How to Give Your Two Weeks’ Notice [+ 3 Examples]

Giving your two weeks notice is never easy, peculiarly if you have a adept relationship with your foreman and colleagues, or you feel they ‘ve invested time and energy into your professional development .
If you ’ re wondering how to give two weeks detect without hurting your relationship with your employer, you ’ re in luck. There are particular actions you can take to ensure you leave a good final impression with your stream employer .

Leaving your stream company respectfully and thoughtfully can ensure better long-run connections and references — and, even if you ‘re switching industries, you never know who could help you down the road. Plus, it ‘s the courteous thing to do.

here, we ‘ll explore the best way to give your two weeks ‘ notice to maintain a positive relationship with your old employer, while ensuring a seamless passage into your next function .

What is a two weeks notice?

A two weeks notice is when you let your current employer know that you will be resigning from the company in two weeks. It ’ s a standard method of resignation that can help you leave the company on good terms .
It ’ s important to remember, however, that if your employment abridge or union agreement clearly states how much comment you need to give before resigning, bide by that agreement. If not, two weeks notification is broadly accepted as the norm .
In the encase of the latter, if your employee asks you to stay longer than the two weeks, you can do so but you are not obligated to unless your employment abridge states otherwise .
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How to write your two weeks’ notice

  1. Begin your resignation letter with your name, job title, current organization, company address, email, and date of resignation. Since this letter is for official company records, you want to be as formal as possible.
  2. In the first paragraph, write, “I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as X for Company A, effective [Date].”
  3. In the second paragraph, emphasize your appreciation for any growth opportunities or guidance you’ve been provided by your current employer. If you’d like, you can include where you’re headed next, particularly if you’re switching industries or returning to school. If you’re leaving for a competitor, however, it might be better to omit.
  4. In the third paragraph, offer specific details regarding how you’re going to assist in the transition or help find a replacement.
  5. If you want to keep in touch, include your personal email at the bottom, with a short sentence like, “I wish you all the best and look forward to staying in touch.”

How to Give Two Weeks Notice

While it can be steel wracking to give your two weeks notice, it doesn ’ t have to be complicated. Remember to keep your resignation simpleton. You may feel like you need to reveal all the details behind your option to resign, but you are not obligated to plowshare extra information with your coach. All they need to know are the independent paint points of pastime that pertain to the company itself .
In summation to keeping the conversation elementary, follow these six steps to make your resignation easy for both you and your employer .

Step One: Organize an in-person meeting with your boss.

once you ‘ve formally signed a contract with your new employer and know your starting signal date, you ‘re quick to give your two weeks ‘ notice. The first thing you ‘ll want to do is write a resignation letter ( templates and samples can be found here ) .
once you have the letter in-hand, e-mail or slack your director and set up a time to meet. Say something like, “ Hi, I have something I ‘d like to discuss with you. Do you have thirty minutes over the next couple of days to meet ? ”
Avoid telling colleagues about your deviation until you ‘ve spoken with your coach. flush if you have a best supporter at work, it ‘s critical your director hears the news from you. If they hear the news from other employees first, it signals a miss of trust and deference and could harm a relationship you put a batch of attempt into build .

Step Two: During the meeting, offer a transition strategy.

When you sit down with your director, be compendious and clear. Rambling or offering a long address will entirely make the conversation more awkward .
Say something like, “ I wanted to meet with you today to let you know I ‘ve been offered a position at another company, and it ‘s an opportunity I ca n’t pass up. I am giving my two weeks ‘ notice. I want you to know this was n’t an easy decisiveness to make, and I ‘m therefore grateful for the steering and growth opportunities you ‘ve given me. ”
It ‘s important you do n’t focus on the excite opportunities of your newly role. During this meeting, your primary goal should be to express a horizontal surface of taste and gratitude for everything your coach has done to help you grow .
additionally, it will help alleviate your director ‘s stress over lose you if you come cook with real actions you plan to implement to help with the conversion. For case, you might say something like, “ During my final two weeks, I plan to help you search for a substitution, ” or “ I will create a guidebook to help the future person bring over my current projects. ”
ultimately, hand over your resignation letter. The letter will make your two weeks ‘ notice official .

Step Three: Be prepared for a counter-offer.

You do n’t want to be caught off guard if your coach suddenly tells you they will boost your wage, or move you to another character on another team, if you agree to stay. Before you meet with your coach, consider how you ‘ll respond if they provide a counter-offer .
Take some time to consider why you ‘re leaving your stream role, and what your future role is providing. If there are certain circumstances in which you ‘d stay at your current company, make them clear to your coach, and entirely stay if you can get those specific promises in write .
Of course, this might be impossible if you ‘ve already signed a sign with the newly employer. And, evening if you ‘ve merely verbally accepted the crack, changing your heed will probably burn bridges with your new caller, so you ‘ll want to think cautiously about your reputation before doing so .
ideally, if there are certain circumstances that could greatly improve your gratification in your stream character, it ‘s better if you approach your coach with those requirements before you sign another contract. You can make it clear that if those needs are n’t met, you ‘ll begin considering other opportunities .

