How to Make Puffy Paint

Puffy paint is so easy to make and it ’ s so a lot FUN to paint with ! It has the cool, puffy texture that very pops off the page !
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Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint

All you need is 3 simple ingredients – shaving cream, white glue and food color. And in less than 5 minutes you can make super fun, super dim-witted diy puffy paint !

now that the girls are home for the summer, we ’ ve been on the hunt for playfulness and easy crafts to help fill the long summer days. And homemade puffy paint was such a fun experiment for us to try. It ended up with the coolest texture !
In my opinion, this gorge is fritter proof. even if you don ’ metric ton measuring stick the exact amounts when you make it, you still end up with a very neat 3 dimensional texture !

Check out our video on How to Make Puffy Paint:

*Note : Scroll down for the bit-by-bit photograph tutorial .
hera ’ south even more fun things you can make with shaving cream :
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Puffy Paint Ingredients:

The affiliate links below will take you to products on Amazon that are exchangeable to the supplies we used to make this craft. I love that you only need 3 simpleton ingredients :
I used Barbasol shaving cream from the dollar storehouse, but I ’ megabyte sure any character would work. And I bought a boastfully bottle of generic white glue from Walmart .
Puffy Paint Ingredients

How do you make puffy paint?

Mix equal amounts of shaving cream and white glue until you have the texture you want. ( You can Jump to Recipe at the bottomland for the printable recipe. )
Since I wanted to make a rainbow, we made lots of colours and even made a bowl of plain white for the gusty cloud. a army for the liberation of rwanda as painted swarm go, you very can ’ thyroxine get a better overcast texture than this !

DIY Puffy Paint

What does it look like when it dries?

The puffy paint will loose some of it ’ s acme when it dries, but you ’ re still left with a super fun 3D texture. And then when it dried, the colours got direction black .
After it dried, the girls kept wanting to poke it with their fingers to feel the texture. none of us could resist the cool foaminess !
Dried Puffy Paint

How long does DIY puffy paint last?

Homemade puffy paint should be used the same day you make it. Shaving cream loses it ’ s gusty texture by the future day therefore if you store it, you ’ ll basically be left with fluid glue .

How long do the paintings made with DIY puffy paint last?

Your paintings should stay pretty downy for about a day. After the paintings dry wholly, they start to flatten out a fiddling .
Our paintings silent had a very playfulness gusty texture 3 days late, but they weren ’ t popping off the page angstrom much as on the first day .
Puffy Paint Balloons

Puffy Paint Recipe

This homemade bouffant paint was such a fun and simpleton craft for the kids to do ! With three elementary ingredients, you can keep them entertained for hours !






How to Make Puffy Paint

DIY puffy paint is such a fun and EASY kids craft! It makes the coolest 3 dimensional texture, even after it dries! Such a fun and easy kids activity!

Active Time



Total Time




Debbie Chapman


  • minor bowl
  • Straw or ice lolly stick


  • 1/4 cup white glue ( any brand )
  • 1/4 cup shaving cream ( approximately )
  • food color


  • Pour approximately 1/4 cup of white glue into a small bowl or container.

  • Add an equal amount of shaving cream to the bowl. Just guess with the amount rather than measuring exactly. It will still work.

  • Add a few drops of food colouring to the mixture. Keep in mind, that as the puffy paint dries, the colour will get darker, so don’t be too worried if it looks too light at this point. I added about 10 to 15 drops of food colouring into each of our colours.

  • I really didn’t want this stuff on our kitchen spoons, so I used straws to stir them all up.  A stir stick or popsicle stick would work well too.

  • Repeat the process for as many colours as you’d like. I’m not sure what I did differently to the pink puffy paint below, but it looks like it has a better texture compared to the others. I think it had more glue in it?

  • Use a regular paint brush to add paint onto a piece of printer paper. You’ll need to add a generous amount of puffy paint to your brush and “dab” rather than “spread”.

    How to make puffy paint


Just estimate the measurements. Try to add an equal amount of glue and shaving cream. It’s okay if the measurement isn’t perfect, it will still work (plus you won’t have to clean extra measuring cups!).

How to Make Puffy Paint
badly though, aren ’ t those clouds amazing ? !
After we finished the rainbows, we painted a bunch of balloons .
Homemade Puffy Paint Balloons
I started by drawing the strings with black penitentiary, and then liberally dolloped a big lap of paint on the end of each string to make the balloons .
Homemade Puffy Paint Texture
When it dried, it had the coolest spongy texture .
This is what it looked like a copulate hours later. still lots of depth !
3 Dimensional Puffy Paint
My girls loved it. They loved mixing all the colours and experimenting with how it looked on different colours of construction paper. The effect was reasonably cool on black paper !
Kids playing with DIY puffy paint
Puffy Paint Rainbow and Balloon Paintings
I ’ molarity decidedly going to try adding more glue the next time I make this paint. I ’ m actually curious to see how it changes the texture !
This position was originally published on July 15, 2015 .
How to Make Puffy Paint

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