Increasing Breast Milk Supply – Power Pumping

The benefits for babies of breastfeeding have been well documented and in holocene times, significant health benefits for women have besides been uncovered. however, despite their best efforts, many women experience issues with humble supply .
Power pumping
Because breasts work on the principle of add and necessitate, using a breast pump is often commend. regular pumping delivers to the brain a ‘ shuffle more milk ! ’ message and can be very effective in increasing provision. however, despite regular pump sessions, many women do not see results as cursorily or deoxyadenosine monophosphate effectively as they had hoped. Enter office pump !

What is power pumping?

might pump is a proficiency that involves mimicking the frequent run of a baby experiencing a growth spurt. During these times your baby ’ mho more vigorous, more frequent and longer suckling triggers an increase release of prolactin from the pituitary gland – the ‘ make more milk ! ’ message.

How do I power pump?

ability pump is not a surrogate for regular breast pump to increase supply. rather, power pump is intended to boost your progress by replacing one regular pumping session with a strategically designed alternate. It works by repeatedly emptying the front, signalling the soundbox to make more milk, more promptly .
To power pump, pick one hour each day or night ( eg. 7 am every dawn ) and use the trace pump model :

  1. Pump for 20 minutes; rest 10 minutes
  2. Pump another 10 minutes; rest for 10 minutes
  3. Pump again for 10 minutes; finish

This provides 40 minutes of pumping in a 60 minute period. At other times during the day, use act pump. Some women find implementing power pumping on three straight days or nights is sufficient, while others may power pump for up to seven straight days to get results .

When will I see results?

Some women begin producing supernumerary milk within 48 hours of finishing one motorbike. other women may not start to see results for up to a week indeed wear ’ metric ton be discouraged if it takes a little longer. The cardinal is doggedness .

Power Pumping Boot Camp!

Some women may find it more effective, both from time management and milk product perspective, to concentrate their efforts and have a exponent pumping weekend. Some lactation consultants refer to this as a ‘ Power Pumping Boot Camp. ’

power Pumping Boot Camp involves using the world power pumping traffic pattern at each pumping session for a couple of days before returning to routine pumping. many women find aiming for four sessions a day for two days effective. Given sleep is precisely adenine crucial to breast milk production as pump, do not get up to exponent pump during the night .
Power pumping using a double pump kit

How do I keep track of the time during power pumping?

The obvious answers would seem to be, have a clock handy or use an alarm. however both gloomy provision and pump can be nerve-racking, and clock watch or fiddling with an alarm may make the experience evening more so. Timekeeping strategies which are not quite so accurate time-wise but might be less nerve-racking and ultimately more effective include :

  • Watching a favourite TV program, pumping during the commercials and resting during the show
  • Watching a movie, pumping through one scene and resting during the next
  • Listening to music, pumping during two songs and resting during the next two
  • Reading a book placing your bookmark four to six pages ahead – pump until you reach it and then move it ahead and rest until you reach it again

Are there any other ways to increase success?

As mentioned, pumping can be nerve-racking and uncomfortable. possibly the key to making any pump seance better ( world power or regular ) is to ensure you are vitamin a comfortable as possible. see you have a comfortable place to sit and to put your feet up. Have a rug handy if the upwind is cool and a fan if it is ardent. Have your breast pump close at pass and quick to go, and a bottle of water handy as drinking water is essential to producing front milk. Try to view the time as an opportunity to sit down and slow down rather than another job that must be completed.

What sort of breast pump should I use?

It is authoritative to consider the effectiveness of the style of breast pump used. Electric breast pumps are generally more effective than hand-held pumps, specially where the pump is designed to mimic the changes in length, forte and frequency of suction generated by a baby .
High-quality electric breast pumps can be expensive to buy. however, Ameda Elite Hospital Grade Breast Pumps are available for unretentive or long term to hire from Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond to mothers throughout Australia .
Revised 5th September 2020

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