How to Make a YouTube Intro in 2022

so you ’ ve decided to make a YouTube video for your clientele, possibly even promote a duct. That ’ second amazing ! You ’ ve put the time and effort into creating your video. The entirely trouble is, over 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube a minute. indeed, how can you stand out in a sea of content and grab audiences ’ attention ? With every YouTube contented creator ’ mho secret advantage : a big YouTube intro .
YouTube video intros are everywhere. You ’ ve credibly seen them without giving them a second think or understanding what their function was. immediately, we ’ ra going to show you can make a YouTube intro in under five minutes with Promo .

Creating a YouTube Intro With Promo

step 1 – Sign up for free at ( or log in to your account )

If you don ’ metric ton consider in, you can ’ t wrestle, sol do yourself a favor and sign up for a bill nowadays. It ’ s free to try, so take a few seconds to set up your score and give our television tools a blast .
not certain so far ? Check out some real-life reviews of on Capterra and G2 Crowd.

step 2 – Choose the YouTube presentation television template that suits your needs

As we mentioned in the previous section, we have a massive library of television templates, including clips specifically designed for consumption as YouTube presentation. You ’ re sure to find something you like !

footfall 3 – Customize your video by adding your text and logo

once you ’ re inside the video maker, it ’ second ace easily to customize different elements of your video to add your own flair. Everything is point-and-click or drag-and-drop, so you don ’ t have to worry about complicated processes that are hard to understand .
In fact, you can create stunning market videos in minutes, not days, with .

tone 4 – Preview, download, and done !

Finished with your intro ? Preview your finished solution and make certain it looks good to you. From there, download your trot and add it to all your videos—done !
We hope that you ’ re on your way to creating attention-getting intros for all your YouTube video recording !

Why Make a YouTube Intro

YouTube intros are curtly, opening clips that play at the beginning ( or close to the begin ) of a YouTube television. They are a sneak peek into what your channel is about and with time become your samara identifier .
The presentation normally include the name of the YouTube groove being watched, brand features, animations, and a snip of signature music. YouTube presentation videos should include a consistent style so you can easily add them to every one of your video. The purpose of a YouTube presentation is retention—you ’ ra trying to convince your audience that your capacity is deserving sticking around for rather of navigating to one of their 14 early open browser pill or mobile apps. typically, intros are applied to organic videos, as opposed to YouTube ads .
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This is an important distinction because the audience has already willingly chosen to watch ( at least a parcel of ) your video—as opposed to seeing a pre-roll ad —which means you can use context to your advantage. The lights are on and the stage is set, so how are you going to execute ?
YouTube presentation might be short, but they do require think and best practices to get them right. That ’ sulfur why we created an across-the-board scout to making a YouTube presentation. We ’ ve added insider tips so you can make the arrant YouTube presentation, plug it into all your video projects, and then check off a super important task from your YouTube marketing disturbance tilt .
YouTube intros are an essential tool for captivating audiences, keeping them on your video channel, and turning them into subscribers. Along with audience captivation and memory, YouTube intro besides instill a sense of post consistency. The fun thing about YouTube presentation is that if you take the time and campaign into creating a good one, you can use it in all of your approaching video recording contentedness .
once you learn how to make a YouTube presentation, you have the world power to captivate, entertain ( or educate ), and most importantly, retain your viewer ’ sulfur care through the duration of your videos. You know, all the way to the end where your YouTube outros and CTAs live .
immediately to get into the specifics, here are the main reasons why creating a YouTube intro will lone do good for your brand

Displays a Professional Appearance 

With over 37 million YouTube channels it ’ south significant to establish a professional appearance, particularly if you ’ re a small business owner. If your television is hosted and shared publicly, a YouTube presentation will add that supernumerary professional tint. It may seem belittled, but your audience will view you as an know, consistent, authentic distribution channel .
Think about all the YouTube video you ’ ve seen in the past, the ones with intros compared to those that were lacking one. Which video seemed more professional ? Which video were more trustworthy ? We ’ rhenium guessing the erstwhile. Adding a consistent, high-quality presentation introduces a new feel of professionalism .

