How to Plant Flowers: Organic Gardening with Kids

Learn what you need to plant flowers, how to prepare a garden bed, and how to plant flowers in the ground with the step by step spring flower tutorial. Also includes easy tips for parents to teach children how to garden.

Gardening with kids is a capital way to spend time connecting with your children teaching them the basics of plant manage. Learn how to get children in the garden helping and teach them how to plant flowers with the easy dance step by step spring flower organic garden tutorial !
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Young child planting and watering flowers

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What do you need to plant flowers?

You will need gardening tools, flowers, potting land, and containers, pots or a garden bed to plant in .
The demand supplies you need will depend on where you want to plant your flowers, the type of flowers that you want to plant, and, if you will be using organic territory amendments rather of synthetic fertilizers .
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Gardening Tools and Supplies to Plant Flowers

Organic Soil Amendments for Spring Flowers

Dirt is dead while the dirty is animated and rich in nutrients. It is crucial to add amendments to the dirty so that it has enough nutrients in it to grow flowers .
Miracle grow is not organic. It is a synthetic fertilizer made with chemicals that we choose not to use. We use the follow organic dirty amendments rather .

  • Fresh organic compost [can be purchased if you don’t make your own compost.]
  • Bone meal
  • Blood meal
  • Soil ph tester
  • Sulfur pellets/granules for soil that is too alkaline (high pH). You need to address the pH of your soil because plants can not take up nutrients they need unless the soil is in the proper range. If the soil is too alkaline your flowers will not grow well.

You can pick up these organic garden supplies at your favorite local anesthetic nursery. They are just as easy to use as chemical fertilizers, and, are then much better for your plants, and our land .

Spring Flowers

  • Start your own flower seeds in advance, or, pick up flower starts from your favorite local nursery to plant.

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Best Way to Plant Flowers Step by Step Tutorial

My daughter and I are fortunate adequate to have an excellent model to learn from angstrom far as organic garden goes .
My beget has an amaze organic permaculture garden complete with over 30 varieties of yield trees and bushes and lots of garden beds for vegetables .
Learn how to establish flowers with your children with the footprint by footfall by mistreat jump bloom gardening tutorial she put together for us. gradation by step written directions can be found below the photograph tutorial .
How to plant flowers step by step photo collage
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Step 1 – Gather gardening tools and supplies needed to plant flowers

Spend some time deciding the type of flowers that you want to establish and where you will plant them .
adjacent, get the organic gardening supplies you need at your local greenhouse. Don ’ metric ton forget to purchase a few gardening containers or flower pots if you do not have a garden layer to plant in .
Use the organic gardening provide list that we have provided above. It ’ second besides a good theme to ask a knowing staff member at your local greenhouse for serve .

Step 2 – Prepare the soil to plant flowers

Pull out weeds and use a hand cultivator , digging fork , cultivating tool , or soil tiller . You want to mix and turn the peak 6-18″ of the land .
The claim dig astuteness will depend on the type and size of flowers that you are planting. Read the instructions that come with your flowers and ask the staff at your local greenhouse for assistant .

How we prepared our garden bed to plant flowers

My beget used the grok fork, I used the hired hand agriculturist, and my daughter “ helped ” with a flick rake. We modeled the work and she picked up a leaf rake to join us .
Of course, a leaf graze is not an effective tool for cultivating a garden bed. It was the echoic action that was authoritative for my 2-year-old at this stage in her memorize .
Using a real cultivator would have been excessively street fighter for a toddler. Allow your children to experience success as a helper and they will be more probably to continue .
What ’ s most crucial is allowing children to watch you work and inviting them to help. If they decide to help, encourage your child ’ south efforts and thank them for helping. For more tips check out 15 ways to raise a helper .

Step 3 – Add soil amendments to a flower bed or containers

We added a generous aspersion of bone meal , blood meal , and sulfur pellets to the dirt in our garden bed .

Step 4 – Add compost or organic gardening soil and mix into a flower bed or containers

Add a generous amount of homemade compost and/or organic gardening soil to your flower bed ( or container ) and use your garden rake and/or cultivators to mix it in.

Make room and allow your children to help. They just might push you out of the means. Make it look fun and they are certain to take away your tools screeching, “ I want to do it ” like our daughter did–lol !
Speaking of tools. Tools are charming objects for children. If you want your children to help out more around the family and garden give them their own tools .

Step 5 – Break up large dirt clods by hand before planting flowers

Give this job to the kids. Playing in the dirt is a great sensory activity for the developing child. Children love to break up bombastic dirt clods in a flower sleep together with their hands before plant .

Step 6 – Place the flower in the ground to plant it

This simple dance step by footfall bloom planting tutorial will help you get started .

Best way to plant flowers in the ground:

  • Dig a small hole with a gardening trowel.
  • Loosen the root ball of the plant.
  • Place the plant in the hole.
  • Cover the root ball with dirt and tuck it in. To tuck the flower in, gently press the plant down into the earth.
  • Repeat until you are finished planting flowers.

How to plant a flower step by step

Invite children to help plant flowers

I felt like a proud ma when my daughter grabbed a trowel and began digging a fix after she watched my mother plant the foremost flower. Her grandma made it look so fun she couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect to get her hands on the trowel .
I was blown away by how finely she handled each flower sweeping the dirt gently up around each solution ball. She planted a sum of five flowers “ all by herself ! ”

Step 7 – Water flowers

Water the flowers in order to finish planting them. This is a great job for the kids. Children love to help with water !
Pssst… Don ’ t tell your children to water the flowers. That ’ s the quickest manner to lose your little helper!
just start watering the flowers yourself and I ’ ll bet your kids will come to steal the hose away from you deoxyadenosine monophosphate quickly as mine does. I could scantily get the water system on before my daughter screamed, “ I want to do it ! ”
Shhh… It ’ ll be our little clandestine 😉

Step 8 – Clean up gardening tools and supplies

space weeds in your compost or green bin, clean tools right away, and then put them away. Teach children that planting is not finished until all of the garden tools are cleaned and put away .
beneficial garden habits start young !
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Gardening with Kids: How to Teach Children How to Garden

Young children are naturally counterfeit creatures. They learn best by watching others as opposed to being told what to do .
The best way to teach children how to garden is to allow them to watch you and invite them to help when allow. Kids love to imitate the “ veridical work ” that they see the adults around them doing, and gardening is no exception .
Act as a function mannequin for how “ work ” is done while making room for your children to help. No pushing or cajoling or they might not ever want to join you. Simply allow your child to join in the work when they are cook .
Make it look fun and agitate and your child may jump in presence of you saying, “ I want to do it ” just like my 2.5-year-old daughter does. Your child may besides decide to wander off and do their own thing rather of helping. This is as it should be .
Open the space to allow them to join in whenever they felt like it. If your child decides to help, encourage their efforts and thank them for helping. For more tips check out 15 ways to raise a helper .
My daughter is last reaching the age where she helps from starting signal to finish. The best separate ? She ’ randomness learning to share the oeuvre and enjoy the fruits of her labors with the rest of us… Because she wants to, not because she has to .
Her favorite gardening project is her fairy garden. Click on the link to learn how to make your own !
Young child planting a flower in an outdoor garden bed.
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Organic Flower Gardening Tips

Learn how to plant organic flowers with your children with these constituent garden tips .
You may besides enjoy learning how to plant a tree  or this collection of fun spring activities for kids .
Learn more about Rhythms of Play HERE!

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