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A Complete Guide on How to Make a T-Shirt Design

How to make a t-shirt design
If you run a jersey occupation, you know how crucial it is to find a means to make choice jersey designs in american samoa little time as possible to optimize your production action and start earning money ASAP. Sounds expensive and complicated ? not very, making your identical own t-shirt design doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to be hard and you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessarily have to have graphic design skills to make a cause of death jersey. In this post, I will show you how to design t-shirts like the pros .
There are two paths you can go by for making your own jersey plan : download graphics and fonts and using Photoshop to put them together for a wholly DIY jersey plan or using a t-shirt template from a design generator that lets you get creative while taking care of all the technicalities for you .
I tested both alternatives by making my very own Mother ’ s Day jersey design from scrape, here ’ randomness how it went. If you ’ d like to read more about making Mother ’ mho Day t-shirts we wrote a post you might be interested in.

T-Shirt Mother's Day Design Templates

How to Make a T-Shirt Design

Find a Theme for Your T-Shirt

Do Keyword and Trend Research for Your Teeshirt’s Topic

Before going ahead to design my own jersey, I first gear had to verify the subject I chose had bulk if people actually search for mother ’ randomness sidereal day t-shirts to give out as gifts, my premise was yeah, decidedly ! But I barely had to make certain so I headed to Keyword Planner to see monthly searches for that condition, these were the results :
Mother's Day T-Shirt Keyword Research
After that, I performed a manual search on Google, results for the search question “ mother ’ south day jersey ” are posts about people selling Mother’s Day tee shirts, which proved my degree that this is a good topic to choose, specially due to timing, as we can see on the graph above, searches for this term rise in April and May due to Mother ’ s Day being on May .
Mother's Day T-Shirt Google Search

See What T-Shirt Designs Sell the Most!

Another thing I needed to cross out of my checklist before actually spend time and resources on making the jersey design was to view what designs are considered democratic within this subject, to have a look at what trends and sells the most .
To get a general idea, I first clicked on Images on the results for that Google search to have a glimpse at what ranks, this is what showed up :
Mother's Day T-Shirt Images
The first thing that stood out was the word “ Mom ” and how the heart shape or designs with typography are a reproducible element for this theme .
Spring and Spreadshirt are two of the major marketplaces for selling jersey on-line. I decided to search for Mother ’ s Day tee designs there to view what designs are popular within the community to gather inspiration when creating my own design and craft it according to what ’ s proven to be democratic, not barely what I consider that looks “ courteous ”. If you want to check out what other print-on-demand sites you can sell your jersey designs on, check out this other post I wrote on where to sell t-shirts on-line – it includes a rid POD sites Database !
spring – I found they have a unharmed category for Mother ’ s Day Gifts, which includes t-shirts, pillows, leggings, tank tops and sol a lot more ; this confirmed my belief that it ’ s a popular topic, I clicked on it to view what ’ s been offered, I then moved on to even categories, to browse “ Mother ” related tees I clicked on Family > Parent > Mother and found what are the most popular campaigns for this topic. here ’ s how the march of searching on Spring went :

Spreadshirt – These guys besides have a detail subject for Mother ’ s Day, once more, reassuring that I ’ m on the good path by creating a jersey design for this celebration. To view these I went to Shop > Inspiration > Mother ’ s Day. Have a search at what was my Spreadshirt findings below :

Okay, indeed after searching I came to these conclusions on how I need to craft my jersey design :

  • It has to include the word “Mother” or “Mom”
  • It should have hearts, typography or related graphics, maybe flowers
  • Pink, black, white, and red are popular colors to use on several elements or motifs in the design

now that I had clear what I intended on reach, it ’ second time to move on to the creative separate of the serve .

Another Way of Finding Popular T-Shirt Designs

We noticed how this procedure of reviewing the popular jersey designs amongst print-on-demand sites is a key separate of making your identical own jersey designs. So we decided to build a tool that would scrape the best t-shirt designs from print-on-demand sites and put them all together in a single position for you to easily review and monitor so you can catch newly trends and patterns. besides, think about seasonal opportunities to design in advance a popular jersey for a particular date, for exercise, a 4th of July jersey design .

