Chicken Jerky

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You hear about gripe choppy and turkey anserine, but what about chicken anserine ? ! It tastes amaze, but is not as normally found or made as its counterparts. Let ‘s change that, this protein packed super food is barely what you need in your life sentence .
chicken jerky in a jar on cutting board with sauce on cutting board

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Why this recipe works

This is a classical spirit that works absolutely with the lean wimp breast. The sweetness of the honey and the spice from the chili garlic sauce are what in truth make this wimp arrhythmic recipe to die for.

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What part of the chicken is best?

Chicken summit is the best separate of the chicken to use when making chicken jerky. The breast is the largest function of the bird and very lean. Chicken breast is very cheap compared to other types of kernel and easily sliced into strips a well .

How to slice the meat

Slice the breasts lengthwise into ⅛ ” – ¼ ” strips for the best results. Any larger than that and the outside of the anserine will get identical dry whereas the inside will hush be under dried. After slicing, invest the chicken in a gallon ziplock base .
chicken breast being sliced into thin strips on cutting board for making chicken jerky.

Partially freezing the chicken

The first thing you want to do before even slicing is wrap the breasts in plastic wrapping and invest in the deep-freeze for about an hour. This will firm up the kernel and make slicing even strips a lot easier. Slicing even strips is important because this ensures all the choppy will finish dry at the same meter .

Using a sharp knife

The most important tool to have when slicing the breast for chicken jerky is a actually sharp tongue. This will make a huge difference, I am presently using a Victorinox tongue that has a in truth dependable tactile property and abrupt blade. When it starts getting dull, a flying sharpen and it is equitable comparable new .
If you have never sharpened a knife before, it ‘s extremely easy and will make a HUGE deviation when slicing dainty even strips of wimp. The people at Cook ‘s Illustrated put together a big article on how to sharpen a tongue, it ‘s a must read .

Marinating the chicken

clock to bust out all those great sample spices and sauces and make the most incredible taste chicken anserine recipe there is. Let ‘s get started ! ! !
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Pour the marinade over the chicken strips in the gallon ziplock and marinade in the electric refrigerator for 6-24 hours. Make certain to shake the bag to make certain all the strips are amply covered by marinade respective times while marinating .

Using curing salt

When making chicken or turkey choppy, I constantly include curing salt into the marinade to help prevent bacteria in the choppy. Curing salt is largely table salt with about 6 % sodium nitrite, an component that removes water from the kernel and the bacteria cells themselves .
marinated chicken strips straining in colander once the chicken is finished marinade, tense in a colander to remove any excess marinade. You can besides pat dry with wallpaper towels to remove even more overindulgence marinade. This will speed up the dry summons .

Dehydrating the jerky

This chicken anserine can be dried by using either a dehydrator, oven, or in a smoker. I decided to make this chicken anserine recipe with a Nesco Dehydrator. Which ever method you are using, arrange the chicken strips on the trays or baking sheet lines with cooling racks .
Make sure the chicken strips are n’t touching or overlapping and have enough space in between to allow vent to well flow. This will help speed up the dry procedure adenine well.

chicken jerky on dehydrator tray dehydrate on the highest set, normally 165°F, in a dehydrator or at 200°F in a stag party or oven. The arrhythmic should take around 4-6 hours to fully dry .

Pre or post heat treatment

If you are not certain if your dehydrator heats the arrhythmic to this temperature, you can pre-heat the meat or do a post inflame treatment to make certain the choppy reaches the all authoritative 165°F. This is done by placing the kernel on a cookie sheet and putting in a 300°F pre-heated oven for about 10 minutes. This can be done before dehydrate or after .
Food safety is very important when making choppy, specially chicken or turkey anserine. here I have put together a lot of capital information on arrhythmic safety and food base hit steps you can follow when making homemade turkey arrhythmic .

How to tell when it’s finished dehydrating

Start checking the chicken jerky about 4 hours into dehydrating to see if it ‘s finished. Remove 1 firearm of anserine from the dehydrator, oven, or smoker and allow it to cool to room temperature for 5 minutes .
Once it ‘s cool, perform the deflect or rip examination to see if it ‘s ready to eat !
 chicken jerky being ripped in half showing it's finished drying. Cutting board in background

The bend test

Bend the arrhythmic in one-half from end to end in a U supreme headquarters allied powers europe. The anserine should bend and crack, but not break in half. If it bends into a U condition without cracking, it is not finished and needs to be dried far. Continue drying for another hour or then and check again .

The rip test

Take a slice of wimp choppy and rip it in half by grabbing one conclusion of the jerky and tearing like you would a piece of wallpaper. The arrhythmic should rip in half and white fibers will be well seen. The flannel fibers are an indication it is finished drying. If you do n’t see the fibers and lone raw looking meat, it needs to dry longer .


Is chicken jerky safe to eat? Yes ! arsenic hanker as you make surely it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F when drying it will be safe. Should I use curing salt? I recommend using curing salt when making turkey or chicken jerky. It ‘s another step to make sure the chicken choppy is safe. How long do you dehydrate chicken jerky? I have found that 4-6 hours is common when drying. Doing a pre heat discussion could shorten the dry time.

Old pro tips

  • Using hickory or applewood liquid smoke gives a great flavor to the jerky when not dehydrating with a smoker
  • Support local bee keepers and bee colonies by buying local honey
  • Store jerky in airtight containers in a cool area out of sunlight. Keep in the refrigerator for best results. Here I have more information on how to store your recently made chicken jerky.

Chicken jerky in mason jar on cutting board with marble background

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Chicken Jerky

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