The 15 best tools for Pancake Day 2022

For more unbiased expert buyer ‘s guides, visit our reviews section to find over 200 round-ups of everything from pancake pans to pass mixers. Plus, if you want to perfect your pancake flip, watch our video on how to flip a pancake. Say adieu to catastrophic crêpes and hello to perfect pancakes. We ’ ve discovered the top tools for Pancake Day ( and beyond ), including the best pancake pan, hand whisk, gamboge reamer and spatula, to ensure your Shrove Tuesday is flippin ’ fantastic !

1. Non-stick pan

prestige-eco-frying-pan Prestige eco non-stick 24cm frying pan

not only is this pan made with reclaimable material ( and able to be recycled again if you always want to replace it ), it makes excellent pancakes due to its non-stick base, curved sides and soft-grip manage. It is besides dishwasher-safe allowing for promptly clean-up. To find your ideal pan, check out our guide to the best pancake pans, or if your non-stick pans are due an upgrade, browse our guide to the best non-stick fry pans .

Available from:

2. Whisk

OXO Good Grips balloon whisk

balloon whisk One thing guaranteed to ruin any pancake is chunky batter. Ensure your desegregate is velvet smooth with a dependable whisk. We ’ ve sample batch of manual whisks but this is our darling – the shape silicone handle is extremely comfortable to hold, the whisk promontory is uncompromising, plus it ’ sulfur good value. Available from:
Amazon (£6.40)
John Lewis & Partners (£6.40)
Waitrose & Partners (£9)

3. Weighing scales

Zing kitchen scales

Using the wrong component quantities can lead to less than perfect pancake results. see preciseness with a set of modern digital weigh scales. These attractive scales from Zing are slimline, easy to store and have a capacity of up to 5kg ( big for anyone making a big batch ). They ’ re a safe choice for students or those pressed for space. Available from Amazon (£14.99)

4. Pancake warmer

  • Available from Etsy (£46.17)

Pancake-warmer This cute ceramic fixed is a unique summation for your board this Pancake Day. The pancake strong has holes to allow steam to escape, so your pancakes stay downy yet warm. The accompanying pitcher is perfect for syrup. Available from Etsy UK (£46.52)

5. Mixing bowl

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus nesting bowl set

A year-round kitchen all-important, this impressive set of mixing roll will come in handy for all kinds of bakes. The large shuffle bowl has a capacity of 4.5 litres ( ideal for mixing large quantities of pancake batter ) and the smaller mix bowl is ideal for pancake toppings. neatly stacked inside are a sieve ( handy for ensuring there are no lumps in your flour ), measuring cups and a strainer. The hale set is ultra-lightweight and slowly to store .

Available from:

6. Spatula or palette knife

Victorinox rosewood spatula

Whether you ‘re a pancake technical or a doubtful founder, a palette tongue or spatula is ideal for achieving a seamless flip. Delicate crêpes tear easily, so this ultra-thin Victorinox model with a snazzy rosewood manage is your perfective pancake partner. Available from Victorinox (£29)

7. Lemon juicer


OXO 2-In-1 citrus reamer/juicer, 350ml

Swap your old bad gamboge squeezer for his two-in-one drinker that has a hat for small citrus fruits – great for serving traditional lemon juice with your pancakes – but besides a boastfully drinker for making orange juice .

Available from:

8. Squeezy bottles

  • Available from Lakeland (£3.99)

so you ‘ve mastered basic pancakes, how about trying your bridge player at some pancake art ? Use one of these squeezy bottles to create shapes with the buffet in your pan – check out our template for tips and tricks, vitamin a well as ideas for shapes and patterns. If the beak feels besides small, just snip it with scissors. Available from Lakeland (£3.99)

9. Pancake moulds

Norpro heart moulds

Everybody knows that one of the best ways to show your sleep together is through cooking – and with this bite of kit, there ‘ll be no mistaking your feelings. Get creative with pancake moulds and build your own cordate batch. The best part ? You can besides use them on Valentine ‘s Day – you can make cordate fried eggs with them, excessively. Available from Amazon (£6.82)

10. Sugar duster


OXO Good Grips dusting wand

Give your pancakes the charming equal with this dusting wand. Icing sugar can be sprinkled for an even lemon-sugar combination or dust on top of berries and cream for a weekend brunch show-stopper. Cinnamon works in this wand, excessively, as a fiddling can go a farseeing direction .

Available from:

11. Fancy plates

  • Available from Etsy UK (£22.50)

‘Are we having pancakes?’ side plate

Could there be a more ideal plate for Shrove Tuesday ? ! This hand-drawn, pancake-loving badger design is the properly size for pancakes at 23cm. Available from Etsy UK (£22.50)

12. Sugar pot

  • Available from Nkuku (£18)

Mali Ribbed Sugar Pot - White - MP6201

Mali ribbed sugar pot

Do you insist on the classic lemon and boodle jazz band for your pancakes ? Keep and serve the carbohydrate in this white-terracotta pot, arrant with a white lid and smooch slot for easy entree. Plus, with this buy you are helping out a Fairtrade enterprise in Mali. Available from Nkuku (£18)

13. Ice cream/cookie scooper

Bixel Ice-Cream-Scoops-final

Bixel ice cream scooper

Keep your pancakes the lapp size by using this handy scooper to measure out blockheaded american pancake dinge. Plus, after a quick wash, you can use it to add some methamphetamine cream to your pancake push-down storage .

Available from:

14. Quick pancake maker

  • Available from ProCook (£8)


ProCook non-stick egg rings

Make a push-down storage of pancakes in one become with these four rings that can help you to create symmetrical and well-sized pancakes. These ring structures, as the diagnose suggests, are full for eggs and even forming burgers on another day. Available from ProCook (£8)

15. Engraved pancake maker for kids


Nrpfell Pancake Pan with animal engravings

Fun for kids, this griddle pan has animals engraved in each cast. Just add some mix for comestible cartoon-like treats. For the adults doing the fudge, there is a silicon treat that keeps cool on the hob. The round moulds would besides fit egg well .

Available from:

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What’s your most valued piece of pancake kit? Leave a comment below… ad This follow-up was last update in February 2022. If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or handiness, please get in touch at goodfoodwebsite @ .

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