Increases New-viewer Retention 

We all know how cursorily we are to turn away from things, particularly on-line ( who doesn ’ t have at least 300 tab key open at the like time ? ! ). But a well-crafted presentation can serve as a hook to your audience ’ mho mind. If they have something to look forward to, they will be less probably to navigate away .
The average human attention span has fallen to a stagger eight seconds. You read that right field, eight seconds ! For that reason, it has become increasingly important to find a way to hook your audience ’ south attention .
In accession to this, a YouTube intro will provide information new viewers will want to know : who you are and what the video is about. If they know what they are about to see, new viewers will be more probable to continue watching. A YouTube intro provides the viewer with an mind of what they should expect from you, your videos, and your brand, no surprises .
As they start to become familiar with the visuals and the music, viewers may evening begin to look forth to seeing your intro every time you release a new video recording. Existing subscribers already know that watching your curtly presentation is well worth their wait. They know what to expect from you, they ’ ve already subscribed .

Establishes Branding and Consistency 

You ’ ve put a draw of campaign into building your brand, YouTube presentation are an optimum opportunity to ensure people recognize it. Why not let viewers get to know you angstrom soon as your video starts ? Throw in a copulate of your trade name ’ south features. Whether it ’ s your logo, your brand colors, or your celebrated tagline, making the connection between your brand and your YouTube channel is a must .
The more elements you use, the easier it will be for viewers to connect your videos with your mark in the future. Everyone that watched your video will remember your trade name when they come across it from this orient on .
Of course, you can add specific themes and colors to your intros in accord with an approaching special juncture ; but during your initial creation procedure, you should consider using a consistent vogue that can easily be merged into all your video recording subject .
“ Why ? ”, you may be asking yourselves. Well, here ’ s the short answer : Viewers will know what you expect from you if your videos are reproducible. They will understand that your brand values trust and familiarity. If the contentedness you ’ re creating is reliable, people will come back for more .

Has Informational Value 

A YouTube intro doesn ’ metric ton want to be all about branding. You can use it in order to make your hearing spirit like a part of a community. A YouTube intro can tell users information about your schedule, your social handles, and any relevant data about you and your commercial enterprise your viewers should know about .

Requirements and Specifications for YouTube Intros

Before we get into the type of subject and footage you ’ ll need, the foremost thing you ’ ll need to do is to get your technical details correct. Understanding the technical requirements can besides help formulate your scheme, therefore get ’ s depart with the basics .

YouTube Intro Aspect Ratio

As with all YouTube content, the preferable aspect ratio is 16:9. If your video recording is formatted differently, the YouTube player will automatically adapt to the size you ’ ve used, but it ’ randomness best not to leave that up to chance. To achieve a 16:9 aspect proportion, you can easily resize your television using our video recording resizer tool. You can besides compress your video using our Video Compressor .

Video Format

YouTube supports a wide-eyed array of video recording file formats, but you ’ ll like want to use the standard formats of MP4 or MOV. No feel in overcomplicating your life here .

Music Licensing 

In case you ’ re new to the YouTube terms of service, you may not, in fact, use any music you ’ d like to. Sure, “ Come Together ” from the Beatles might be the perfect fit for your presentation, but it ’ s probably not worth the ensuing billion-dollar copyright violation fine that ’ mho indisputable to follow .
To ensure stick to YouTube copyright rules ; create your own music, buy pre-licensed music, or use a video godhead platform that already comes with royalty-free music included .
With the technical spectacles out of the means, let ’ s honkytonk into how to bring it all together with a solid scheme and some best practices .

What Makes a Great YouTube Intro

It may seem straightforward, but there are many things to keep in heed when creating your presentation. Botching even the smallest detail may be the very matter that drives viewers and likely customers away from your channel .

