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gray sock with lavender essential oil and rice on brown spoon - diy heating pad This rice heating diggings is one of my first lines of defensive structure for aching muscles, stiff necks, and cramps .
even better ? This homemade heating pad is super cheap to make and takes merely minutes to put to gether !

Uses for This Rice Heating Pad

When I was taking give birth classes respective years ago, my labor coach gave me one of these rice heating pads. She told us moms in the class that a homemade inflame pad could help sore, aching backs after a long day walking around with our growing bellies .
however, my fondness of the inflame embroider didn ’ thyroxine end with my pregnancies. I ’ ve used this homemade heating pad therefore many other ways throughout the years .
My chiropractor besides recommended using heat on my aching shoulder muscles, and this DIY heat launching pad is the easiest way to do it. additionally, I ’ ve reached for this rice heating embroider anytime I ’ ve had cramps, besotted muscles, or just needed a little rest .
additionally, these are great to heat up and put in our beds during winter. They keep your feet cozy and warm throughout the night. The possibilities are endless !
DIY rice heating pad with bottle of lavender oil

How to Make a Rice Heating Pad

Making one of your own DIY rice heating pads is easy. Plus, this is one of the most low-cost DIY projects out there. In fact, you may already have all the ingredients at base !
once you make this homemade heating pad it can be heated and reheated over and over again in your microwave .

Materials Needed To Make Your Own Rice Heating Pad:

Supplies for a homemade heating pad with rice

How to Make a Heating Pad

This tutorial is quite childlike. Take your sock and pour in the rice. then, tie the sock closed and put a few drops of lavender oil on the outdoor if you like. That ’ s it !

How to Use the Homemade Heating Pad

DIY heating pad with a wooden spoon filled with rice and a bottle of lavender essential oil
To use the heat pad, all you need to do is add the satiate sock into a microwave. Heat it for 2-3 minutes, and apply where you need heat .
I ’ ve had one DIY rice heating pad for a couple of years now that I have used over and all over again. The heat rice smells a bite like popcorn, ( or lavender flavored popcorn in this case ), but you can keep reheating it in these 2-3 moment intervals a long as you need to .

Tips for Making the Rice Heating Pad

I had both a “ big and grandiloquent ” sized men ’ randomness sock and an airplane windsock, so I made 2 different size rice sock heating pads .
For strictly aesthetic purposes, I tied a slub on the “ toe ” end of the men ’ s sock so that I could cut off the gray and help the heat pad look more consistent. That tone is completely optional. It all depends if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mind your heating slog looking like an honest-to-god sock or not. 😉
Woman filling a sock with dry rice to create a diy heating pad
One of the easiest ways I have found to fill the sock with rice without it make a big batch ( and seems to go faster than when using a funnel ) is to stick a mason jolt eyelid equitable at the top of the windsock .
This will hold the phase and keep the sock open so that when you pour in your rice ( I suggest using a pourable measure cup ), you don ’ t make a huge mess .
Woman holding a sock stuffed with dried rice
The “ big and improbable ” socks can hold about 6 cups of uncooked rice. You will need to squeeze the rice down as you go, but 6 cups in truth will fit .
Sock stuffed with rice to make a homemade heating pad.
Tie off the other end when the sock is broad – and you are done !
I besides filled this gray windsock that I believe was a sock from an airplane cordial reception kit out. This one only held 4 cups of rice, and I only tied one end in a knot. It is a snatch smaller than the white sock, and it fits the size of my daughters ’ shoulders perfectly .
I think it ’ randomness nice to have a few different sizes made. The smaller rice heating pads work well for children while I prefer the larger ones.

Woman putting lavender essential oil on a homemade heating pad

How to Scent the Heating Pad

I highly recommend adding a calm scented essential vegetable oil to the heating pad equally well. All you need to do is choose your scent and add a few drops on the windsock after you heat it up in the microwave .
I actually like using lavender, but if you want to change it up you could try chamomile, bergamot, jasmine, or any other perfume you like .
DIY rice heating pad made with rice and lavender essential oil

Gift This DIY

If you want to make this heat pad as a endowment, then grab some ribbon and add a splash of tinge around the slub if you ’ d like .
These are fantastic for everyone to have—you never know when you ’ ll need one ! therefore go ahead and pamper yourself, enjoy a cup of warmly tea, and be sure to warm your feet or shoulder/back muscles !
Sock stuffed with rice and lavender oil

Easy No Sew DIY Rice Heating Pad

DIY rice heating pad with bottle of lavender oil

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This homemade heating pad is ace cheap to make and takes just minutes to put together !

  • Author: Erika Bragdon



  • 4– 6 cups of uncooked rice
  • Long Sock
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Decorative ribbon (optional)


Fill the windsock with uncooked rice using a funnel .
Squeeze the rice down as you go .
Tie off the other conclusion when the windsock is full – and you are done !
Add substantive anoint AFTER the heat pad is heated .

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collection of photos easy homemade rice heating pad

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