Easy No Sew DIY Dog Bandanas


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These easy, no sew DIY andiron bandanas are so promptly to make and can be wholly customize using your Cricut machine and iron-on vinyl. Add your favored ’ mho name, seasonal worker designs, birthday greetings, and more !
DIY Dog Bandanas with customized names.

DIY Dog Bandanas

I always have playfulness dressing up our dogs and these comfortable DIY dog bandanas are the perfect accessory ! You can well customize them with your Cricut machine and iron-on vinyl for a fun seasonal bandanna or cute overdress for a special occasion like a marry or your favored ’ randomness birthday. There ’ sulfur no sew required and you can make one in less than 30 minutes !
Cute dogs wearing DIY pet bandanas.
This post is sponsored by Cricut and does contain affiliate links. This means that I may make a small commission ( at no charge to you } off purchases made directly through the links provided. As always, all opinions are 100 % my own. Thank-you so a lot for your support .
Pink and grey DIY pet bandanas with birthday greetings.

Pet Collar Slide-On Bandana

These pet bandanas slide right on your andiron ’ s collar so you don ’ t have to worry about it falling off or being excessively nasty around your pet ’ south neck .

There are two sizes of the bandanna radiation pattern available. You can always make slender alterations { either bigger or smaller } from these to best suit the size of your dog. For character, our smaller dogs are just under 20 pound. and 30 pound. and our big frank is around 60-65 pound .
Cute dogs wearing DIY pet bandanas.
The humble size accommodates collars up to about 3/4 inches while the large size fits collars up to a little over an edge. If you have a wider collar, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry though. You can easily adjust the practice to fit your collar size. Just add a short stature to the exceed edge of the practice .
Small dog wearing customized dog bandana.
I think these turned out thus cute and they ’ re super addictive to make. They ’ re thus quick and easy to create that you can make a new one for each holiday or limited event. Switch them up with new fabrics, different colored iron-on vinyl { or glitter iron-on ! }, and any blueprint that you can think of !
Cute dog wearing birthday bandana.

No Sew DIY Dog Bandana Tutorial

These no sew DIY frank bandanas are thus fun and easy to make. They ’ re a capital way to use up trash fabrics and the design possibilities are endless. I ’ thousand sure you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to fair make one !
DIY dog bandanas that slide over the collar.


Materials needed to create DIY no sew dog bandanas.

Step 1: Prepare your fabric.

Pre-wash your framework without framework softener. Iron out any wrinkles .

Step 2: Download and Print the Pattern

There are two sizes of bandanna patterns that you can choose from. You can download the patterns here :
once you ’ ve downloaded the practice, mark it and make any size adjustments that you would like. Once you ’ re felicitous with it, cut it out .

Step 3: Cut your fabric.

For the minor model, you can merely lay it out over your fabric, personal identification number lightly in place, and cut it out. alternatively, you can fold the traffic pattern in half and cut it out the lapp way as the large traffic pattern listed below. It ’ second immediate that way, but I liked using the full moon convention for some reason .
Backside of a DIY no sew pet bandana.
Once it ’ south cut, fold it in half and trim any excess material showing through so the sides match .
Backside of a DIY no sew pet bandana.
For the large model, fold your framework in half and pin the form so the long side is against the pen up { closed } edge of your fabric. Cut along the 3 sides and NOT the long boundary .
DIY dog bandana pattern.

Step 4: “Hem” the edges.

Using the Heat ’ n Bond, “ hem ” the edges. Starting at the indicate part of the bandanna, cut a while of Heat ’ n Bond the length of one side and status in place along the edge .
Fabric and Heat 'n Bond for a DIY dog bandana.
Heat your iron to a medium temperature setting. Fold the edge of the framework over the Heat ’ n Bond and press in stead for 3-5 seconds. You can use a directly pin or two to hold in rate if you need but I found I could do it without bothering with trap. When you have completed one edge, flip it over and iron for 4-5 seconds on the buttocks. crusade corners in target.

Iron and Heat 'n Bond to
repeat this for the steer edges and two sides { don ’ t hem the top edge }. once the 4 sides have been done, fold down the top edge of the bandanna to the begin of the triangle. This will form the pocket for the collar. Use the Heat ‘ normality Bond to secure this down .
Iron and Heat 'n Bond to
The bandanna should look like this when it ’ south completed…
Backside of a DIY no sew pet bandana.
Cute DIY dog collar bandanas.

Step 5: Create your design.

open Cricut Design Space and design what you would like to add to your bandanna. You can use your pet ’ mho name, a seasonal worker design, birthday greetings, or whatever you would like. The possibilities are dateless ! I did our dog ’ s names and a few different birthday bandanas. If you ’ d like to use my designs, you can find them here…
Birthday Pup
It ’ s My Birthday and I ’ ll Bark If I Want To
Birthday Girl
Birthday Boy
Pink and grey DIY pet bandanas with birthday greetings.
For the names, I used the Tahoma font and barely adjusted the size to what I wanted on the bandanna. You can run the name horizontally on the bandanna or on more of a diagonal along the border like I did .
Doodle dog with cute pet bandana.

Step 6: Cut your iron-on design.

once you ’ re happy with your design, pawl “ Make It ” and choose the no mat Smart materials setting. Check the image layout on the preview felt to ensure that everything is the room you would like. The most important thing to remember when cutting iron-on is to click the button to mirror the images .
Cricut Design Space for Cricut Joy.

Place your Smart iron-on material into the Cricut Joy shiny side down and follow the prompts to cut your images. Select Smart Iron-On from the list of materials .
Cricut Joy cutting iron-on material.

Step 7: Weed your iron-on design.

Trim any excess iron-on vinyl from around the design and use a weed joyride to remove any remaining elements of the plan that you don ’ metric ton want to transfer. You can hold the slice of vinyl up to a bright light to reveal the trimmed lines if they aren ’ thymine open. When you ’ re done, you shoulder be left with the desire image on the clear protective liner .
Weeding iron-on vinyl for a custom dog bandana.

Step 8: Apply your iron-on.

Set your EasyPress 2 to 315F and 30 seconds. { note : I always check the EasyPress temperature steer HERE as the temperature and time will vary with unlike fabrics. } Place your bandanna over the EasyPress felt { or use a thickly towel } and pre-heat the open for 5 seconds where you will be applying the blueprint. adjacent, place the design on the bandanna with the clear protective liner facing up. Apply the hotness with your easy Press for 30 seconds with light press. turn over the fabric and apply inflame for an extra 15 seconds. Allow to cool and then carefully peel away the liner .
Cricut EasyPress to transfer iron-on vinyl.
Pink and grey DIY pet bandanas with birthday greetings.

Cricut Smart Iron-On Vinyl Tips and Tricks

here are a few things to remember when you ’ re using Cricut Smart Iron-On Vinyl :

  • make sure you mirror your image before cutting your image
  • be sure to insert your iron-on vinyl shiny side down
  • if you’re using a regular iron instead of the EasyPress, turn the steam setting OFF so you’re just using a dry heat.

DIY Dog Bandanas with customized names.

How to Care for Your Pet Bandana

These DIY frump bandanna hold up well for abstemious to average use. They can be washed in the wash machine on cold once the Heat ’ n Bond and iron-on vinyl has been given at least 24 hours to cure. Hang to dry and iron on medium hotness if needed .
Doodle dog with cute pet bandana.
If you have any fun pet birthdays coming up, give these a attempt !
Doodle dog with cute pet bandana.
I hope you have equally much fun creating these as I did ! I ’ d love to see photos of your pups wearing your designs !
DIY Dog Bandanas with customized names.

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Birthday dog bandanas in three designs.

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