Step Four: Know the details regarding benefits.

It ‘s critical you know your options regarding benefits, health policy, pension, and 401 ( K ). It can be confusing to transfer benefits or healthcare from one company to another. additionally, your new company might not be ready to offer newly coverage immediately .
If this is true, you have option options — for case, if you ‘re facing a col in health coverage, COBRA allows you to continue your current health indemnity for 18 months, at your own expense .
Take a expect at “ What Happens to Your Benefits When You Leave Your Job “ by Northwestern Mutual, to learn more information regarding your options .

Step Five: Don’t check out—work just as hard in your last two weeks.

It will be impossible to maintain a incontrovertible relationship with your employer after you leave, if you check out during your last two weeks and put in minimal attempt. First, your employer is calm paying you, so they deserve your utmost effort. Second, the effort you put into your function now will go a farseeing way towards sustaining better connections down the road .
Coworkers will remember what you were like at the end. Give them something thoroughly to remember. You never know how your positive reputation can help you network in the long-run .
You ‘ll want to work hard to tie up loose ends and make it easy for the next person to take your topographic point. For exemplify, possibly you ‘ll create a document so your team members know where certain files are, or where you left off on a undertaking .
additionally, you ‘ll inactive want to arrive on time ( if not early ), leave at an appropriate fourth dimension, and remain a team actor. If the rest of your team is staying late to finish a plan before a deadline, you should, excessively .

Step Six: Offer warm and heartfelt goodbyes.

In today ‘s business world, it ‘s all about who you know. You never know if a colleague on your team will end up helping your youthful brother get a job or become a freelance for your new company a few years later. Nurturing those relationships is critical to ensuring achiever throughout your stallion career .

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Two Week Notice Examples

It can be unmanageable to find the right words when you ’ re vacate, thus if you need a little guidance, here are some two week comment examples to keep in judgment :

1. Hardcopy

May 2, 2022
John Smith
regional Manager
XYZ company
456 Laura Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Dear Mr. Smith ,
I, Jane Doe, would like to inform you that I am resigning from the stead of Assistant Regional Manager at XYZ Company, effective two weeks from this date. My last day will be May 16, 2022 .
The past ten years with this company have been incredibly rewarding. I ‘ve enjoyed working for you, and I ’ thousand grateful to have been a partially of an outstanding team that has experienced so much growth and success over the years. Thank you for the amaze opportunities you have provided me .
I will continue to complete all of my tasks with the farthermost wish and contingent until my concluding day. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make the transition go a smoothly as possible .
I wish you and the company all the best .
sincerely ,
signature ( hard copy letter )
Jane Doe
jane.doe @

2. Email

topic : resignation Letter – Jane Doe ( Assistant Regional Manager )
Dear Mr. Smith ,
Please accept this as my dinner dress resignation from the position of Assistant Regional Manager at XYZ Company. My last day will be May 16, 2022, two weeks from today .
My time with the ship’s company has been very reward and I ’ thousand grateful to have been a character of such an outstanding team of marketers. Thank you for the amazing opportunities you have provided me .
In the meanwhile, I will continue to fulfill all my responsibilities as the adjunct regional coach until my last day. Please let me know what I can do to make this transition go ampere smoothly as potential for you and the team .
I wish you and the company all the best .
Kind regards ,
Jane Doe
jane.doe @

3. If You Want to Include Where You’re Headed Next

Dear Mr. Smith ,
I would like to inform you that I am resigning from the position of Assistant Regional Manager at XYZ Company. My last day will be May 16, 2022, two weeks from nowadays .
My time with the caller has been very rewarding and I ’ megabyte grateful to have been a part of such an great team of marketers. Thank you for the perplex opportunities you have provided me .
I am leaving the company to pursue my masters degree at New York University and to be closer to my family .
In the meanwhile, I will continue to fulfill all my responsibilities as the adjunct regional coach until my last day. Please let me know what I can do to make this conversion go a smoothly as potential for you and the team .
I wish you and the company all the best .
Kind regards ,
Jane Doe
jane.doe @

When the day comes for you to say adieu, you should take the prison term to send thoughtful adieu messages to your colleagues. You might flush send out a farewell electronic mail to the team.

alternatively, you could consider writing a handwritten bill or personalized electronic mail to members of your team to whom you feel particularly conclude. Warmly wish them well, and provide contact information like an e-mail or LinkedIn account, so you can stay in touch .
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