How To Delete Google Reviews (And When You Should)

Consider the survive time you searched for an italian food restaurant in a newly city .
You ’ re unfamiliar with the sphere and don ’ t have any personal recommendations to rely on .
You likely open your call, conduct a Google search for [ italian food near me ] and find respective restaurants .
Do you choose the first restaurant that pops up ?

The answer to this is probably no .
alternatively, you will most probably look up customer reviews and select the restaurant where patrons have had a positive experience .
And, you ’ re in good company .
For local anesthetic businesses, 98 % of consumers read on-line reviews .
additionally, 81 % of consumers turn to Google as their clientele review platform of choice to solidify their buy decisions .
While customers can control the content they post in their reviews, businesses, unfortunately, can not .
thoroughly reviews are not a guarantee, and even if your commercial enterprise provides superior customer avail, one unhappy customer may lead to a negative review .
however, businesses must monitor their Google reviews systematically and ensure spammy reviews get deleted adenine soon as possible .
In this station, we ’ ll cover when or if you should delete Google reviews, what to do if you can ’ metric ton erase hapless reviews, and the steps your business must take to flag a review for removal .

When Should You Delete A Google Review?

not every negative inspection your business receives is eligible for removal .
If a customer authentically had a poor experience with your occupation and voices this opinion in the form of a review, you can ’ metric ton ask Google to remove this reappraisal .
rather, Google will only remove a review if it violates Google ’ s policies .
fortunately for businesses, Google takes its review removal work badly, and there are quite a few types of content it deems inappropriate .
hera are a few types of reviews that qualify for deletion .

Civil Discourse

Google states ,

“ We don ’ triiodothyronine permit users to post subject to harass other people or businesses, or encourage others to participate in harassment. ”

It besides does not tolerate hate language or offensive capacity in a review .
offensive contented may include “ contented that is intelligibly and intentionally provocative. ”
Google will besides delete reviews containing personal information – such as credit batting order details, checkup records, and more .

Deceptive Content

It is considered deceptive if the content is not based on a real experience or does not accurately represent your location or intersection .
Google shares that content with imposture, misinformation, misrepresentation, or fake engagement can besides be considered deceptive .

Mature Content

Google will remove any explicit content that uses profanity, is sexually explicit, uses adult themes, or includes violence or bloodshed that constitutes mature derogative content .

Regulated, Dangerous, And Illegal

message with calls to action to products or services that may face local anesthetic legal restrictions or contentedness that promotes dangerous activities are eligible for removal by Google .
This besides includes inappropriate content that is not dependable for a child to view .

Information Quality

As stated previously, Google ’ s content policy states that review contentedness should be “ based on your know or questions about experiences at a specific location. ”
It does not allow content that is political in nature, a general bombast, data related to COVID-19, and more .
Advertising a product, service, or a detail business in a review is besides not allowed .
In light, if your business receives bad reviews, this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine necessarily grounds for removal .
alternatively, your on-line reviews must include one of the factors above to submit a request for removal .
If your recapitulation contentedness includes any of the above, it is warranted and recommended to ask Google to remove the review .

What Is A Google Review?

It may seem straightforward. however, with the countless on-line inspection directories available, it ’ mho best to clarify what is considered a Google review.

A Google revue helps your occupation highlight what customers think of your brand and what prospective customers can expect .
These reviews appear on your Google Business Profile in Search and Maps .
Google reviews use a star topology rating system, where customers can leave between one to five-star reviews .
A five-star inspection means a customer was highly please with their know with your brand .
conversely, a one-star rat means a customer had a negative experience with your business .
To view reviews on a Google Business Profile, snap on the business ’ leading denounce or the blue hyperlink with the number of reviews the business has received .
How to find a Google review You ’ ll then see a breakdown of the number of ratings per ace, and top keywords used in reviews, followed by all the reviews left for that placement. You can sort reviews by most relevant, newest, highest rate, and lowest evaluation .
Google review example

Can You Delete A Google Review On Your Own?

Google doesn ’ triiodothyronine enable businesses to delete reviews on their Google Business Profile .
This helps prevent businesses from deleting poor reviews ascribable to badly experiences .
To have a follow-up removed, the person who wrote the review can delete the recapitulation, or a business can ask Google to remove an inappropriate revue .
Businesses can report a review for removal through Google Maps or Google Search .
here are the steps to take for both .

How To Flag A Review On Google Maps

  • Open Google Maps on your computer.
  • Find your Google Business Profile.
  • Find the review you’d like to flag.
  • Click more, flag as inappropriate.

How To Flag A Review In Google Search

  • On your computer, go to Google.
  • Find your Google Business Profile.
  • Click Google Reviews.
  • Find the review you’d like to flag.
  • Click more, report review. Then select the type of violation you want to report.

How To Flag A Review In Your Account

  • On your computer, sign in to manage your Google Business Profile.
  • Choose the review you’d like to report.
  • For a single business: Open the Google Business Profile you’d like to manage. On the left, in the menu, click Reviews.
  • For multiple businesses: On the left menu, click Manage reviews. Then use the drop-down menu to choose a location group.
  • On the review you’d like to flag, click more, flag as inappropriate.
    How To Delete Google Reviews from your account

Google besides takes its own review precautions .
It will mechanically detect a spam or fake review and remove those reviews on its own .
Google notes ,

“ These measures help improve people ’ second experiences on Google and ensure the reviews they see are authentic, relevant, and useful. ”

once you have flagged a mail for removal on your Google Business Profile, Google notes it can take respective days to remove the reappraisal .
For hotel brands, it ’ s besides worth mentioning you can ’ t sag third-party hotel reviews, even if policy violations are made in the context of the review .

What Should I Do While I Wait For Google To Remove A Review?

Whether your commercial enterprise receives positive or negative feedback, your customer service team must respond to all reviews .
Responding to reviews shows others you care about your customers ’ experiences and want to provide the best experience potential .
Develop a thoughtful response for every review you receive, specially negative customer reviews where you have the opportunity to reshape a customer ’ south sensing of your business, and react ampere soon as possible .
This applies evening with spam reviews while you wait for Google to remove them .


Your Google Business Profile is the digital shopfront of your business localization .
It besides serves as an opportunity to parcel insight from your customers directly through reviews .
however, you want legitimate reviews to appear on your profile .
consequently you can ( and should ) flag any reviews that violate Google ’ s review policies to maintain an overall potent review profile.

Take action on reviews that meet the above standard to remove these reviews from appearing on Google Maps and Search when a prospective customer searches for your brand .
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