The 10 Best Sites Where You Can Learn to Read Music

These ten websites will turn you into the adjacent Mozart after just a few easy lessons in how to read music. A storm number of world-renowned bands and musicians can not read music. Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie, Eddie Van Halen, and evening The Beatles have all famously admitted they can not understand a piece of sheet music .
But if you want to make it in the universe of music, or even if you ‘re just playing a musical instrument as a hobby, it ‘s clearly advantageous to be able to understand and read music. And the best depart, it ‘s not even that hard !
here are the best websites where you can learn to read music.

wikihow read music
If you want an easy-to-digest web site that offers a one-stop-shop for learning how to read music, you can not go far wrong with WikiHow .
The subject covers the basics of how sheet music works, then dives into clefs, bass clef, notes, the parts of a note, meter, time, rhythm, tune, sharp, flats, naturals, keys, dynamics, and construction .
none of the person sections go into a massive come or detail, nor do they offer much data on the theory. however, if you equitable want an overview or an initiation, WikiHow is one of the best places to start .

Another site that offers a brief compendious of reading music across of the major touchstones is DataDragon .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY The site is not ampere crafty as WikiHow, but we like that it uses real sheet music to provide examples of the points it is discussing, rather than relying on hand-drawn graphics .
In full, there are seven sections for you to dig into. They are clef, time signatures, types of notes, types of rests, count, symbols, and shape .

dolmetsch online music theory
For those who do n’t recognize the name, Eugène Arnold Dolmetsch was a french musician and instrument maker who spent most of his life working in England. He died in 1940, but his bequest lives on via his family, who operate the Dolmetsch Online locate .
Although the site looks dated, it is still being updated regularly. It is a huge treasure treasure trove of musical information, including an stallion section dedicated to how to read music .
early topics covered on the site include a music dictionary, music hypothesis, downloadable plane music, and a large number of historic biographies and recordings .

musictheory net offers a three-pronged border on to learning how to read music. There are on-line hypothesis lessons, commit exercises, and an accompanying io app that you can use to put the hypothesis into exercise on virtual musical instruments .
In total, there are 39 theory lessons for you to explore. They are divided into nine sections : The Basics, Rhythm and Meter, Scales and Key Signatures, Intervals, Chords, Diatonic Chords, Chord Progressions, and Neapolitan Chords .
All the lessons are free to use, but if you are dangerous about learn and are happy to pay the $ 3 fee, we ‘d recommend buying the io version of the lessons. They are enhanced with animations and graphics to make the determine process evening easier .
The exercises cover topics such as Key Signature Identification, Chord Construction, Fretboard Scales, and much more .

previously called eMusicTheory, ToneSavvy has undergone a complete rebrand and redesign in recent times .
It is ideal for teachers who are explaining to pupils how to read sheet music, a well as anyone who is studying reading music and music theory in their own fourth dimension .
The study sections are divided into two parts : Ear Training Practice and Music Theory Practice. Combined, the two sets of lessons complement each other perfectly .
The Ear Training covers topics such as intervals, chords, scales, and deliver. The theory segment digs into interval build, rhythm dictation, paced note names, chord build, and more .

Teoria will teach you how to read music using a combination of music hypothesis tutorials ( in which reading music has an entire section dedicated to it ), music theory and ear trail exercises, and a music theory character guide .
The reading music tutorials are split into 16 sections. They are Beats and Measures, Time Signature, Note Value, Dotted Notes and Tie, Rests, Values Shorter Than a Beat, Eighth and Sixteenth Notes, Eighth Note and Sixteenth Note Rests, Triplets, Beat Units, Simple and Compound Meters, Musical Notes, Accidentals, Key Signatures, and Keyboard Notes .

8notes is already long-familiar as being one of the best websites for downloading sheet music. But did you know that it besides has a meaning solicitation of music lessons and learn resources for you to explore ?
There are sections for music hypothesis, licks and riffs, harmonize charts, tuners and charts, and synergistic lessons.

berklee online
Berklee Online is a ball-shaped on-line music school. It offers security programs, short-form 12-week courses, and even on-line music degree programs .
All the courses are aimed at aspiring musicians, therefore for most of the courses, it will be expected that you already have a small measure of foundational cognition .
But not all the capacity is hidden behind a paywall. You can download a set of 12 free lessons to get you started. If you ‘re only looking for an insertion on how to read music and some accompanying theory, it is all you will need .

As the name suggests, all the courses on this site survive for precisely one minute. They are perfect if you want to study while eating your breakfast or sitting on a bus. In total, there are 23 one-minute lessons available .
If you find the lessons valuable, you can upgrade to the two wide courses for pornographic beginners. They are Master Reading Music ( a 30-day platform ) and Learn to Play the Piano ( which features live Zoom lessons with a piano expert ) .

finally, how could we ignore YouTube ? All the sites we have covered then far are based on textbook lessons, but for many learners, the video format of YouTube is a much more enjoyable way to understand new skills .
Some of the best channels on YouTube for learning how to read music are Dave Conservatoire, Music Theory Guy, Hello Music Theory, and Lypur .

Are You the Next Mozart?

well, credibly not. But if you spend time working through the lessons contained in these 10 sites, you will at least be able to read the music that Mozart wrote. And hey, that makes you a more technical musician than John Lennon. possibly .

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