Learn How to Paint with Over 50 Free Painting Videos on YouTube!

Have you ever lost track of fourth dimension watching painting tutorials on YouTube ? I know I have ! And I ’ ve found some very perplex paint video I ’ d like to plowshare .
today I ’ molarity going to list over 50 of the best “ how to paint ” videos that I ’ ve watched in the last few weeks. I ’ ll begin with the videos that apply to all paint mediums, and then partake several videos for specific mediums ( acrylic, oil, gouache, etc ). Enjoy !Quick announcement – EmptyEasel has created a quicker, easier way for artists to have their own art website. EmptyEasel has created a Click here to learn more and get a elementary art web site of your own !

Painting Videos for All Mediums

1. The Biggest Art Mistakes in Drawing & Painting

Jared Cullum shares the biggest mistakes he made when learning to paint and that he sees among the students to his workshops .
10 minutes

2. Five Visual Design Elements to Improve Any Painting
Click here to watch on YouTube
Mark Mehaffey shares five tips on creating better compositions. This television is a clip from his DVD watercolour workshop, but distillery contains valuable information for all artists .
10 minutes

3. How to Find Your Own Oil Painting Style
Click here to watch on YouTube
Steve Atkinson of Draw Paint Repeat talks about finding your own paint style while he paints a rockscape from a photograph reference. The paint is in oils, but the artist ’ s comments on finding your painting stylus apply equally well to acrylic painting, watercolour paint, and any other art medium .
22 minutes

4. How to paint LANDSCAPES with DEPTH using Atmospheric PERSPECTIVE!

Learn how to accurately paint atmospheric position with painter Andrew Tischler by balancing tones, values, and color .
22 minutes

5. Gouache Tutorial: 12 Tips for Painting from Life
Click here to watch on YouTube
James Gurney shares 12 tips for artists who paint from life and choose subjects that move a bunch as he does three immediate sketches. The medium is gouache, but most of the tips apply to about any medium, however, and any topic .
9 minutes

Acrylic Painting Videos

6. Ten mistakes beginners make in Acrylic Painting – Painting Tips with Lachri
Click here to watch on YouTube
Lisa Clough of Lachri Fine Art talks about the ten-spot mistakes she sees most frequently among her students. She besides shares ways to overcome those mistakes or avoid them altogether. Lisa is a multi-media artist with many excellent tutorial television on paint animals, calm lifes, and other subjects in acrylics .
21 minutes

7. Five Tips You Should Always Do When Using Acrylic Paint Clive5Art
Click here to watch on YouTube
now that you ’ ve seen what you shouldn ’ t do when painting with acrylics, how about five tips on things you should always do for every paint ? Each step in preparing to paint is demonstrated american samoa good as described. You can ’ thymine go wrong with these tips .
12 minutes

8. Acrylic Painting Techniques – Light & Shade (Part 1 of 2)

Will Kemp of Will Kemp Art School demonstrates painting form with a elementary hush life sentence study of an apple. Kemp starts with toning the poll, then paints a uncut under paint, develops detail, and finally adds glazes for the finish up touches to paint an apple study in a classical vogue. There are two videos in the series .
separate 1 : 23 minutes
part 2 : 5 minutes

9. Painting a Realistic Sunset in Acrylics
Click here to watch on YouTube
Wildlife and landscape painter Chuck Black paints a naturalistic sunset using acrylics in this real-time, fully narrated video recording. He uses a express palette of six colors, so you can see how he mixes colors for this vibrant paint. The video is long, over two hours, but it ’ second packed with information, tips, background and early information along with a materials and supplies list ( in the description. ) An ideal plan to paint along with .
2 hours, 17 minutes

10. Realistic Painting Tips – How to Paint Fur

besides from Chuck Black is this video recording about painting realistic fur in acrylics. His video includes how he composed his paint from assorted reference photos, a well as bit-by-bit descriptions of painting fur. He used oils over acrylics for part of this television but doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bespeak when he switched. however, he used the same colors and brushing methods for both, so you could well do a completely acrylic ( or oil ) paint using his painting method .
18 minutes

11. “Playing the Sun” is the Best Summer Landscape, Acrylic
Click here to watch on YouTube
Yushkevich Viktor Nikolaevich is a russian realist landscape painter. The television is an unnarrated time backsliding, but you can see how he paints an extremely realistic landscape with clouds, hills, and water from a photograph. The degree of naturalism he creates makes this video recording not only enlightening, but enjoyable to watch if you love platonism or landscapes .
29 minutes