Making a T-Shirt Design on Photoshop with Online Resources

How to Find Free Graphics for Your T-Shirt Design

Since I decided to make a Mother ’ second Day tee to run a promotion next calendar month, I started off looking for heart shapes to use on my purpose. I googled “ complimentary png graphics ”, clicked on the inaugural option, which is Freepik, and signed up for a free account .
Free PNG Graphics
then all I had to do was type “ center ” on the search bar and was given tons of options, clicked on the one with a manner that matched what I had in mind, which was a scribble shape. Notice how this is a free download with a free license that requires attribution .
Freepik Image Vectors


Make sure to pay attention to the fine print to avoid compromising your designs for copyright violation. Each asset you find on-line will come with a license or copyright comment, just because something is labeled as “ unblock ” doesn ’ thyroxine intend you are allowed to use it for commercial purposes or on print t-shirts for sale. My advice is to mind the details .
In this case, I ’ m able to use these graphics american samoa farseeing as I credit rating the writer. Freepik makes it easy to know precisely how to attribute the author and stay away from perturb .
Freepik License
To be absolutely sure I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be violating any copyrights by using these on my tee ( which I plan to profit from ! ) I went to Freepik ’ s FAQ to learn more on how to proceed, fortunately I found the answer to my question real number quick .
Freepik FAQ
Ok, then arsenic long as I add “ designed by Freepik ” somewhere on the jersey I ’ megabyte dependable to go – I plan on adding that information on the tee ’ s tag. now, if you want to avoid all the fuss of attributing the graphics, you can sign up for their premium design, which gets rid of that footstep, it ’ south $9.99 EUR/month and it allows inexhaustible downloads without attribution + entree to premium graphics .
early places to search for graphics and vectors are Shutterstock and iStock .
Shutterstock has thousands of graphics and I was able to find one that is identical much alike my Freepik witness, it ’ s a free download but it doesn ’ metric ton allow me to use the design on print t-shirts, I have to acquire an “ Enhanced license ” .
Sketchy Hearts Vector Stock Shutterstock
Enhanced licenses are not sold individually, I ’ vitamin d have to purchase at least 2 images, which would be $199 USD.
Stock Photos Royalty Free Shutterstock
iStock offers exchangeable graphics at $12 each with a standard license, and digging into their license agreements, learned that I need an extend license for printing and selling t-shirts with the graphic .
Licenses For Stock Photos
The offer license I would need is “ Products for resale ” it costs 18 credits, and each credit is $12.
Since I ’ thousand trying to make a design for a jersey for free, I decided Freepik ’ s free heart graphics with required attribution will do, so I went ahead and downloaded the charge, which is an Adobe Illustrator file ( don ’ thyroxine worry, you can open this in PS ), but you can find tons of deals for designers like photos, vectors, and icons online .

How to Download Photoshop

Since I already have Photoshop installed on my computer, I merely dragged the .ai file to Photoshop to open it, however, if you don ’ t have it already, you can download it from Adobe at $9.99/month as a part of the Creative Cloud Photography .
This box lets you get a free 1-month trial and it includes the play along : Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and a cloud storage space of 20GB .
Alright, so when I opened the file in Photoshop I was given this screen, which made me notice my file is a directly persona, not individually layer graphics, this means I have to cut out the whiten background ( we ’ ll contract to that ). Default settings are very well, so I just clicked “ Ok ” to open the charge .
Adobe Photoshop
This graphic has tons of different heart shapes, I only found 4 of them to meet what I have in mind for the tee so I selected them, cut out the white background, and saved them as a png file. This is a fairly simple action, even if you are fresh to Photoshop. here ’ s a recording of my procedure :

Where to Download Free Fonts for Graphic Tees?

now that I had my heart shapes in a friendly format I can move across the design, I went ahead and searched for some handwritten fonts to add to my design, I visited DaFont since I was already familiar with the locate. You can besides use Google Fonts to download dislodge fonts to use for your jersey designs .
On DaFont I narrowed my search to Script > Handwritten and downloaded the Luna font, which was labeled as 100% free.

How to Make a T-Shirt Design in Photoshop

After unzipping and installing the baptismal font I was last ready to go make my plan. I headed to Photoshop and came up with a question I hadn ’ metric ton think of earlier, what size does my charge need to be ? I went on a couple of POD sites to compare their sizes and found out the pursue :

  • Spring – 11.9 x 17.9″ maximum printable area for t-shirts
  • Society 6 – 11 x 17″ recommended upload size for t-shirts
  • Threadless – 14 x 16″ recommended upload size for t-shirts

Based on this, I decided to make my design 11×17″, this is where you select the file size on Photoshop ( my MacBook runs CS6 but the radio link I provided is to download the latest version from Creative Cloud ) :
Adobe Sizes
After creating my file, I decided to try respective options for my jersey template by copying and pasting some of the heart icons, arranging them, adding text using the font I downloaded, and basically playing around until I came up with an option ( or 2 ! ) I liked, downstairs is a promptly read of my summons .

