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Kids are fickle. It seems the moment that you got that impermanent tattoo on their arm or leg, they want to take it right back off. thankfully, there are several kid-friendly methods to remove those tattoos tearlessly.

Baby Wipes

If you have kids, you probably have baby wipes on hand. Wipes cultivate exceptionally well if you ‘ve recently applied the tattoo and your child has already gotten pale of it. To use this method acting :

  • Pull out a few baby wipes (brand isn’t an issue).
  • Gently rub at the tattoo until it breaks apart.

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Mother cleaning her son's arm

Scotch Tape

Another quick and slowly method acting that requires small to no attempt for newly applied temp tats is Scotch tape. For this method acting, you ‘ll need record – the stickier the better .

  • Grab a couple inches of clear tape. Try to make it about as big as the tattoo, so you will not irritate the skin.
  • Press the tape on to the tattoo and slowly pull it up. You’ll notice the tattoo comes up with the tape.
  • Repeat this process until the tattoo is gone.
  • This might take a few pieces of tape.

Hair Spray

Another easy and dim-witted kid-friendly way to remove a child ‘s irregular tattoo is with hair’s-breadth spray. This method can work for both newly-applied ink or those that have been there for a bit. For this method, you ‘ll need a few supplies :

  • Hair spray (the more alcohol the better)
  • Towel
  • Soap and water


  1. Apply the hair spray to the tattoo.
  2. Let the hair spray dry for a few minutes. Sometimes kids even like it when you blow on it to make it dry faster or have them flap their arm or leg.
  3. Using the towel, gently rub the tattoo off.
  4. Use the soap and water to remove any remaining hair spray.

Note: This might not be the best method for those with sensitive clamber. never use this method for tattoo that are on the boldness. There is excessively big a risk of getting it into a child ‘s eyes.

Baby Oil or Coconut Oil

Another surefire way to remove older or peeling impermanent tattoo is baby oil or coconut oil. You can even use a moisturizer containing one of these oils. In summation to baby oil or coconut petroleum, you are going to need a cotton swab or a fabric to apply it .

  • Soak the cloth or swab liberally in the oil.
  • Applying light pressure, keep the cotton on the skin to soak into the tattoo breaking apart the membrane.
  • After about a minute, use gentle circular motions to break apart the tattoo.
  • Make sure that you are gentle, you never want to scrub the skin because this can create irritation.

Rubbing Alcohol

A democratic go-to for irregular tattoo removal is rubbing alcohol. however, if there are any breaks on the skin, this one might hurt a little, then be wary .

  • Drench a cloth or cotton ball in alcohol. You want it to be good and wet. You don’t want it to drip, but there should be a good amount absorbed.
  • Apply the swab to the tattoo and gently rub. The alcohol should quickly pull the tattoo off.

Makeup Remover

Another gentle method for kids that you have on hand is makeup remover. You can use either a cream or a liquid remover. however, the skim is a little easier to allow to sit on the irregular tattoo .

  • Using a cloth or your finger, rub the makeup remover on to the tattoo.
  • Much like the oil, allow it to sit on the tattoo for about a minute.
  • Using a clean cloth, you should be able to wipe the tattoo away.
  • This method works especially great for tattoos on the face.

Making Kids Happy

Kids love impermanent tattoo. They besides love to change their irregular tattoo. On top of that, if it is starting to peel, it needs to come off. thankfully, there are respective methods for removing impermanent tattoos with products you have right at home.

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