12. How to Paint Tropical Water – Paint Recipes with Mark Waller
Click here to watch on YouTube
A quick paint exercise for acrylic painters. Mark Waller paints tropical water system with sunlight shining on the sand under the water. I ’ thousand warning you ! Mark ’ south methods are deceptively slowly looking. This video is included in this number even though it is “ just a painting exercise, ” because there are so many great videos in the Explore Acrylics collection. Most of them are very short, fun to watch, and packed with invaluable data for artists working in acrylics .
10 minutes

Gouache Painting Videos

13. My Top 5 Gouache Tips! Gouache for Beginners
Click here to watch on YouTube
What five things do you need to know before you begin painting with gouache ? Watch this short video to learn more about paint, brushes, and more .
14 minutes

14. How to Use Gouache//Tutorial for Beginners – Tea to Butter Method

interested in learning gouache ? Mary Sanche ’ s fifteen-minute television provides basic information on diluting the key, laying down an under painting, and layering rouge for saturation and detail. The artist besides makes suggestions on when to use opaque color and when to leave areas more crystalline .
16 minutes
How to Use Gouache//Tutorial for Beginners – Tips for Painting Gradient Washes is an excellent follow-up television by the lapp artist. Mary besides has several tutorial videos on using gouache for landscapes, birds, and some inanimate objects ( armor, bones, and more. )

15. Gouache Techniques: Tiling, Grisaille, and Mid-Tone Methods
Click here to watch on YouTube
Hajra Meeks shares three methods of painting with gouache. She besides talks about some of the differences between gouache and other mediums such as watercolors and oils .
9 minutes

16. Gouache Painting of the First Tomato Sandwich of the Summer!
Click here to watch on YouTube
See how artist Carol Pascale paints a still animation with gouache. Carol narrates bit-by-bit from a basic sketch to the finished painting. She includes the names of the colors she uses, talks about what she ’ s doing at each stage and why, and shares tips on painting measure and light and tail. The video description besides includes a list of supplies .
17 minutes

17. Gouache Painting Tutorial: James Gurney’s 25 Tips for Sketching Architecture

Artist James Gurney paints an old house using gouache over a casein under paint. The television is not bit-by-bit, but the artist incorporates tips for gouache artists into his video. The demonstration paint was painted en plein air out, so you besides get glimpses of Gurney ’ s outdoor set up .
12 minutes

18. Gouache Painting Girl Portraits

Fine Art Academy is a YouTube channel dedicated to chinese artists of all types. The artist in this television is nameless. There is no narrative ; precisely an artist, a model, and a portrait in advancement. But the video is about in real time from the initial sketched brush strokes to the end touches. Watch closely and you ’ ll notice a few unorthodox uses of paint and brushes .
58 minutes

19. Painting – Plein Air Gouache Demonstration
Click here to watch on YouTube
Artist Aaron Blaise brings over twenty years of experience as a Disney animator to painting a landscape on localization, talking about what he ’ mho doing and why through every step of the serve. He shares general tips on writing and paint a well as specific tips on using gouache .
30 minutes

20. Working Through Mistakes: Avocado Lemon Still Life Gouache Tools and Painting Demo
Click here to watch on YouTube
Jared Cullum is a comics and fib illustrator by trade, but paints a still biography in this video. As he paints, he talks about choosing his capable, tools and tips, and how to work through mistakes .
14 minutes .

21. How to Paint with Gouache – Tutorial
Click here to watch on YouTube
Illustrator Tim Dowling demonstrates his drawing march from initial concept to finished influence. The television includes tips on mixing gouache, layer, shading, framing a musical composition, and more .
7 minutes

Oil Painting Videos

22. Oil Painting for Beginners Part 1 – Basic Techniques + Step by Step Demonstration 

Florent Farges covers the basics of oil painting beginning with reasons to try anoint painting alternatively of watercolour or other painting mediums. Florent besides shares opinions about why oil painting is perceived to be complicated, and why that doesn ’ thyroxine have to be true. The television besides includes a demonstration on painting a human eye in a realistic style .
29 minutes

23. Oil Painting Tips – Tutorial with Step-by-Step Information
Click here to watch on YouTube
This real-time video features Flemish artist, Martijn Versteeg ( Figurative Hyperrealism ) painting a bridge player discipline on newspaper. The video is captioned with color information, mixing suggestions, and other tips from his pallette and color mixing methods to paint application and shading .
16 minutes

