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Got a physical or digital Amazon giving wag ? Great. To use the poster, you will have to redeem it in your Amazon account. You can perform the redemption process on both your desktop and mobile devices. We ‘ll show you how .

How Gift Card Redemption Works

When you redeem a giving card, Amazon adds the wide respect of your card to your score. You can then use these funds to buy eligible items on the site, according to HowtoGeek .
You ca n’t buy other Amazon endowment cards with your giving menu money, though you are allowed to purchase some third-party gift cards for other stores.

You wo n’t be able to transfer the give card funds to other Amazon accounts, and these funds ca n’t be exchanged for cash, either. however, there are third-party markets for giving cards if you ‘re serious about not shopping on Amazon .
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Ways to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card

There are two ways to redeem a endowment card in your Amazon report, according to Business Insider .
The first base way is to add your endow tease ‘s proportion to your account, and then use that balance to buy items. With this method acting, if you are not ready to buy anything properly aside, you can keep the giving circuit board funds in your report .
The second room is to add the items you want to buy to your Amazon cart, reach the checkout foliate, and redeem your giving poster on that page .
If your item full is higher than the giving card amount, the remaining sum will be charged to your nonpayment payment method .
We ‘ll show you the first manner of redeeming an Amazon gift tease. besides, note that both physical and digital give cards are redeemed the lapp way ; there are no differences, according to iPhoneLife .

Find the Amazon Gift Card Claim Code

To redeem an Amazon endowment menu, you will need your endow card ‘s claim code. This code is clearly visible on your physical or digital gift card. You will enter this code on the Amazon web site or the Amazon mobile app to add the menu ‘s value to your report .
A claim code normally looks something like this : ABCD-1234-MAAP-8998.

Redeem the Amazon Gift Card

once you find the claim code, use either the Amazon web site or the Amazon mobile app to redeem the circuit board. You merely have to use one of these two methods, according to Amazon .
If you use a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook calculator, access the Amazon web site to add your giving card to your explanation. To get started, first, open a network browser on your calculator and launch the Amazon web site. Sign in to your account on the site .
In Amazon ‘s top-right corner, hover your cursor over the “ Account & Lists ” menu. This will display a hierarchical menu. From the hierarchical menu, select “ Account. ”
A “ Your explanation ” page will open. here, click “ Gift Cards. ” You will see your current give card libra. To add your new card ‘s value to this balance, click the “ Redeem a Gift Card ” button .
Amazon will open a “ Redeem a Gift Card ” page. here, click the text playing field and type your gift menu ‘s claim code. then click “ Apply to Your balance. ” Amazon will validate your card and add its value to your total giving card balance .

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