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Report Scams and Fraud

With so many kinds of scams, it ‘s hard to figure out where to report each type. Gather emails, receipts, and earphone numbers so you ’ ra prepared to complete your report .

Report Scams to Your Local Government

start by reporting the victimize to your state consumer protection agency. If you lost money or other possessions in a victimize, report it to your local anesthetic patrol excessively .

Report Scams to the Federal Government

You can report scams to the federal government. Your report may keep others from experiencing a scam. Government agencies use reports of scams to track victimize patterns. They may tied take legal action against a company or diligence based on the reports. however, agencies don ’ metric ton follow up after you report, and ca n’t recover lost money. Do not use the contact data included in victimize messages. Use verified contact information in ‘s federal representation directory to report other politics imposters.

Report Disaster and Emergency Scams

Report coronavirus scams and other scams about disasters and emergencies .

Report Most Common Scams

The Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) is the main means that collects victimize reports. Report the scam to the FTC on-line, or by earphone at 1-877-382-4357 ( 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM, ET ). The FTC accepts complaints about most scams, including these popular ones :

  • Phone calls 
  • Emails
  • Computer support scams
  • Imposter scams
  • Fake checks
  • Demands for you to send money (check, wire transfers, gift cards)
  • Student loan or scholarship scams
  • Prize, grants, and sweepstakes offers

The FTC besides collects reports of identity larceny. Report identity larceny on-line at or by earphone at 1-877-438-4338 ( 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM, ET ) .

Report Online and International Scams

Report juke websites, emails, malware, and other internet scams to the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( IC3 ). Some on-line scams start outside the United States. If you have been affected by an international victimize, report it through Your report helps international consumer auspices offices spot trends and prevent scams.

Report Social Security or IRS Imposter Scams

Scammers often pretend to work for the Social Security Administration ( SSA ) or Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ). coarse signs include :

  • Robocalls
  • Threats of arrest or lawsuits
  • Demands for payments
  • Suspension of your social security number
  • Cancellation of your social security benefits

Learn about Social Security-related scams. Report these scams using Social Security ‘s on-line report shape. Report IRS imposters to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration ( TIGTA ). To report by earphone, call TIGTA at 1-800-366-4484.

Report Scams to Third Parties

You may want to report the scam to organizations outside of the government. third parties may be able to get your money binding or remove deceitful charges. Report a victimize that happened with an on-line seller or a payment transfer system to the company ’ randomness imposter department. If you used your credit circuit board or bank account to pay a swindler, report it to the calling card issuer or deposit. besides report scams to the major credit report agencies. Place a fraud alert on your credit report to prevent person from opening citation accounts in your name .

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