on Preview.
  3. As you get your images open in Preview, you’ll see one selected image in the center and the rest as thumbnails on the side. Select all thumbnails with Command + A.
  4. Click Tools in the Preview menu bar at the top and pick Adjust Size… option.
  5. Set your resize settings in the pop-up window and click OK:

batch resize in preview
note that all images will be saved on acme of your existing files, so if you want to only create resize copies, make certain you create copies first .
now, let ’ s test multi double resize in PhotoBulk .
resize image mac photobulk
In the app, all you have to do is drag and drop your batch onto the window and then select your editing options .
In addition to resize, you can choose to optimize your images, delete or keep only function of the trope metadata ( can be utilitarian if your phone records effigy placement and you want to partake an trope on-line, arsenic well as multiple other privacy uses ), change effigy format, batch-rename, and watermark the prototype. now, in our sample, we chose the script setting for watermarking, but you actually have a option to set this up in early watermark formats, including just adding a date stamp, an double ( like a logo ), or a single watermark anywhere on your photograph .

Crop an image in Preview

And since we ’ ve already got one foot in persona edit, let ’ s besides see how to snip an double on your Mac. After all, one answer to how to reduce image charge size on Mac is plainly cropping out the extra space in your photograph — a space that in many cases can be identical well done without .
Open your image in Preview and follow these steps to crop your photograph or early ocular :

  1. Find and click the Markup icon in the window Menu bar (may be hidden under the >> icon in narrow images).
  2. Select the area you want to keep (click, drag, and release to make the selection).
  3. Click the Crop to Selection icon that appears when you’ve made the selection:
  4. crop image preview

  5. That ’ s it, your image gets cropped to your selected area !

note that the edit photograph gets saved alternatively of your original, sol crop lone the version you are ready to part with.

Bonus tip: Convert to any format & enhance your photo

nowadays that you know how to resize an image in Preview, arsenic well as resize, water line, and bulk edit images in PhotoBulk, let ’ s investigate how to convert your visuals to diverse formats and enhance them with filters and cool AI tools .
First off, Permute is a cosmopolitan media converter that can help you convert images, video, and sound recording to a number of formats. Just drag and drop your images to the Permute windowpane and select the format you want to convert them to — PDF, JPEG, PNG, HEIF, etc .
If the file format you want international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in the drop down menu of the converter, you can actually click Add Preset… > Add New Preset…, blue-ribbon Image, and add more formats, including BMP, GIF, TIFF .
And by the way, since we are talking about how to resize an persona on Mac, Permute knows how to do that excessively — simply click the wheel picture in the top right corner and check the Resize option :
convert images in permute
Luminar is another app you might find handy when working with photos. Just like Permute, we refrained from including this solution in our steer on how to resize a photograph on Mac as the key function of this app is AI-enhanced prototype editing that can help turn your takes into something breathless. That said, since you are looking for a tool to reduce photograph size on Mac, we ’ ll start with this sport of the app .
The resize works through export once you are done editing your shoot. Find File > Export… in the app ’ randomness Menu bar at the very top of your Mac ’ randomness screen ( as opposed to the top of the app window ). And set your Resize settings in the respective field that pops up :
resize in luminar during export
Luminar resize instrument lets you set the pixel duration of each side of the movie individually, adenine well as by long or short boundary. Make the changes you want and click Save to export your edit ocular .
Speaking of editing, we just have to talk about the best part about this photograph editor program — Luminar offers sets of AI-enhanced looks that can take your photos from dependable to breathtaking. These versatile presets can be used as is or adjusted to your individual image. You can besides save your own settings to edit a bunch of images in the lapp ( or like ) way .
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Luminar boasts a collection of actually handy tools to turn your photograph creations into faultless masterpieces. Some of the amaze things in the toolkit include noise removal for zoomed-in or ill unhorse shots, AI peel and portrait enhancement tools, smart contrast that enhances your double without making it affected or noisy, and much more .

Bonus bonus tip: How to resize an image on a Mac without losing quality

Psst ! If you ’ ve read this far, you decidedly deserve a treat. Okay, here we go. There ’ s actually a little secret to resizing images that you might not know. But here at Setapp we are trying to make your work flow american samoa smooth as possible, so we precisely couldn ’ thyroxine keep it from you .
thing is, you must realize that downsizing your double can lead to a poorer quality consequence. So how can you resize and keep the choice ? Well, all you have to do is figure out your end practice — what demand size you need for your project or use purposes ?
If your file will be a bantam image displayed as part of a web page or a presentation, precisely resize it to fit your dimensions. besides, make indisputable you don ’ metric ton convert a smaller image into a larger size as that will decidedly result in a pixelated batch .
And finally, along with the prototype size settings, you will often get picture quality slider which is vital when adjusting the choice of your final examination prototype :
image quality slider
The same luger is available in Luminar during trope export. In PhotoBulk, you can find it under Format.


Resizing images on your Mac does not have to be an ordeal. You can simply use the tools at your disposal that can take care of double resize a well as prototype edit and much more. One such creature that you now know how to use is the built-in Preview app. This Mac app is easy to use and you already have it on your machine .
If you want to bulk edit and water line images, practice PhotoBulk. This elementary editor program can help you resize and watermark a set of images in mere moments. Permute is an excellent solution if you want a versatile media converter. not alone can it mass convert and resize your images, you can besides convert audio and television files with it. And last, to add a few coating touches to your photograph works, try Luminar. This futuristic AI-powered trope editor program can enhance your shots and make them beyond amazing, while doing all the photograph editing heavy lift, like prototype resize, crop, flip, turn out, and more .
Explore these apps with your Setapp subscription and decide for yourself which works for you best ( or just use them all ! ). Setapp is a cortege of apps that aid you tackle everyday tasks with no effort and under a single subscription. Tempted to try ? Start with Setapp 7-day exempt trial now and see for yourself !

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