DIY Dream Catchers Made by Kids

I ’ m then delirious to last get this post up ! ! We made these dream catchers during art camp in July and the kids were therefore into it. They truly loved making all of the different elements : videotape, wind, sewing, bead, painting and pompon hold. It was a very interfering three hours. I was SO proud of everything they accomplished wholly on their own ! I posted a photograph on IG that day and it has been my most popular photograph of the summer. I knew I had to get my act together and download the lie of my photos so that I could share our process with you – before next summer. ( I ’ thousand slow like that. )
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
Before getting started, I looked up the history of the dream catcher so that I could contribution it with the kids. Did you know that they started in the Native American culture ?

“ native Americans believe that the nox air travel is filled with dreams both beneficial and bad. The pipe dream catcher, when attend over or near your bed swinging freely in the air, catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams know how to pass through the dream catcher, slipping through the out holes and slide down the soft feathers [ or antiaircraft ! ] indeed gently that many times the sleeper does not know that he/she is dreaming. The bad dreams, not knowing the direction, get tangled in the dream catcher and die with the first lighter of the new sidereal day. ”

so, without foster ado…. The Dreamcatchers ( drumroll ) !
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
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Supplies needed to make dreamcatchers:

~ wooden embellishment hoop
~ washi tape
~ yarn
~ felt ( small patch )
~ polyester bat ( a very little amount )
~ needle and weave
~ beads ( we used pony beads and wooden beads )
~ antiaircraft godhead ( optional )
~ paper pinwheels made from sulphite newspaper ( instructions here – we made them 4″ diameter )
~ watercolors
~ piece of electrify for hanging ( silver or colored )
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.

Step-by-step dreamcatcher instructions:

1. The kids started by covering their hoop with little pieces of washi tape. They can either tear the videotape or use minor scissors. Anything goes !
2. Next they chose two biased yarns and wrapped them around the hoop. I don ’ t have photos of this partially because I was helping them get started. Once they got the hang of it, it only took a few minutes for them to wrap both yarns tightly. ( If the kids wrap excessively loosely then the thread will slide. Make sure it ’ south fast, and if not then pull at it a little in places. You could besides use a scatter of hot glue gun if necessary. )
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.

Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
3. following came the sewing part. I had a nice pile of different colored find left over from my wreath project so I let the kids choose their own two colors for their heart. I drew a kernel on newspaper first gear then used it as a template. The hearts are about 3.5″ wide .
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
4. When threading the needle, double the string and then tie a nautical mile at the end. This means, the ribbon will never fall out of the needle. I showed them the flog stitch and I was amazed at how promptly they got it. I kept an center on them just so the two sides wouldn ’ thymine shift besides much, but they did all of the sewing themselves and felt SUPER gallant. ( here is a great YouTube tutorial for beginners on the whip sew. )
5. We left a short open to put in the farce. I stitched the center closed for them .
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
6. When they finished sewing, I had a station set up with the newspaper pinwheels ( pre-made in the sake of clock ) and watercolors. I did not have a gamble to take any photos, but here is my pinwheels post where you can see how fun it is to paint 3D composition ! ( It takes four pieces of composition to make one pinwheel, my paper size was 3″ x 4″. ) We let them dry a bit and then punched a hole at the crown .
7. next, the girls made two pompon each. We used pompon makers, but you can use any method acting that works for you. ( here is a good tutorial on traditional antiaircraft cause with a cardboard set. )
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
8. The final step was the most fun – putting it all together ! I cut four pieces of string ; one for each antiaircraft, one for the catherine wheel and one for the center. ( I used a larger needle to get the thread through the clear of the felt heart. ) They strung beads on some of the strings. I besides brought out some old buttons which they loved. then I tied them onto their hoop at varying lengths. I found some old, color electrify and I made a hook at the clear ( which I secured with the hot glue gunman ) .
cook to hang up and catch those bad dreams !
Dreamcatchers made by 5-7yr olds in art camp.
This craft was such a hit, I ’ ve been doing it at birthday parties. here are some photos from a late party for an 8yr old. We had limited quad and needed to get things done in an hour, so I split the table up into taping and yarn wrapping on one side, and painting on the early. I cut out the sewing separate and rather had the kids key mini puffy hearts and mini pinwheels that I made ahead .
Kids make dreamcatchers at a birthday party.
Kids make dreamcatchers at a birthday party.
Kids make dreamcatchers at a birthday party.
Making dream catchers was so much playfulness. I made one, besides, and immediately I ’ megabyte hooked. There are sol many variations and possibilities !
Let me know if you make one, I ’ five hundred sexual love to see !

xo, Bar
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