How to Schedule a Passport Appointment Online

Passport Appointment Online – How to Find the Location Nearest You to Apply for a New Passport

How to Book a Passport Appointment Online Getting an appointment to apply for a recommendation, by either calling a regional pass agency or a local anesthetic recommendation application acceptance facility, can be a unmanageable task. It is no wonder why one of the most coarse requests to regional pass agencies is how to schedule a U.S. recommendation appointment on-line .
There are 2 ways to make a passport appointment over the internet, depending on how promptly you need your credentials in hand :
Each of these options provide a handy way to set up an date to get a pass ; however, neither is arrant. The most authoritative thing is to pick the on-line recommendation appointment system that best suits your pass needs.

The bit-by-bit walk throughs below will show how each site works, angstrom well as how to solve or avoid the most coarse problems that you may encounter as you complete the forms .
The USPS system is explained immediately below or you can

USPS Online Passport Appointment System: Application Acceptance Facilities

The USPS system is explained immediately below or you can click here for information about making an appointment at a regional agency The on-line pass appointee system maintained by the United States Postal Service is a giant step toward relieving some of the frustration felt by applicants who were required to call numbers that were rarely attended. While the appointment system is helpful, it placid has some limitations :

  • The system does not include all of the passport application acceptance facilities that exist.
  • The system does not include facilities located in public libraries, municipal and county government offices, or post offices that do not require an appointment.

Step 1: Choose a Service

USPS Online Appointment System Step 1 - Choose a Service
The first step is to select the pass service you need from the drop down menu. There are presently four options including New Passport merely, New Passport with Photo Service, Passport Photo Only, and Passport Renewal. USPS Online Appointment System Step 1 - Passport Services Offered If you select Passport Renewal, you will be shown the follow message. USPS Online Appointment System Step 1 - Passport Renewal
Passport reclamation application mannequin DS-82 should be mailed to the address on the form. Applicants do not need to apply in person to renew a passport. The application kind to get a raw pass should be submitted for a first-time recommendation, minor ‘s passport or surrogate of a lost, stolen or significantly damaged passport. USPS Online Appointment System Step 1 - Number of Applicants After choosing the recommendation service you desire, select the number of both adult and minor applicants. You can select up to 6 adults and 6 minors .

Step 2: Choose Search Method

The on-line appointment system allows you to search by Location or Date. We recommend you search by Location beginning to find the nearest recommendation office to you. If the nearest locations do not have a date available that works for you, change the method acting of search to by Date .
USPS Online Appointment System Step 2 - Search by After selecting Location, you will prompted to enter your nothing code and select a radius within which you want to search. The system allows you to choose a radius between 1 and 100 miles .
At this dance step. you can check the small box to include locations that offer photograph services, even if you did not include this service in Step 1 .
USPS Online Appointment System Step 2 - Search by Location
You will be presented with a list ( and map if crop from a pill or calculator ) of passport application acceptance facilities that are within the radius you selected. If no results are shown, you need to increase the radius .
Hover over the information icon to see a tilt of Passport Appointment Hours ( pictured below ) .
USPS Online Appointment System Step 2 - Results of Passport Facility Search once you find a placement that has hours that are best for you, click the “ choice placement ” button. A section will open for you to select a date. USPS Online Appointment System Step 2 - Select Date A windowpane will open with a calendar. Select the date you want to submit your passport application and click the “ choose Date ” clitoris. USPS Online Appointment System Step 2 - Select Date

Step 3: Select a Time

Select an available time from the list. Appointments are scheduled in 15 minute blocks per lotion. USPS Online Appointment System Step 3 - Select a Time once your selections are made, they will be listed for you. You can click the “ Edit ” link to make any changes. USPS Online Appointment System Step 3 - List of Selected Appointment Times

Step 4: Provide Contact Information

Enter your first name, final name, call number, and electronic mail address. here, you can request to receive text message updates .
Be surely to check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions .
USPS Online Appointment System Step 4 - Provide Contact Information Review the Privacy Act Statement then click the button to review your data. USPS Online Appointment System Step 4 - Privacy Act Statement