Results and Final Thoughts on Creating a Tee Design With Photoshop

After I was done making my jersey templates, I saved both individually as .png files, which allows them to keep a guileless background, which is the best format to upload to the POD shops late. These are the final examination design I made in Photoshop :
Mother Days Design Made with Photoshop
I plan on printing this design on a black tee so even though it has a crystalline background, I ’ megabyte uploading it here with a total darkness background so you can see the white heart graphic .
Mothers Day Template
overall, I was please with my results but considered it took besides long, by the time I ultimately got to the designing contribution I was already annoyed by the whole process of finding and downloading the assets and tools. Below are my final thoughts on this march .

  • I was able to control every aspect of the process, from selecting the graphics to arranging them to the style I had in mind.
  • Once you have the assets downloaded, you will be able to reuse them for future projects or designs.


  • It really takes a while to find what you have in mind; I was searching for heart graphics, which are popular, however, if you are searching for something more specific, you may struggle to find quality assets that allow you to use them commercially.
  • You really need to pay attention to the license of each graphic, this can be a hassle. Freepik makes it easy to know exactly how to attribute the author and stay away from trouble, but it won’t always be that clear.
  • You need to have Photoshop installed.
  • You need at least the very basic Photoshop knowledge.

This is a breakdown of my results making a design for a jersey with on-line assets and Photoshop :

  • Cost: $9.99 for Photoshop. Don’t forget that even though the graphics were free to download I have to add attribution on the label.
  • Time spent: 1 hr 40 min. 35 min searching for graphics and fonts + 45 min signing up and downloading Photoshop (estimated) + 20 min crafting the design on Photoshop.
  • Quality: the quality of my final output is good enough to use on several products on my POD shops like tank tops, hoodies, mugs, etc, so that’s pretty good.

Using a T-Shirt Design Maker to Create a Graphic Tee

Using a t-shirt design maker is a capital way to optimize prison term while inactive having control over how your final examination invention will look like. Placeit recently released design templates, a newly jersey invention manufacturer that lets you make all sorts of beautiful teeshirt designs using it is super easy, have a look at its features :

Selecting a Font for the Tee Design

  • Choose from a set of fonts specifically selected for each template and that complement each other.
  • Choose the same font for each text field or a different one for each.
  • Pick a color for your text fields, you can select one or paste a HEX code.
  • Each template comes with a different amount and arrangement of text fields, you are able to disable some of the fields.

Adding an Image or Graphic to the T-Shirt Template

Heart Icons

  • Pick an icon or graphic that goes along with your text and complements the t-shirt design.
  • Choose the color of the image.
  • You can decide to avoid adding graphics by clicking “No Image”.
  • Graphics are automatically centered in the image.

Choosing a Background Image, Color, or Pattern for the T-Shirt

  • You get to choose background texture, graphics, patterns, or even a stunning photo! – I only recommend choosing photos if you plan on making a sublimated t-shirt (some POD shops offer this product) or if you have other use cases for the design, like printing posters, using it as a social media graphic, etc.
  • Choose a flat color for the background by clicking on “No Image” on the right-hand side.
  • Select a transparent background option to download the transparent png – the most flexible file format for most POD shops and print your own t-shirt.

Choose from Many Different T-Shirt Design Templates

One of the things I loved when looking for a mother ’ mho day jersey template is that there are many different niche-specific designs to choose from. And more are coming out every day. From feminist t-shirts to cat t-shirts, and even retro jersey template, you ’ ll probably be able to find that jersey template you ’ ve been looking for. Check out some of them down below !
T-Shirt Design Templates 4th Of July 90s Horror
T-Shirt Design Templates LGTB Cats Skater

Results and Final Thoughts on Using a T-Shirt Design Maker

Using these jersey templates decidedly simplifies the process, making it way flying and even fun. I loved how you are given tons of background and graphic options while making my Mother ’ s Day design, the jersey godhead actually boosted my creativity and gave me ideas for making tons of more jersey designs. besides, you can make all kinds of designs for your occupation, not just t-shirts, look at everything you can do with these design templates guide. This is how the final product looks like :
This jersey design can be used on both white and color garments, which is why I downloaded it on a transparent backdrop .
Placeit Heart Template

  • You can select from a wide variety of assets, all from a single place and without having to download them.
  • No need to worry about copyright infringement, these assets are all preselected for you to use for selling t-shirts.
  • Output looks exactly as intended since you choose your own combination of fonts + graphics + background + text.
  • Your download file is a friendly png that meets all the POD site requirements.
  • This is a super-fast way to make a t-shirt design!
  • Smart templates are 100% free at the time.


