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For most parents of dancers, there comes a point in your daughter ’ s dance biography that you will make a hair bun. It may be by choice for recital, a requirement for a class, or a performance, or she may barely love the way it looks – like an official ballerina and request her hair’s-breadth be up. I have to laugh when I think back at how I tried to create a bun on my dancer ’ s hair when she was younger. While a bun was not a prerequisite for the recitation, I loved the attend and would try to create the magic trick that she had much wide haircloth and therefore a full bun than she actually had .
Fast forward a few years and the bun was the dash for our party dancers. I was thrilled, but unless I wanted her dilute hair to look like the size of a doughnut trap on exceed of her head, we needed some help. We had tried the sock bun, which was approve, but not great. As I began researching how to make a bun, I stumbled upon the perfect merchandise for us – the haircloth doughnut. Check out how we incorporate the hair doughnut below to make a bun hairdo that works easily for dance class, school or any performance. For dancers with dense hair, that don ’ thymine need to use a bun doughnut, the tutorial below may come in handy as well .

How To Make A Braided Bun – Quick Tutorial

Step by step instructions on making a braided bun

How To Make A Bun – Step by Step


The Products We Used: Hair Donut, Brush, Comb, Gel, Clear Hair elastic, Hair Pins and Bobby Pins

step 1 : Add Gel To Hair :

This is a modern gel for us, but we wanted to try it out. If you have a favorite hair gel to put your hair’s-breadth up, I would love to hear about it. We were headed out to dinner after this, and she did not want her hair as slicked back as we typically do for a performance or a dancing rival. I tend to apply gel more heavily to the front, sides and underneath the haircloth in back, to help prevent flyaways .

step 2 : put option Hair Up Into Ponytail

Brush hair up into a ponytail based on the type of bun you would like to have. High ponytail for a eminent bun, in the middle of the back of the oral sex for a bun that is straight back and lower for a low bun. My dancer prefers a high gear bun so that is what we will be demonstrating in this tutorial. For her ponytail, I use the clear elastic bands you can get at Sally ’ s Beauty Supply. They are cheap and hold up well, but during competition season, I only use them once and then toss them at the end of the day .

step 3 : pull Ponytail Through Hair Donut

Slide the ponytail up through the center of the fix in the hair doughnut creating a cringle. Continue to pull the hair all the manner through the doughnut until the doughnut is at the establish of the ponytail .
hairwithhairdonut2 howtomakeabunhairdonut2

footfall 4 : Let Hair Fall and Cover Hair Donut

Tilt your dancer ’ second mind fore and pull the ponytail straight up and allow the hair to fall over the doughnut covering all sides. When buying a hair’s-breadth doughnut, make certain to buy one as close to the color of your dancer ’ mho hair as potential so it will blend nicely if it is not covered completely .

footstep 5 : Cover The Hair and Donut with an elastic Hair Band

We use clear elastics for this, but you may use a regular hair tie if you prefer .

once the elastic is on, I pull the extra hair down sol I can see how a lot I have to pin around the bun. I take minor strands of hair then eddy, envelop and procure with bobby pins around the bun .
For class, we fair hairspray and go like this, adding gel to the sides if necessary .
For Dance Competitions and Performances, we add a hair net and hairpins.

step 6 : cover With a Hair net income

I cover the bun with the hair net income then kink and wrap the remaining net over the bun and secure the end with bobby pins .

footfall 7 : add Hairpins to Secure the Bun

Insert hairpins into hair and doughnut to secure. typically I insert the pin in a down gesture and then push back up. This seems to work better than just sticking the hairpin straight into the bun .

The Finished Product – Spray with hairspray and your dancer will be performance quick !

Do you have a favorite hair merchandise you use when styling your dancer ’ second hair ?

Additional accessories early dance moms have found to be helpful – dry shampoo, corkscrew bobby pins, and hair extensions to create a bigger bun .

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