How to Make an Origami Paper Crane: Instructions for the Beginner

It is no secret that I adore japanese culture and traditions, and that ’ s why learning how to make an origami grus winded up on my bucket list. It is sincerely bewitching how fiddling bantam pieces of newspaper can be crafted into beautiful pieces of artwork ! Though this finish may appear simple at inaugural glance, it can actually be pretty dang challenging without some detailed instructions. fortunately, the crane is one of the most popular of the animal shapes and fairly slowly to learn, specially with this bit-by-bit lead.

How to Make an Origami Paper Crane: Folding Instructions for the Beginner

The Tradition of Origami

It is said that the traditional artwork of folding paper originated direction back during the Heian Period ( 794-1185 ) when paper was invented and brought to Japan from China. In the earlier years, ascribable to the high gear costs of newspaper, origami was used alone for religious purposes. however, it soon began a far-flung tradition, so far still reserved for the skilled nobles. today, origami is a beautiful art form created by people all around the world. Legend has it that whoever folds a thousand wallpaper cranes will be granted one wish, so we all need to get started…

Instructions for How to Make an Origami Crane

Step 1: Square Piece of Paper

Start with a feather piece of newspaper, with the print side face up. In this presentation, I am using a 6″ square sheet which is one of the standard sizes for origami ( 3″ and 10″ are besides common ) .

It ’ s absolutely okay to use a simpleton piece of blank paper, but you can besides buy colorful japanese origami Washi Style Paper on-line .

Origami Paper

Step 2: Make Diagonal Folds

  • Fold the paper in half diagonally, corner to corner, so that it forms a triangle.
  • Unfold the piece of paper and there will be a crease down the middle.
  • Repeat the Diagonal Fold in the other direction.
  • Unfold the paper and you should now have creases that look like an “X”

Step 3: Make Rectangle Folds

  • Flip the piece of paper over
  • Fold in half horizontally so it looks like a rectangle
  • Unfold and fold again in half in the other direction, vertically
  • Unfold the paper and you should now have creases that forms a “+” and an “x” 

Origami Rectangle Fold Instructions

Step 4: Accordion Fold

With the color side down and one corner pointed at you, bring the peak point down to meet the bottom one, because of your previous folds the side points will fold nicely into the center. When flattened, it will be your square base. Step by Step Origami Crane

Step 5: Squash Fold

  • With the open end of your square base at the bottom, fold the left side to meet the center crease. 
  • Repeat this with the right side.
  • Fold the top part down over your last two folds, and crease well.

How to make an origami crane

  • Unfold the last three folds and lift up the top flap of paper and flatten it into a squash fold. 

Step 6: Repeat Squash Fold

  • Flip your paper over and we are going to repeat the same folds above.

guide to making a paper crane

  • Fold the left side and the right side to meet the center crease.
  • Fold the top part down and crease well.
  • Unfold the previous three folds.
  • Lift up the top flap of paper and flatten it into a squash fold.

Step 7: Make Kite Fold

  • Fold the left top flap to the center crease
  • Fold the right top flap to the center crease
  • Turn your origami crane over.
  • Fold the right flap to the central crease
  • Fold the left flap to the central crease, you will now have something that resembles a skinny kite. 

Step 8: Neck, Tail and Head

  • To make the neck of the paper crane, fold the bottom right flap underneath and angled to the right.
  • Repeat the above process with the left flap to make the tail of the origami crane.
  • Unfold the neck and do a reverse fold, pull it out slightly and tuck in-between the wings.
  • Repeat with the tail
  • Pull the head and tail out a little, and do an inside reverse fold to make the head. 

Paper folding art

Step 9: Complete

To complete your crane lightly pull out the wings.

Helpful Origami Paper Crane Videos

If your still having trouble with making your crane, these videos will help :

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