How to Post a Story on Instagram

Time-limited Instagram stories are a great marketing tool for building a brand, or they can be fun for just sharing moments with friends and family. here ‘s how to post a story on Instagram and share it with others .

information in this article applies to the Instagram app for Android and io.

What Is an Instagram Story ?

Instagram stories are photos or short video recording clips that disappear after 24 hours ( unless you add them to your profile as a highlight ). Unlike regular posts, stories lack certain features like social media buttons and gloss sections. It ‘s possible to repost Instagram stories you ‘re tagged in provided the original post horse enables sharing. You can even live flow Instagram Stories using the Instagram Live Video feature. Users who have 10,000 or more followers can add links to their Instagram Stories .

For more information, the Instagram web site has an across-the-board FAQ page about Instagram stories. You can only post one Instagram history at a time. When you add a new one, the former one is mechanically archived.

How to Make an Instagram history

To share photos and videos as a history on Instagram :

  1. launch Instagram and swipe right to access the camera or tap the Plus sign ( + ) picture and scroll to Story .

  2. Tap the circle to snap a photograph, or pat and hold to record a television .
    Swipe up on the riddle if you want to choose a photograph or television from your device ‘s gallery .
  3. Use the tools at the top to add doodles, textbook, filters, or stickers .
    An Instagram user creates a new story

  4. Tap Your Story ( or Your Stories ) at the buttocks of the screen to post the photograph or video recording to your narrative .

  5. At the peak of your feed, tap Your Story to view your post. If you want to keep the floor after 24 hours, tap Highlight under your story .
    An Instagram user adds a photo to their story

Where Do Instagram Stories Appear ?

Whenever you post an Instagram history, a band appears around your profile photograph. When other users tap your profile picture, they see your narrative. But your narrative is n’t visible on your profile grid. Stories appear at the top of your feed .

If you see a supporter ‘s profile picture, tap it to view their narrative. Your profile picture appears at the peak of your friends ‘ feeds american samoa well as following to your posts and steer messages. If your fib includes a hashtag or geotag, it shows up in searches unless you make your Instagram report private .

How to Delete an Instagram report

To delete your current report on Instagram :

  1. Tap Your Story on your feed .

  2. Tap More .

  3. Tap Delete .
    The steps to follow to delete an Instagram story.

How to Delete an Instagram Story From Your archive

once an Instagram history expires, it remains in your archive for your eyes only ( unless you highlighted it or shared it elsewhere ). To permanently delete the fib :

  1. Tap your profile picture at the bottom of your prey.

  2. Tap the hamburger menu .

  3. Tap Archive .
    The steps to take to access your Instagram story archive.

  4. Tap the history you wish to delete .

  5. Tap More .

  6. Tap Delete .
    How to delete a story from the Instagram stories archive.
    When you delete a floor from the archive, it ‘s besides deleted from your highlights and anywhere else you shared it .

How to Share an Instagram history

It ‘s possible to contribution Instagram stories you ‘ve previously posted from your archive :

  1. Tap your profile picture at the bottom of your feed .

  2. Tap the hamburger menu .

  3. Tap Archive .

  4. Tap the report you wish to share .

  5. Tap Share at the penetrate of the screen .

  6. Tap Your Story, or tap Send to if you want to plowshare it with person .
    The steps to take to share a story from the Instagram stories archive.

How to Add to an Instagram report

Before you parcel a report, you have the option to add stickers, text, and other elements. If you tap the sticker picture while editing your narrative, you see a crowd of extra options. For exemplar, you can add music, tag your placement, or even create a quiz. To add a selfie poser, scroll down the stickers page and tap the camera .

You can adjust the size of the stickers you place by pinching the blind. You can besides swipe leave and right to hertz through filters. It ‘s besides possible to pin stickers and textbook to moving elements in a video. After placing your text or gummed label, tapdance and hold the screen door until you see Pin at the penetrate of the screen, then tap the object in the video you want to pin it to .

Screenshots of sticker options for Instagram stories.
You can add hashtags as stickers or text. Either direction, the hashtag is searchable when person taps on it.

How to Add a Tweet to Your Instagram Story

As sociable media tools become more integrated, there ‘s more crossover between social channels. For example, if you ‘re using the io Twitter app and the io Instagram app, you can add a Twitter mail you like directly to your Instagram history.

Find the Twitter post you like and tap on the tweet. then, select the Share picture and choose Instagram Stories. The pinch will be added to your Instagram Story just like any early photograph or video .

Adding a Tweet to your Instagram story

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