Run Time – Keep it short

As stated above, a YouTube intro should be less than 10 seconds ( best within five seconds ). Studies have shown that intro longer than 10 seconds have a viewership descent. In font your Intro ran a small longer, no problem ! Just crop your video to the desired length and you are good to go .
The purpose of adding a YouTube presentation is to attract viewers while creating a direct association between the snip and the content that follows it. unfortunately, a long intro will make viewers lose solitaire and exit the video .

Send a Clear and Distinct Message 

Creating a great YouTube intro international relations and security network ’ thyroxine just about keeping it short but besides about cutting mighty to the compass point. Avoid using confuse language. Whether you ’ ve added text or a voiceover, make sure it ’ randomness comprehensive and straightforward. Pointless and complicated messages may be what drives viewers away .

Create a Signature Look and Feel 

One of the most important things to emphasize in your intro is your brand. It ’ south significant for viewers to instantaneously recognize your mark when visiting early social media platforms .
Your YouTube intro should include your brand name, tagline, colors, logo, and fonts. If you have signature colors or fonts – use them ! Remember, consistency is key. Your viewers will become familiar with your brand and associate it with the message you create

Add the Right Music

When it comes to creating a YouTube intro, you want to stand out while building your sword ’ mho touch style. A great way to do this is by adding an audio or music track to go along with your intro. Once you learn how to add audio to video, you ’ ll be surprised at how easy it is, and how great it is for branding .
Remember, consistency is key and over clock time viewers will associate the jingle with your stigmatize. There is no claim skill to what kind of music you should select, but try and choose a doggerel that will be well recognizable with your business ’ second recess. It ’ randomness authoritative to remember that the music can not be copyrighted or else you might find yourself in some legal perturb .

 Stay unique to you! 

We know there are a lot of do ’ randomness and don ’ metric ton when it comes to YouTube intros but at the end of the day, it ’ south yours ! Make it playfulness ! Creating an easy, fun intro is all the more argue people will want to continue watching your video recording. They ’ ll love it, and want more. Add lighthearted ocular elements or add a funny voiceover, we promise, it ’ randomness worth your while !
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YouTube Intro Best Practices 

now that you know the why ’ second and what ’ mho, it ’ sulfur clock to move on to the playfulness farce : creating your YouTube presentation. The best means to start is by doing your research. Check out competitors, channels you aspire to be like, and most importantly look into channels with similar message and viewer size as you .
here are practices to keep in mind when looking through other channels and ideas worth remembering when you ’ ra creating your own YouTube intro !

Establish Your Brand

We ’ re not trying to ride a tired knight here, but a YouTube presentation is the perfect spot for you to display a branded presence. The affair of a post, in cosmopolitan, is to promote loyalty by streamlining the process through which people understand your crack, which is precisely what you need to grow your YouTube channel .
That said, make certain you have at least a couple of these elements in your YouTube intro :

You can mix and match depending on your trade name, consultation, and goals ! When doing your research try and remember what you liked in other channels ’ intros, what colors they used, if their tagline was actually one you remembered. This will help you understand what will and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work for you and your small clientele !

Decide on Live-action vs. Animated

As you follow the beginning topple, you however have plenty of room for creativity. Before you get excessively far along in terms of television production, you ’ ll want to decide if you ’ re going to use live-action footage or liveliness .
While all intros ( including live-action presentation ) will likely have some mannequin of liveliness, you ’ ll need to decide if you want the animation to be the elementary search you ’ re going for or an accent .

Use Animated Text

We covered this concisely above, but adding enliven text to your television is a capital way to introduce the host of the channel, display your tagline, etc. You ’ ll notice that a fortune of YouTubers use this proficiency .
Text overlays are a great direction to communicate efficiently while besides keeping the hearing engaged .

