Back rib pain: Causes and treatment

many people experience pain in the rib of the back at some point. The pain may be astute or dense and balmy or severe. mild injuries can cause trouble in this area and may improve over meter, with or without discussion. however, this pain can sometimes indicate a more unplayful medical condition that requires specialist care. This is more probable if the trouble is intense or there are other symptoms. This article looks at some coarse causes of trouble in the back of the rib, arsenic well as the associated symptoms and typical treatments.


An older man stood outside holding his back due to back rib pain. share on PinterestNes/Getty Images Injuries can cause binding rib pain. common rib-related injuries include :

  • bruised ribs
  • pulled muscles
  • fractures
  • broken ribs

If trouble after an wound is lasting or dangerous, the campaign may be a break rib. To diagnose this injury, a doctor may use an x ray or MRI. treatment options vary. many people with break rib fair need stay and annoyance easing medication. surgical intervention is sometimes necessity, but entirely in austere cases.

Intercostal muscle strain

An intercostal brawn tense is an injury to the muscles between the ridicule. A strain occurs when these muscles tear, often due to arduous physical action. Common symptoms of an intercostal muscle puree include :

  • sharp, severe pain in the upper back or ribs
  • stiffness and tension in the upper back muscles
  • spasms in the intercostal muscles

To treat this type of tense, doctors frequently recommend pain medicine and physical therapy.


costochondritis is ignition of the cartilage that holds the ridicule together. It is a common condition, particularly in adults aged 40–50, and it causes pain in the chest wall, sometimes at the spinal column of the rib. The trouble may be hard and sharp, and it may get worse when the person takes a deep hint. It may besides worsen with movement. discussion may involve :

  • heat therapy
  • local or oral pain medications
  • capsaicin cream
  • physical therapy

For many people with costochondritis, the write out improves in a few weeks. however, because the symptoms can be alike to those of a heart condition, it is critical to speak with a doctor .


Preexisting conditions, such as osteoporosis, can weaken the rib so that they break more easily, frequently during less intensive activities. osteoporosis causes the bones to lose the minerals that they need to stay impregnable. With a gloomy mineral concentration, bones can fracture spontaneously or when the person is coughing. It is a coarse condition in older adults, specially in females. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) report that 12.6 % of adults over 50 had osteoporosis in 2017–2018. The calculate for females entirely was 19.6 %. The symptoms of osteoporosis include tenderness and annoyance. Healthcare professionals frequently diagnose the write out with X-rays. They may besides test a person ’ randomness kidney and thyroid function. Some treatment options for osteoporosis include :

  • doing gentle strength training
  • reducing alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, if applicable
  • taking calcium and vitamin D3 supplements
  • taking medications that reduce the risk of fractures


Fibromyalgia causes far-flung pain in the muscles and bones. People may besides have specific attendant points. Researchers are diffident what causes it, but it is more coarse in females than in males. Beyond the pain, fibromyalgia frequently occurs with :

  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • paresthesia, which is a numb or burning sensation, usually in the extremities
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • cognitive disturbances, such as problems processing and remembering information

Because fibromyalgia has such diverse symptoms, doctors may recommend a variety of interventions, including :

  • improving sleep quality
  • practicing relaxation techniques
  • starting cognitive behavioral therapy
  • getting regular cardiovascular exercise
  • taking medications, including antidepressants and anticonvulsants


Gallstones are hardened deposits in the gallbladder. They sometimes cause no symptoms, but they can besides move and block the ducts of the gallbladder, leading to problems. Gallstones can cause trouble, particularly when they block ducts. The classical presentation is pain in the amphetamine right part of the digest, under or around the rib. Some people besides feel the trouble in their back, such as between their shoulder blades. The pain may be intense, though it is mild for some people. It normally develops curtly after a meal and lasts for a few hours. A person may besides have nausea and vomit or bitterness. This yellow of the eyes and skin signals that the gallstones are affecting the liver. It may besides cause dark urine. A barricade gallbladder duct can become a aesculapian emergency. Anyone with gallstones should receive prompt aesculapian attention for any acute abdominal annoyance, specially if there is jaundice .

Pulmonary embolism

A pneumonic embolism occurs when a blood vessel in a lung is blocked, frequently by a blood clot. A person may initially notice pain and intumescence in one leg when the curdle blocks a blood vessel there. If the clog breaks loose, it can travel to the lungs. pneumonic embolisms are serious and relatively common. research shows that they are creditworthy for around 100,000 deaths per class in the United States, and this number is rising. aside from pain in the back of the ridicule, a pneumonic embolism can cause the follow symptoms :

  • coughing, which may bring up blood
  • sweating
  • headaches and lightheadedness
  • shortness of breath
  • rapid breathing
  • anxiety
  • an irregular heartbeat

A pneumonic embolism is a life sentence threatening emergency that requires immediate discussion.

Typically, treatment involves blood thinning medication, which makes it harder for clots to form. A person who can not tolerate this approach receives a unlike medicine that prevents the lineage from clotting.

Lung conditions

Certain health conditions that affect the lungs can besides cause back rib pain. For case, pleurisy, or inflammation of the line of the lungs, can cause pain in the chest, shoulders, and binding rib. Researchers know that several underlying issues can cause pleurisy. For this reason, the treatments are varied. Lung cancer can besides cause pain in the breast and rib. It is life threatening and a lead campaign of cancer-related death in the U.S. other symptoms of lung cancer include cough, which may bring up blood, and shortness of breath. The best course of treatment depends on the cancer ’ s type and stage, a well as factors specific to each individual. A person may need to undergo operating room, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy .

When to speak with a doctor

A person should contact a repair about back rib pain if :

  • The pain worsens.
  • It remains after a few days of home treatment.
  • It limits the ability to move.
  • It occurs with a fever, chills, vomiting, nausea, or other symptoms.

People who think that they may have gallstones should call a healthcare professional and ask if their symptoms are signs of an emergency. But anyone with acute gallstone annoyance should go to an emergency room. In general, try hand brake treatment if :

  • The pain is so severe that it limits the ability to function.
  • It occurs with jaundice.
  • It occurs with trouble breathing, shortness of breath, or chest pain.
  • The person feels very sick.
  • Any symptoms rapidly worsen over several hours.


minor injuries can cause pain in the back rib. These injuries are not normally dangerous, and they frequently heal on their own. however, this annoyance can besides stem from a more serious health condition. This is specially probable if the pain is very intense, comes on on the spur of the moment, with no net cause, or occurs with early symptoms. Prompt discussion can prevent serious complications and death. Anyone with haunting or austere rear rib pain should contact a healthcare master .

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