How To Disconnect A Car Battery

There may come a time where you need to disconnect your cable car battery, whether to prevent damage, do sustenance, or replace it raw. Disconnecting a car battery is a relatively bare process that does not require you to take your car to a mechanic or car shop. In fact, you can learn how to do it with this guidebook. Let ’ s take a closer spirit at the demand process you should follow to disconnect your car battery safely. car batteries are one of the most all-important components of your vehicle, but you may need to disconnect them for a diverseness of reasons :

Disconnecting A Car Battery

ultimately, every car owner needs to know how to disconnect the battery. fortunately, it ’ s not excessively difficult of a job, thus let us walk you through it.

Start By Turning The Ignition Off

Before beginning the action of disconnecting your battery, startle by turning your car off. You should never attempt to disconnect your car ’ s battery while your cable car is powered on. We ’ vitamin d besides recommend using base hit equipment, like gloves and safety goggles, if you have them on hired hand .

Find Your Car Battery’s Negative Terminal

With the vehicle powered down, pop the hood of your car using the publish mechanism in your cable car ’ second cabin or under the hood itself. once open, locate your car barrage. These are large, block-like components with two big cables attached to them near the engine true laurel ’ s open. In some instances, a car barrage will be located in the trunk. If you ’ re having trouble finding it, consult your owner ’ s manual of arms to determine the claim localization of your barrage. once you ’ ve located the battery, find the damaging terminal. It is electric contact that is typically on top of the battery with an attached cable. The damaging terminal should be marked by a “ – “ symbol, whereas a “ + ” sign will mark the positive terminal. The veto end is besides black and may have a blacken formative cap for tag, while the convinced concluding will be bolshevik and have a loss credit card cap .

Loosen The Nut On The Negative Terminal With A Wrench

Remove the plastic caps if your battery has them, then start looking for a twist that fits the nuts and bolts for your battery terminals. unfortunately, no in truth universal size applies to all terminal hardware, so it ’ sulfur unmanageable to determine your twist size without checking for yourself. We ’ d recommend bringing a wring kit out with multiple socket sizes for the task, so you have respective options for finding the right one. You may need to try a few different socket wrench sizes before finding the perfective tool. once you do sol, place the twist on the negative terminal ’ sulfur nut and turn it counterclockwise to loosen.

Remove The Negative Connector, Then Repeat With The Positive Terminal

After loosening the testis, remove the negative connection cable from the battery and tug it far aside. It ’ randomness essential to make indisputable this cable is entirely out of the direction and doesn ’ t come in contact with the battery again until you are ready. Some modern vehicles have their cables “ seized ” or attached to the battery post or tray. In these cases, you may need a battery cable television removal tool to amply remove the negative connection. Check with your local anesthetic car parts store or manufacturer to see if they have one in broth if your battery requires it. After removing the negative connection, repeat the demand like process for the cocksure connection. Again, ensure that you push the cable far away and out of contact with the battery .

Remove The Battery If Necessary

At this compass point, your battery should be wholly disconnected. however, you may need to remove the battery from the tray to perform sustenance or replace it with a new battery. Your battery likely has a secure clamp over the exceed of the unit of measurement that holds it in target. The clamp will be secured with nuts of its own. Use a socket twist to remove the nuts, then remove the batten clamp or lift it away from the battery.

You should be able to lift the barrage out of the tray using your hands or with the manage attached to it ( if applicable ). Most people who have never replaced a cable car battery are surprised to find out how much they weigh. cable car batteries are reasonably heavy, with most weighing anywhere between 30-50 pounds. At this point in the march, the battery is disconnected from the locomotive and can not baron your vehicle. You ’ ra absolve to perform maintenance or swap it out with a new battery, depending on your needs. If you needed to remove your battery to perform a charge, you may now do then .

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