How to Make a Homemade Book

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To make a homemade book with glue and framework, begin by choosing a material for your cover. If it ’ s your first gear time making a book, cardboard is a good option. Cut 2 identical front and spinal column embrace pieces so that they ’ rhenium 1/4 column inch ( 0.6 centimeter ) wide and ½ inch ( 1.25 curium ) longer than the inside pages. For example, if you ’ re using standard printer wallpaper, get a while of cardboard that ’ south 8 ¾ inches by 11 ½ inches ( 22.2 x 31 centimeter ) and cut it in half. following, take 6 pieces of composition and fold them in half widthwise. Thread a phonograph needle with a blockheaded part of string or embellishment floss, then poke the needle through the middle of the fold from the front. Pull it back through the back of the kris about halfway between the in-between of the paper and the edge, then bring it back through the original hole in the center. Repeat the stitch on the other side of the middle of the fold to make a pair of stitches shaped like a calculate 8. Tie the conclusion of the ribbon to the free end poking through the cardinal trap on the front face of the pages. Make as many of these stitched groups of pages as you like, then stack them on acme of each early. Set something heavy depressed on the push-down list, such as a large script, to flatten the pages. While you ’ re at it, measure the acme of the stack of pages to get a sense of how wide the spine of your reserve needs to be. Once the pages are flat, sew them together using a similar model to the one you used to stitch the separate stacks of pages together. then, cut out a clean of framework a long as the pages and ¾ of an edge ( 2 centimeter ) wider than the spine of your book. Coat one side of the strip with enough glue to dampen it thoroughly, but not therefore much that it drips and runs. Run the deprive along the spine of the book lengthways and wrap the excess width around the pages on either side. Make surely the framework is pulled taut, and run a rule along it to smooth out any bubbles or bumps. Place the pages between 2 pieces of wax newspaper and press them under a heavy object, such as a adult reserve. Wait about 20 minutes for the glue to dry. Next, glue the cover pieces to the first and death pages of the book, making indisputable they are properly aligned with each other and the spur of the book. Cut out a second piece of fabric. Make this one angstrom long as the cover charge pieces and ¾ of an edge ( 2 centimeter ) wider than the beginning strip of framework you cut. Glue the new piece of framework to the spine and wrap the excess on either side around the edges of the cover pieces. Again, place the book between 2 pieces of wax paper and weigh it down with something heavy while the glue dries. In the meanwhile, cut out a big slice of cosmetic composition. It should be 2 inches ( 5 centimeter ) wide than both covers and the spine combined, and 2 inches ( 5 curium ) longer than the cover. Cut notches out of the lead and bottom of the newspaper where it will fit over the spine, since you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to fold the paper over the ends of the spine. Open the book and set it on top of the sheet of cosmetic composition, and fold over about 1 column inch ( 2.5 centimeter ) of the top, bed, and sides of the paper so that it fits perfectly around the covers. This will be easier if you cut slits at the corners of the paper where you need to make the folds. Glue the flaps down to the inside covers of the book so the wallpaper stays in place. To finish your ledger, cut 2 more pieces of cosmetic newspaper about 1/4 edge ( 0.6 curium ) narrower than the cover and ½ edge ( 1.25 centimeter ) short. Glue them to the inside covers of the book so that they ’ rhenium flush with the spur. once all the glue is dry, have fun decorating your book however you like. To learn how to decorate your homemade book, scroll down !

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