Add Some Style

Your YouTube intro is not the time to be boring. even if you don ’ thyroxine overlay a subject that most would consider “ exciting, ” your intro is the prison term to get people concern in what you ’ re about to show them. Using animations, text, and music – as noted above – are all good tactics to start off your videos on the proper foundation .
Don ’ metric ton be afraid to surprise and delight your audience with an engaging presentation !

Top Features to Look Out For in a YouTube Intro Maker

Lucky for you, many have grappled with the ins and outs of YouTube presentation before you. You know what you need to do in order to create the perfective presentation, now all that ’ s left to do is understand where you can design the arrant YouTube presentation for your content, one that will sweep your hearing off its feet. One thing to consider using is an intro godhead .
An intro maker can assist you in capturing all the elements we mentioned above. It will besides provide you with the inspiration you need indeed you don ’ t have to make your presentation from chicken feed. These tools assistant by giving you a template to start with and an easy-to-use video cutter .

Design Flexibility

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a YouTube intro maker is its blueprint flexibility. Remember, you ’ rhenium goal is to create one killer YouTube presentation, and the best way to ensure that you do is by having options to begin with. Whether it ’ s fonts, text styles, colors, and more, you ’ ll want to find a video recording manufacturer joyride that has different types of invention tools .

Great Content Selection

When it comes to YouTube presentation creation, you ’ ll want to look into a video recording maker with a brawny content collection. Every business has its own recess, singular consultation, and most importantly brand language, which is why it ’ randomness significant to find the justly message that works for you. You ’ ll want to make certain the video creature you choose has a wide kind of contentedness for your choice .
Another plus to having a video recording app with a capital contentedness survival is knowing that you have videos and clips that can be used in your YouTube video recording, Instagram stories, and all social media platforms !

Easy Branding

We ’ ve said it before, and we ’ ll say it again. Branding. Creating a YouTube intro that makes the most of your stigmatization can be crafty. You ’ ll want to find a YouTube intro manufacturer that allows you to easily upload your mark logo, special fonts if you have any, music, and customized photos and videos .

Royalty-Free Music 

As we mentioned, one crucial thing to remember when creating your intro is to use music. not barely any music, but uncopyrighted music. The last thing you want when creating your presentation is to run into legal troubles. You can search the internet for the correct burst, or make your life sentence easy my choosing a YouTube presentation maker that already comes with a built-in music library free to use, then all you ’ ll want to do is learn how to add music to a television. This might be a great locate to mention that Promo is not merely an amazing YouTube intro tool, but besides offers a library of royalty-free music you can use for your YouTube presentation. With Promo you can besides upload your own music and SFX .

Ready-made Intro Templates

A fun perk up about being part of such a huge television creation community is knowing that person ’ south always one step ahead of you ; thinking of things that may be of use to you before you even know you need them. A video recording manufacturer that offers ready-make templates is a flying and easy way to create a YouTube presentation. Again, we have you covered on that front american samoa well .

inspiration from ’ s Intro Templates Collection

In case you didn ’ thymine know, at we actually have a survival of content dedicated to YouTube. There, you can browse ideas for your intros and get divine guidance to make sure your contentedness stands out .
here are a few ideas to get you started .

1. Smart, Colorful, Actionable

nothing spells out “ I-D-E-A ” like a full antique whiteboard drawing ! This template can be used to advertise market services, but it ’ s besides versatile enough to fit a wide range of consulting services .
Plus, it ’ sulfur shortstop adequate to make a high-quality YouTube presentation that segues seamlessly into your subject .

2. Gamers Unite!

A bunch of YouTube content in late years has focused on bet on, electronic device reviews, and anything and everything computer-related. This six-second presentation is precisely the kind of clip calculator and gambling channels could use as their YouTube intro. The music is inviting, strong, and memorable. Plus, it ’ s short adequate to make a high-quality YouTube intro that segues seamlessly into your topic .

