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If you want to have a healthy libyan islamic fighting group tree, then learning how to prune a fig tree is a must. Fig trees are a great to grow in a pot, freestanding in a garden or espaliered against a wall, their fan-like leaves add a touch of Mediterranean elegance to any garden, patio or court. ‘Figs need a warm, south-facing wall, as sun is vital for ripening. Water well through summer and feed as the fruits develop, ‘ advises PL gardening adept, Leigh Clapp .

How to prune a fig tree – where to start

While it is not necessity to prune your fig tree, particularly when its more mature, doing so in the early years can encourage it to produce more fruit and cultivate a more aesthetically pleasing tree.

‘Figs are produced each growth season on old wood ( branches produced the previous season ). so, to produce more fruit in future seasons you need more branches, ‘ advises Brent Wilson from Wilson Bros Gardens. Close-up of figs on the fig tree ( effigy accredit : Getty Images )

How to prune a fig tree if you have a young tree

You can prune young trees into a fan human body by pinching out every other unseasoned inject. ‘Wait until late winter to prune, but before new growth begins to emerge in early spring, ‘ advises Brent Wilson from Wilson Bros Gardens. ( image credit : Getty Images )

How to prune a fig tree if you have a mature tree

( trope credit rating : Peter Chatterton ) Fig trees can grow up to 3m improbable and 4m wide, so it ‘s critical that you prune your mature libyan islamic fighting group tree to keep it accomplishable, specially if it ‘s been planted in the ground. Plus, fig trees produce their yield on one year previous forest, indeed by pruning the erstwhile forest you can encourage its fruit. There are three cardinal seasons that you must consider when learning how to prune a figure tree .

  • EARLY SPRING – remove any branches that are crossing or rubbing. ‘select 4 to 6 of the strongest branches growing from the main trunks to be your fruiting wood and prune away the rest. Be sure to stagger them around the trunk,’ advises Brent Wilson from Wilson Bros Gardens, ‘then remove any secondary branches (shoots growing off the main branches) that are growing at less than a 45 degree angle from the main branches’. 
  • It is important that any significant pruning happens during the trees dormant period as fig trees bleed a white sap. The larger the incision the more they bleed and an excess of bleeding will weaken, or even kill, the tree. The bleeding is less significant during the dormant period and pruning now will limit the damage.
  • EARLY SUMMER – pinch the tips off any shoots that have grown five leaves, this will encourage the tree to divert its energy from growth to fruit production and ripening.
  • FALL – remove any ripe figs. ‘Figs are ripe when the stalk bends and the hanging fruit produces a droplet of sugar on the base,’ advises PL gardening expert, Leigh Clapp.

( double credit : Getty Images )

How do you prune an overgrown fig tree?

If your libyan islamic fighting group tree has gotten out of bridge player, or possibly you ‘ve inherited a ignored tree when you moved into a new house, then knowing how to prune a fig tree is a must .

  • In summer look at the tree and identify any branches that look bare or are only producing fruit at their tips. Mark these with a small amount of paint so that you can remember which ones to remove come the time to prune.
  • Wait until the dormant season, late winter or early spring before starting to prune. This will limit the amount of sap that the tree bleeds and so will reduce the damage that the pruning might cause.
  • Start by removing any suckers – the small branches that grow low-down near the trunk of the tree. 
  • Then remove any dead or diseased wood, you may have highlighted some of this when you assessed the tree in the summer, this will give you a better understanding of exactly what you are working with.
  • From here you can remove up to 25 per cent of the tree, starting with the branches you highlighted in the summer. When cutting back large branches, leave little stumps, around an inch long as this will encourage the fig tree to put out new growth. This new growth will carry figs the following year.
  • Be warned that pruning an overgrown tree might reduce your fig yield for the first year, but after that you’ll have delicious figs and a beautiful tree.

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How to prune a fig tree into an espalier

Did you know that you can train your libyan islamic fighting group tree into an espalier ? An espalier is a tree, normally a fruit tree, that has been trained to grow directly against a wall, normally supported on a wicket framework. The remainder heat emitted from the wall can encourage the fruit to ripen. If you want to grow your libyan islamic fighting group corner into an espalier, then the pruning method is fairly exchangeable, you plainly tie your tree to a lattice model on the wall. Lucy Chamberlain, Amateur Gardening ‘s Fruit & Veg expert suggests :

  • Taking out unwanted growth before cutting off any large, framework branches that are too tall.
  • Weaving or tying in straggly shoots.
  • Tying in young branches (around 1in thick) horizontally as framework stems or cutting them out entirely. 
  • Splaying out branches – to ensure sunlight can penetrate the canopy to ripen fruit.
  • Cutting out damaged branches.

( visualize citation : Getty Images )

When should fig trees be pruned?

‘Figs are best pruned in March or April after the worst frosts have passed, all dead and diseased wood should be removed. ‘ says Sue Sanderson of Thompson & Morgan. This way the frosts will not be able to cause damage to the wounds left by pruning but the establish will however be dormant enough to cope with the pruning. Fig trees bleed a white sap when they are cut, if you are cutting big branches it is significant to the health of the tree that it is dormant when you do.
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Can you over prune a fig tree?

Yes, you can over prune a fig corner but they are quite resilient thus should n’t suffer excessively greatly from a more aggressive pruning so retentive as you do indeed in the abeyant period. Avoid pruning more than 25 per cent of the over all tree in a individual year to keep it goodly. besides if you cut off excessively a lot of this year ‘s growth, it will reduce the measure of figs the tree will produce adjacent class, as the figs grow on the former year ‘s growth.

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