24. How to Paint Portraits: Episode One Russell Petherbridge’s Portrait

Andrew Tischler paints an oil cartoon from biography, then develops a studio apartment portrayal based on that sketch and photograph of his model. He describes the think behind his painting method, color choices, and correcting a portrait that goes wide. This video recording is the first base in a series of seven videos in The Great Art Adventure series. Subjects range from Tischler ’ s life-like portraits to birds, landscapes from New Zealand and seascapes from the west coast of Australia .
17 minutes

25. Full Oil Painting Tutorial – How to Paint a Dog in Oils
Click here to watch on YouTube
Carole Rodrique paints a naturalistic frank portrait with oils. The video recording is a desegregate of real-time and time-lapse, but Carole narrates from beginning to end. She shares tips on the tools and supplies she uses, angstrom well as transferring her drawing, and developing a portrait from the initial color block-in to final details .
2 hours, 42 minutes

26. The Illusion of Detail
Click here to watch on YouTube

Artist Stuart Davies ’ favorite subject to paint is dramatic skies and he does so on unusual art supports ( normally plywood ) using unusual tools ( house painter ’ mho brushes. ) In this video, he shows and tells how to paint a dramatic flip filled with lights and darks, and the accompanying landscape. The video is filled with tips, tricks, and much more .
54 minutes

27. I Paint Three Peaches – Painting Demo

Mark Carder demonstrates his try to paint a particular texture—peach fuzz—using a express palette. He besides discusses the importance of getting values right and color mixing to create the count of texture without actually painting surface details .
38 minutes

28. In Fangorn Forest – Palette Knife | Brush Oil Painting – Wet on Wet

Perth, Australia artist Dusan Malobabic uses a palette knife and brush to paint an impressionist forest picture. The video is time lapse with some real-time to show Malobabic ’ s methods of rouge application and handling on a black canvas tent .
23 minutes

29. How to Paint a Seascape, Part 1

In this video, Michael James Smith begins the summons of painting a belittled beach scene with a bankrupt beckon. The video recording is largely real-time with teaching and descriptions of what he changed from his mention and why he made those changes .
18 minutes

And How to Paint a Seascape, Part 2

Click here to watch on YouTube

31. Oil Painting Time Lapse | “Journey to the Sun” | NASA Inspired Art
Click here to watch on YouTube
Lena Danya shares her experiences with a stumble to NASA to see a rocket launch, and then paint a space scene featuring a close up of the sun. The painting assign of the video recording is time relapse, but Lena talks both about her visit, the background of the detail event she attended, and her large plate paint. Lena ’ s painting serve is of big interest, but of even greater sake to artists should be how her rage for her subject led her into the “ center of things. ” What ’ s your passion ?
14 minutes

31. Portrait Painting Tutorial | Breaking The Rules

In this portrayal painting video, the artist tackles the painting action in a different manner, beginning without first sketching his capable. Throughout the video recording, he talks about the paint action, but besides about the importance of understanding the principles of painting so you can efficaciously break the rules .
1 hour, 38 minutes

Watercolor Painting Videos

32. Try These 2 Simple Tricks for Easy Watercolor Clouds
Click here to watch on YouTube
Artist Steve Mitchell of The Mind of Watercolor shares two identical easy ways to paint clouds with watercolor. These techniques are ideal for adding a flip to complex landscapes and/or to paint skies and clouds en plein air .
17 minutes

33. Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners | Wet into Wet | Art Journal Thursday, Episode 39
Click hera to Watch on YouTube
Learn three ways to use the wet-into-wet method acting of watercolour painting to create small studies. They are great paint exercises for mixing water and watercolour, no topic what your level of expertness .
9 minutes

34. 12 Watercolor Hacks You Need to Know
Click hera to watch on YouTube
Kirsty Partridge shares 12 hacks to take your watercolor work to the next grade. You may already know about—and use—some of them, but you ’ re besides certain to learn something new to improve your watercolor paint .
16 minutes

35. How to Paint a Realistic Retriever Dog in Watercolor

Rebecca Rhodes shows how she paints a realistic looking frump portrayal in this real-time video recording with captions .
28 minutes

36. Understanding Watercolor’s Hard Edge Personality
Click here to watch on YouTube
Why does watercolor make such hard edges ? Why do pale washes frequently dry with a dark edge ? Steve Mitchell from The Mind of Watercolor answers those questions and other about the nature of watercolor, watercolour edges, and how to avoid them and remove them .
15 minutes