Step 5: Review & Confirm Appointment Information

Review your personal information, pass facility selected, and the date and time of your date. once reviewed, click the button to confirm your appointee. USPS Online Appointment System Step 5 - Review & Confirm Appointment Information If any of the data is wrong, click the “ Edit ” connection and make any necessary changes. Remember, the on-line passport appointment system that the USPS maintains only includes lotion acceptance facilities at post offices .
If you need to apply for a pass by a specific date but no recommendation agency near you has an appointee available, visit our pass adeptness directory for more options.

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The passport appointee scheduler for the U.S. Department of State allows you to do the take after :

  • Make passport appointment.
  • Confirm an existing appointment.
  • Reschedule an existing appointment.
  • Cancel passport appointment.

There are 5 steps to scheduling a newly appointment at a regional agency :

Step 1: Travel Plans & Proof of Travel

To schedule an appointment, you must have external travel plans within 2 weeks ( or within 4 weeks if you besides require an entry visa ). proof of travel is required to apply at a regional recommendation means. If you do not need a pass cursorily, you can apply in person for a new recommendation at an acceptance adeptness or by mail for renewals and other services. DOS Online Appointment System Step 1

Step 2: Find an Agency

The appointment system will use your location to identify the regional agency nearest to you. As you can see below, the Houston Passport Agency did not have an appointment available for before the locomotion date that was entered. DOS Online Appointment System Step 2 No Match In this case, you either go back and choose a unlike date, enter a unlike agency or use a different manner to get your recommendation expedited. NOTE: you can only change the date you entered if you can change the date your flight departs or the day you need to submit your pass to get a travel visa .
If you already entered the latest possible date, you might consider changing the agency. In the exercise above, no appointment was available at the Houston agency. The next close representation is in Dallas. While no available appointments were listed there, either, there may be handiness on another date. If you do not know where the next near means is located, or you need even more options, click the link “ View a list of all passport agencies ”. A page will open that shows all current agencies. once you decide which one is closest to you, you must return to the appointee system to enter it and search. NOTE: If the nearest means to you does not have an date available and you do not want to travel to one that is farther aside, you have a couple of options .
You can try visiting the nearest agency without an appointment. Agencies try to attend to all who show up, but no guarantees can be made. There is a limit to the numeral of applications that can be processed each day .
alternatively, you can get a file recommendation messenger to hand deliver your application and pick up your raw recommendation for you .

DOS Online Appointment System Step 2 Find an Agency - Dallas once you find an agency that has an appointment available anterior to the date you entered in Step 1, click the “ Select ” push button .

Step 3: Select Date & Time

Based on the date you entered in Step 1, you will be shown a tilt of dates on which appointments are available. Clicking on the arrow to the correct of AM will reveal available time slots. DOS Online Appointment System Step 3 Choose a Time

Step 4: Appointment Registration

After you select the recommendation appointment time that best fits your schedule, click “ following ” you will be taken to the Appointment Registration page. DOS Online Appointment System Step 4 Registration
You have now made a doubtful reservation, which will be held for a short period of clock time. During this time, you need to complete the shape with your e-mail address, call phone number, and a PIN that you create. You can besides choose to receive an electronic mail reminder in addition to a reminder call .
After clicking “ next ”, you will be taken to a page where you will enter a ratification code that was sent to the electronic mail address that you provided .
DOS Online Appointment System Step 4 Verification Code

Step 5: Appointment Confirmation

After entering the verification code and clicking “ Confirm ”, your appointment has been made. Details of your appointee will be listed for you to print, ampere well as send to the e-mail address you provided. DOS Online Appointment System Step 5 Confirmation now that your appointment to get your pass expedited at a regional means is confirmed, you can complete the application form and gather the ask digest documents for the type of passport service that you need .
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