Fresh Mint Tea

Mint tea made with fresh mint and hot water, in your teacup in less than ten minutes ! There ’ south nothing more comforting than a cup of fresh mint tea .
fresh mint tea
fresh mint tea is one of the ways I know that yes, spring is here for certain and summer is right behind it .
Because out of all my brave herbs out there in my kitchen barrel gardens, the mint is always the inaugural one to leaf out, and just like that, the chilly weather is gone and summer is good around the corner.

Reading: Fresh Mint Tea

And one the best ways to celebrate ( particularly on those give days when there is silent a little cool in the atmosphere ) is a warm, odoriferous cup of the easiest tea in the populace to make. ( Oh, and if you want to make the world ’ sulfur easiest coffee cake to go with it, I have you covered for that ! )
now I have to admit, before I figured out the unharmed fresh batch tea thing, my usual road to mint tea involved one of these .
fresh mint tea
not that there is anything wrong with a teabag !
Or if I was feeling specially energetic, I would find my tea strainer and dig that bag of dried peppermint tea out of the back of the cupboard .
fresh mint tea
not that there ’ south anything ill-timed with that either ! But honestly ? There ’ south nothing like tea made with a handful of fresh mint .
mint leaves
Aren ’ t those mint sprigs cheery looking ?

ingredients you need to make fresh mint tea!

  • fresh Mint Leaves
  • urine

How to make fresh mint tea

step 1 : Take about 4 or five good-sized stalks of mint. now go find that teapot that I know you have somewhere. I have one that fits about 4 cups of hot water which is just about perfect .
step 2 : satiate it up with hot body of water and let it sit for a few minutes to warm the pot up .
step 3 : now put a kettle of water on and expect until it is boiling happily off. future, take those mint stalks and roll them between your palms a few times .
step 4 : Pour the hot water out of your teapot and pop the mint, stems and all, into your warm teapot. Pour the boil urine over them until your teapot is full, and put the lead on .
footfall 5 : now comes the hard part…you have to wait for FIVE broad minutes to give your mint clock to steep. Five minutes .
Go fold one lode of laundry and come back – I know you have laundry ! By this meter your clothes are folded you have a potentiometer of finely light green, lightly, lusciously mint-flavored tea .
Take a thick sniff of it before you take that first sip…ahhhhhhh. I like mine with just a bitty moment of sugar in it, but fair plain mint is absolutely fantastic besides .


Will any kind of mint work for fresh mint tea? Yes, yes, yes ! I have both spearmint and orange mint growing outside my kitchen door, but you can use anything from traditional red gum to chocolate mint ( yes, there is such a fantastic thing ) – experiment to find your fave ! Where can I find fresh mint? The produce section of your supermarket will most likely have it adjacent to the early herb, but if you are lucky enough to have a farmer ’ second market nearby, you can buy a mint implant ( or plants ) and grow it either in an at heart pot or outside. And places like Lowes and Home Depot will have mint ( and other herb ) adenine well. Mint is identical hardy and grows ( and spreads ) easily. Why am I filling the teapot with hot water ahead of time and then emptying it out? Letting the teapot sit filled with hot water will warm it up, which will keep your fresh mint tea warm long. ( The Southern conserve besides does this with my tea mugs. Love him. ) Why am I rolling the leaves in my hands beforehand? This is going to release the batch anoint in the leaves to give your tea the most relish, and is besides going to make your hands smell like summer. Have a question that I didn’t cover? flatten it in the comments section below and I promise to answer promptly ! If you have some mint left over, you might want to use it in a mimosa fruit salad ! Or possibly some minty lemonade ice tea ?
One last little note : if you are golden enough to have a tea cozy to put over your teapot, this is the time to bring it out .
A good supporter of mine made me one ( made me one ! ! ) and when I put it on my pot of fresh batch tea, I feel like everything is right with the global .
fresh mint tea
And with that, it ’ s tea-time !
mint leaves

Fresh Mint Tea





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Mint tea made with fresh mint and hot urine, in your teacup in less than ten minutes ! There ’ second nothing more comfort than a cup of fresh mint tea .


  • 4– 5 stalks of fresh mint, with stems
  • 4 cups boiling water
  • Sugar or honey, if desired


  1. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil.
  2. While water is boiling, fill a 4-6 cup teapot to the brim with hot water from the tap, and let it sit until the tea water boils.
  3. When the tea water is boiling, empty the now-warm teapot. Roll the mint between your palms until it is slightly crushed. Place in teapot.
  4. Pour boiling water over the crushed mint, cover the teapot, and let it steep for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour into your favorite teacup, inhale deeply, and enjoy!


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Updated (and made even more delicious!) from a previously published Framed Cooks post!

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