  • You are not allowed to reposition the objects within the design, which can be a bit annoying but also makes sense, this way all elements remain centered and correctly arranged aesthetically co be prepared to invest time designing your t-shirt, especially if you are new to these tools and processes.
  • You are limited to a selection of graphics and fonts.

This is a dislocation of my results making a jersey design with Placeit ’ s design templates :

  • Cost: $2.95 or get these T-Shirt templates for free with any subscription.
  • Time spent: 10 min since it was my first time making a t-shirt design using this tool. Time can definitely be cut in half for my next design.
  • Quality: the quality of my final output is pixel perfect, these are beautiful assets and the elements on each t-shirt template combine with each other perfectly.

Uploading Your Designs to a Print-On-Demand Shop

The jersey designs I made through both methods are fix to upload to any POD shop. I chose to add them to Spring and Society 6 so you can have a look at how easy the process is .
You are not selling t-shirts on-line so far ? Learn about where to sell your t-shirts, determine which “ Print-On-Demand websites ” are best for you and how they work on this print-on-demand starter lead. If you quite sell t-shirts online through Shopify then you might want to check this steer .

  • Spring – I uploaded the design I made with Placeit’s Smart Templates…Sign up for an account – it’s free!
  1. Click on Start Designing > Art > upload your t-shirt design file.
  2. Select a style for the tee and which colors you want it to be available in.
  3. Choose where to position the design on the tee’s printing area, as you can see the one I made was a perfect fit, I just moved it up a little bit since the Women’s Tee I selected has a different print area.
  4. Add your campaign’s metadata (Title, description, category).

NOTE : this is a sped-up video, but the integral summons of uploading my plan to Spring took only 2:30 minute ! !
You can read Spring ’ s Design file tips & best practices here .

  • Society 6 – For this platform, I uploaded one of the designs I made with Photoshop and using online graphics and fonts.
  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Click on Sell > Upload your artwork
  3. Add metadata
  4. Choose what products you want to enable with your design (there are lots of options!) For t-shirts click on Apparel; to enable products just toggle the ON/OFF  tab.
  5. Click on Edit and select the colors you want to offer the tee design in, you can zoom in and out with your design and also reposition it to your desired place.

here ’ s a bit-by-bit video on how to upload your artwork to Society 6 :

NOTE : This was besides a super flying process, it took 2:00 min in entire, however, keep in beware your invention may take up to 30 min to show on every enable product on your society 6 profile .

Promoting Your T-Shirt Designs With Mockups

Ok, indeed immediately that my designs are available on at least two on-line marketplaces, the next tone is to promote them on social media. Since POD sites merely offer mockups of a flat dress over a white background, and I was looking for mockups that displayed my design on a very tee being worn by a real homo being, I decided to promote my tee designs with t-shirt mockups .
A Placeit jersey mockup lets me display my Mother ’ s Day tee on a wide variety show of models and scenarios ( there are flush pregnant ma mockups ! ! ), this way I ’ m able to promote my work on social media without having to go through the hale process of a photoshoot .
Using these mockups is ace simpleton, you precisely have to :

  1. Select a mockup from the gallery
  2. Choose a color for the garment > Upload your t-shirt design
  3. Download your mockup!

Have a expect at this tutorial television we made a while back on How to Make a Tshirt Mockup .

Below you will see the jersey mockups I chose to create to promote the jersey designs I made today .

To Wrap it Up…

Making your very own jersey blueprint is a complex enterprise as you have to consider a crowd of little details, however, it doesn ’ t have to be a difficult process, even if you don ’ t have design cognition or skills arsenic retentive as you find the right tools to help you along the road, like Placeit ’ s T-Shirt Smart Templates .
I hope you have found my comparison of these two methods for creating a jersey purpose helpful. I recommend you try both paths and choose the one that works best for you and your t-shirt business.
Tip: We created a T-Shirt Ideas Calendar highlighting the dates that you can ’ triiodothyronine miss as a jersey seller ! Niche-specific t-shirts are always a great way to go like, Valentine ’ s Day Shirts, LGBT T-Shirts, Father ’ s Day Shirts, or even Cat T-Shirts !
Tip #2: Get the exempt How to Get Started With Etsy Guide and start selling custom dress online the easiest way possible !

besides, to help you build a all-around jersey business, read this position on how to help your POD business survive any crisis that might come !

“ How easier would have been to set up my jersey store if I knew Placeit ”
Maeve Bryan 5/5

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