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Tuna Melt Sandwich is hot, crisp, bum, and filling ! This bare even delectable recipe is arrant for an easy lunch or dinner. Tuna Melt Sandwich on a plate
I ’ ve had a long ton of requests for easy lunch recipes immediately that many of us are working from home, and swinging by the local delicatessen or hamburger joint international relations and security network ’ t an option. Salads and leftovers are great, but a sizzle Tuna Melt Sandwich is even better !
Gwen and I split a batch of tuna salad for lunch a couple days a workweek. It ’ s an easy, healthy choice for both of us and we normally dunk into bowl of it with almond crackers. That said, stuffing the tuna salad concoction between slices of buttered boodle and cheddar cheese then sizzling until fortunate brown in a hot frying pan is a total treat.

Plus this protein-packed jazz band keeps me full until dinner time. If you ’ ve been struggling with constantly snacking while at home, you won ’ t flush think about it with this filling lunch in your belly !
Overhead photo of a Tuna Melt Sandwich

What is a Tuna Melt Made Of?

A Tuna Melt is basically a hot tuna salad sandwich topped with tall mallow. Tuna Melt has a better ring to it though, don ’ triiodothyronine ya ’ think ? ; ) Just like with egg salad, everyone seems to have their own translation of the arrant tuna salad, but hera ’ s my go-to tuna mix jazz band :

  • Canned tuna. I prefer Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna, which I buy from Costco. It puts other canned tunas to shame!
  • Mayonnaise. I use Hellman’s Vegan mayo to keep this recipe egg free for Gwen, who has allergies, but feel free to use your favorite mayonnaise.
  • Minced pickles. Tuna Melt sandwiches have to have a little crunch, and minced pickle spears not only bring a crispy, crunchy texture to the tuna salad recipe, but also a bold, tangy flavor.
  • Steak seasoning. Yes! You heard it here first. Read below for my go-to homemade steak seasoning recipe that takes this tuna melt from good to GREAT.

Mix up the tuna salad then scoop onto buttered bread slices, attention deficit disorder slices of cheddar cheese, then cook on a two-dimensional peak frying pan merely like you would any other barbecued cheese sandwich .

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hot tuna and cheese sandwich with a bite taken out of it

How to Make a Tuna Melt Sandwich

In a humble bowl unite wild-caught albacore tuna that ’ s been drained plus your front-runner mayonnaise, minced pickle spears, and homemade steak seasoning. Yes, steak seasoning ! It ’ mho got all the good thrust .

This is our FAVORITE tuna, by the way. It ’ second pretty costly at the regular grocery storehouse but Costco sells them in a push-down list for a great price. Always a great idea to grab one when you can !

Scoop the tuna salad between two slices of buttered bread with a piece of cheddar cheese then cook on a griddle or in a frying pan over medium estrus until hot and golden brown university on both sides. OH MY WORD, such a fabulous step up from your criterion tuna salad sandwich. I hope you love this elementary, delectable lunch idea – enjoy !
Tuna Salad Sandwich sliced then stacked on top of each other
Photo collage of Tuna Melt Sandwiches

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