3. Breaking Boundaries

Need something with a fiddling more edge ? This Broken Glass template is the perfect nip to help you shatter expectations and, literally, break the mold. Paired with an aggressive music track, this template could be used for a variety of topics to big effect .

Feeling inspired ? Good .
The last step is to put everything you ’ ve learned about making a killer whale YouTube intro into military action with some video makers. Let ’ s bring this thing home !

Top YouTube Intro Makers

As we ’ ve seen there is no specify to the kind of YouTube intro you can create. But there is a limit on the measure of great YouTube presentation makers out there. It may be hard to understand precisely what tools to use and what tools best suit your business. We ’ ve done the dirty work for you. here are our top picks when it comes to YouTube intro makers : ( that ’ sulfur us ! ) is an on-line video maker that offers a wide range of television edit tools. Among them is a YouTube presentation godhead. The power of Promo lies both within it ’ mho super easy-to-use video recording maker, paired with an unbeatable video and photograph survival. You can upload and edit your own footage and easily apply your business ’ second logo, fonts, and customize music. Promo ’ s presentation maker has a user-friendly interface that will ensure you ’ ra downloading your intro within minutes .
One of Promo ’ south greatest features is its professionally designed ready-to-use presentation maker templates. Choose the presentation that ’ randomness better suited for your business, customize it, and plug it into all your channel ’ s videos. With Promo, you ’ ll have access to a premium library of templates, videos, music, and breed photos .

Wondershare Filmora 9

Filmora lets you create intros using a wide assortment of filters, overlays, custom titles, and transitions. One of its biggest impregnable features is how versatile it is .
Filmora is user-friendly with an intuitive interface that ’ mho wide of features. It allows you to drag and drop clips and effects into a childlike edit timeline. It ’ s a decent choice for creators who are fresh to video creation and are looking for an easy on-line video manufacturer .


Animaker is a detached video animation software. This presentation manufacturer is suited for those of you who are concerned in creating an animated intro. Animaker has the world ’ mho largest animation library and allows you to create playfulness videos for your audiences .
Animaker has a bare straightforward interface which is big for amateur video recording makers. Some of its features include camera and conversion effects, setting tracks, and the ability to directly record your voice, or import your own voiceover or music clip .

Adobe Spark 

Spark was created with social media creators in heed and is a dependable choice for those who want to create a satiny video without spend hours on it .
much like its competitors, Spark is immediate and easily to use. You can drag and drop clips and logos together, add a soundtrack or a voiceover. Spark is available for dislodge, but the absolve version is well more limited in terms of features. One of the biggest drawbacks of the rid version is that you will not be able to use your own mark logo .


yet another free into godhead – this one is suited for the designers in the crowd. OFFEO ’ s television templates have a very aesthetic feel to them – it has everything you need to make a solid YouTube presentation .
What ’ south capital about OFFEO is that its templates are handily grouped into categories like intros, outros, and industries. This is a capital sport when it comes to creating your project, you don ’ t need to dive thick into thousands and thousands of templates, you can easily search for it by category .


For those of you who were pulled to a more inspire intro, MotionDen is for you ! MotionDen allows you to create an inspire YouTube intro using their collection of ready-made templates .
The professional templates are arranged into categories so you can easily find the right template for your business. MotionDen is slowly to use, and their customization editor program lets you edit texts, colors, and music to create an intro in minutes .

How to Add an Intro to a YouTube Video

If you read our holocene post How to make a YouTube outro, you know that YouTube has a specific area in the YouTube Studio where you can add an outro, or “ end screen, ” as it ’ sulfur called within the platform interface ,
Intros, however, do not have this have, which means you ’ ll have to edit your intro into the video recording itself using your editing software of choice. That said, this is ace comfortable to do with

When you ’ re quick to take your YouTube distribution channel to the next tied, consider promoting your content with YouTube ads. here are some resources that can help :
Make your own captivating YouTube intros today!

Create A YouTube Intro in Minutes – It’s Easy!

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