Necklace Length Chart: Find Your Size

posted 2020 Sep by GR0 You buy the necklace on-line. then, when you put it on, you discover it ’ s not the length you thought .
We all have a personal manner and sample when it comes to necklace lengths. specially if you like to layer multiple necklaces around your neck, it pays to know how different lengths will look on you .
so, how can you find out your necklace size ?

There are a few things to note before and after you measure, like your style, the outfits you want to wear, and even your face shape !
Let ’ s dive in .

Necklace Lengths and Names

Necklace Lengths What type of necklace are you looking for ?
different jewelers will have different names associated with the lengths of their necklaces, but hera is a handy steer of exchangeable sizes and names :

  • 14 ” Collar – This is a necklace that will wrap around your neck or throat .
  • 16 ” Choker – You ’ ll sometimes see this necklace type named a Bib. It will fall close to the nucleotide of your neck .
  • 17-18 ” Princess – disney or not, these necklaces normally fall against the clavicle
  • 20-24 ” Matinee – This dash normally falls in between your clavicle and the top of your flop .
  • 28-36 ” Opera – If you like lengthier necklaces, choose for the opera style which will fall slenderly below your female chest line .
  • 36-42 ” Rope – These are the long ones. They ’ rhenium mean to wrap around your neck at least doubly and can be adjusted to fall on the like level or different ones .

While this is all handy-dandy, it can all change based on how tall you are and the way your soundbox is constructed and even your body position. Fun stuff !
eminence that these names are typically associated with women ’ mho necklaces. man and children may find that they ’ ll barely have to go off of the number of inches they desire. Men typically like necklaces between 18 and 30 inches, whereas necklaces between 10 and 16 inches tend to work well for the little ones .
here ’ s a chart to help you visualize your size .
Necklace Length Chart

How to Measure Necklace Length at Home

measure yourself at home before going necklace patronize — on-line or in-store, it ’ s a good to know your numbers !
Layering Necklaces

Measuring Tape

The easiest way to measure necklace distance at home is to grab a measure record and simply wrap it around your neck. Adjust it to the length of necklace you desire and voila ! You ’ ve got it figured out now .
Make sure you are noting inches and not centimeters, FYI .

Necklaces You Own

Are you thinking of getting a necklace of similar duration to one you already have ? then lay out the one you own and bill it ! Makes sense, right ?

Ask the Jewelry Company

If you ’ re out shopping already, just ask your sales rep for avail .
They should have a measure videotape on hand to help you figure out the correct necklace length for you .

Try Necklaces On

This one is precisely what you think it is. Try a bunch together on while you chat with your BFF about the history of the necklace .

Factors to Consider for the Length of a Necklace

so now that you know your necklace length, you ’ re well to go, right ? not quite .

other factors you ’ ll want to consider before buying a necklace include your confront shape, your outfits, your altitude, and pendants.

Your Face Shape

For face shapes, view :

  • Medium-length necklaces for rounder faces ;
  • Shorter-length necklaces for more luff faces ( diamond, triangle, square, etc. ) ;
  • Choose your fave if you have an egg-shaped face !

Your Height

If you ’ re a shortie, you may want to stick to shorter chain lengths so the necklace doesn ’ triiodothyronine overwhelm your aesthetic. Or you can get a longer chain and wrapping it. Taller women have it a little easier. You can very barely cream and choose what you want without affecting your overall look besides much .

Your Outfit

You ’ re going to most likely buy a necklace with a distance that matches what you ’ rhenium putting on. For example, if you are going to the office in a button-up blouse, you may want to consider a necklace that falls above the first button you use .
If it ’ south cold outside and you ’ re wearing a sweater or a turtleneck, consider a longer chain that will cause people to notice your glazed piece .
here are some other suggestions :

  • Wear a princess duration with a smasher neckline .
  • Try out a collar length with tops that have a squarely delineate .
  • If you have a strapless dress or blouse, you can stand out by wearing a garroter .

It ’ south all up to you ! You can besides barely break all the rules. No motivation to stay in lineage !

Your Pendants

Are you thinking of getting a pendent or disk for your necklace ?
small pendants and charms pair well with shorter chains. They won ’ triiodothyronine overwhelm the necklace and will equitable look adorable .
If you are a fashionista who likes bulky charms and pendants, consider putting it on a longer necklace chain .
Or, if you say “ screw you ” to custom, mix it up ! Larger accessories on a inadequate chain can actually look big on you if you do it correct .
If you ’ rhenium buy for person else, you can try sneaking around their house to measure the distance of a necklace they already have. iPhone users can pull up the measure app and get an accurate measurement without carrying around a measure tape. Or get their roommate to measure one for you .
Consider their style as good. If they normally wear deep v-neck tops, for model, you may want to go with a matinee or opera length .
Necklace Extender

Easy Ways to Adjust Necklace Length

Okay, so you bought a necklace and it ’ s a little excessively long .
If it is a chain necklace, you may be able to re-clasp the necklace on a chain far down. While this international relations and security network ’ thymine ideal, it ’ ll do the job. You ’ ll have a small dock that you can tuck into the back of your shirt .
While not recommended, if you or your boo are handy and the chain is not identical thick, you may be able to take a pair of pliers and remove some links until you find the desire length .
If your chain is a little besides short, you may be able to have extra length added to your necklace .
The easiest way to get around these issues is to find a company that offers adjustable necklaces with necklace extenders. Hm… possibly like Rellery ? adjustable necklaces are honestly indeed cool. You can buy a necklace within a range of inches so you can adjust it accordingly. And, that means it will pair well with multiple outfits so you don ’ t have to buy a billion different sizes !

Finding Your Necklace Size is Easy

If you like quality necklaces that won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fall apart, you ’ ll love Rellery ’ s rotating choice of necklaces .
not only are you getting perplex pieces at a fair price, but you ’ re supporting an ethical function environment where products are U.S. made and sold .
And, our customizable necklace pendants are awesome. They ’ re made from a dense gauge material so you won ’ thyroxine have to worry about them breaking or flex .
so skip those hassling salespeople who are going to charge you an arm and a leg. shop from our evolving collection of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. We entirely make meaningful jewelry that lets your history shine .

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