37. Keeping Washes Clean and Colorful in Watercolor

Laurel Hart paints a model in an outdoor setting with strong light using watercolor. The focus of this video is creating houseclean, colorful washes, but it includes the artist describing the changes she made in her reference photograph, the respect sketch she started with, and some of the tools she uses for her paintings .
59 minutes

38. Kanta Harusaki Watercolor
Click to watch on YouTube
A quick video featuring a lull water scene with a boat painted in watercolor. I include this television despite it ’ s not being narrated or having much extra information because some of the methods used to blend are unique and playfulness to watch .
7 minutes

39. Cold-Day Watercolor Sketching from my Car Demonstration
Click to watch on YouTube
If you think everything has to be arrant before you paint, you need to watch this short video. artist Jared Cullum takes advantage of a snatch of time to paint from his cable car on a cold day. even missing some basic supplies, he creates a landscape discipline in a watercolor journal in about half an hour .
8 minutes

40. Using Neutral Tint // Grisaille Watercolor Techniques

Lindsay Weirich, The Frugal Crafter, demonstrates using watercolor with a grisaille under painting, a method acting more normally associated with vegetable oil paint. Her subject is a hush life with glass, so you can besides see how she paints reflections and guileless objects. This was primitively published as a live stream, so it ’ randomness quite long .
1 hour, 22 minutes

Egg Tempera Painting Videos

41. Egg Tempera from Start to Finish by Fergus A. Ryan
Click to watch on YouTube
Fergus A. Ryan describes the summons of painting with egg tempera paints. The video begins with a brief history of egg tempera paint, includes Ryan ’ s methods for making his own paint and gesso, then follows him through the painting process .
23 minutes

42. Colin Fraser artworks in Egg Tempera

Colin Fraser talks about his work, his working methods, and the motivations of an artist. He besides talks about his chosen metier, its drawbacks and its paybacks. This is not a tutorial television, but it is an inspiring one, no matter what medium you prefer .
11 minutes

Casein Painting Videos

43. Casein Painting in the Wild
Click to watch on YouTube
This curtly video recording is a preview for a much more involved television serial by artist James Gurney. It was not my purpose to include “ sales videos ” but there ’ s adequate information in the trailers to introduce you to casein paints and casein painting if you ’ re not already companion with it. Gurney besides has many other casein painting video in his Casein Painting playlist. Each video recording addresses some aspect of painting in general and casein paint paint specifically. Length ranges from 14 seconds to over 10 minutes .
4 minutes

44. Casein Quick Paint
Click to watch on YouTube
This is the inaugural in a series of short, time-lapse video recording highlighting the quick casein paint studies of Cliff Cramp. He paints in studio and on placement using casein. Videos crop in length from just under three minutes to closely five minutes, so you get a quick attend at several subjects .

45. Casein Paint Sketching Tutorial Demonstration: Vintage Radio Flyer Tricycle

Jared Loves to Draw artist Jared Cullum narrates this time-lapse casein painting presentation in casein paint .
2 minutes

46. Four-Minute Painting with Casein
Click to watch on YouTube
Don Low describes with captions over this time-lapse video how he paints an exemplification through multiple layers with casein paint .
4 minutes

Acrylic Pouring

47. Deco Art Acrylic Pouring Tips & Techniques – Lachri

Lisa Clough of Lachri Fine Art does four small acrylic pour in an art deco style. The video recording includes lots of tips and proficiency suggestions for artists who have never done acrylic decant before .
32 minutes

48. Acrylic Pouring for Beginners – Step-by-Step – Chakra Colors
Click to watch on YouTube
See how to do an acrylic decant from preparing the colors to varnishing and signing the finished painting. The video recording is largely real-time, but contains captions to describe what ’ s being done .
18 minutes

49. Acrylic Drip Painting with Syringe – You Have to Try That!
Click to watch on YouTube
See in real-time how to paint with acrylics using syringes to apply the key into wet acrylic fiber on stretch canvass. largely real-time with some enlightening caption .
6 minutes

Resin Painting

50. Resin Painting for Beginners

Learn everything you need to know about resin paint in this 17-minute television covering resins, hardeners, additives, and methods .
17 minutes

51. Easy Epoxy Resin Beach Art Using Real Sand!
Click to watch on YouTube
australian artist Sue Findley mixes actual beach backbone with clear resin to create beach art that includes the beach. The video is time-lapse, but Sue tells what she ’ south doing and why throughout the video, which includes two projects .
9 minutes


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