How to Open PDF Files Easily

Is your PDF file not opening ? Did you recently installed a new operate system on your Windows laptop and find that you ca n’t open PDF files ? This could be due to respective issues, such as the PDF lector not working by rights, or the newly installed function system having problems with the software. In this article, we ‘ll provide respective effective methods on how to open PDF file with Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor .
PDFelement is one of the best PDF editors on the grocery store for Windows because it is the dispatch solution to about every PDF related problem. apart from providing professional features like PDF editing, converting or form fill, it besides provides a great way to read, annotate, or open PDF files. If you have a form in PDF format, you can not lone open the file but can besides fill the shape and digitally augury documents using the built-in options in PDFelement .

Different Ways to Open PDF in PDFelement

With its user-friendly interface, PDFelement supports several different methods for you to open a PDF text file on your calculator quickly and easily. Read on to find out more .

Method 1. Open PDF by Drag and Drop

launch PDFelement. Select a PDF document from a folder on your computer, then dredge and dismiss it into the program interface window. The PDF document will be opened in PDFelement automatically .
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Method 2. Open PDF with “Open File” Button

You can besides open recent PDF files that are shown on the right side of the screen. If the required file does not appear, click on the “ open File ” button in the left-hand-pane to browse and select a PDF file from your calculator to open .
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Method 3. Open PDF with “File” Menu

This is the master method acting of opening PDF files in Windows. Click on the “ File ” option in the top toolbar and select “ open ”. You ‘ll be able to browse for a particular PDF file and hit the “ open ” release on the next window .
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Method 4. Set PDFelement as the Default PDF Program

Right-click on a PDF file from your computer and choose “ open With ”, then select the choice of “ Choose nonpayment platform ”. In the new dialogue window, choice PDFelement, and check the option of “ Always use the selected platform to open this kind of file ”. After completing this process, PDFelement will be the default broadcast for PDF documents on your computer. When you double-click a PDF file, it will be opened in PDFelement automatically .
how to open pdf files For the ease of users, PDFelement provides different methods to open the PDF files and PDF attachments, and you can besides highlight some text while reading the PDF file or can add a gloss at a particular place in the PDF file. From amazing stamps to different objects, you can annotate the PDF files in any possible way. similarly, there is a button to zoom in the text of a particular pipeline, and you can mark the thing using a pen option in the PDFelement .

Video on How to Open PDF Files

How to Open PDF in Adobe

Adobe Reader is one of the most normally used PDF readers, follow the steps below to use Adobe to open PDF files .

1. Install Adobe

Go to the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC web site to download and install the program on your computer .
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2. Set Adobe as the Default PDF Opener

You can follow the above lapp method acting to choose Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as the default PDF opening plan .

Other Methods to Open PDF Files

Besides the above methods to open PDF files, there are silent many early solutions to open PDF documents on Windows .

1. Open PDF in Chrome

You can besides open documents in Chrome, angstrom well as other browsers. Click here to find out how to open PDF in browsers .

2. Open PDF in Paint

You can besides open PDF documents in the Windows built-in Paint tool .

3. Open PDF in Indesign

If you are wondering how to convert a PDF charge to Indesign, pawl on the connect to access all the information you need .

Tips: Why Can’t I Open PDF Files?

If you are unable to open PDF files on Windows, we suggest updating or reinstalling the platform you used to open PDF documents. Or follow one of the methods we ‘ve outlined above if you can not open PDF files .
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