How to Put a Wick in a Candle

Learn how to put a wick in a candle, including how to anchor a wick and make it stand up when pouring candle wax. This DIY approach does not use wick stickers .

How to Put a Wick in a Candle

I love making candles–see my DIY beeswax and coconut oil candles tutorial ! Making them is actually pretty easy–but setting the wicks is a different fib and is by army for the liberation of rwanda the most thwart share. After lots of candle-making trial and error, I ’ meter going to show you how I set candle wicks using stuff from my junk drawer. No extra candle-making supplies necessary .

  • Wicks (I have this kind)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Clothes pins or medium-sized binder clips
  • Tape
  • Paper towel
  • Melted wax for your candle

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And here’s how to put a wick in a candle!

( Do not use any appliances or work with raw materials without proper discipline, precautions, and supervision from a professional. Make certain you research fire safety and take all necessity precautions before working with beeswax. Read my fully terms of habit here. )

Step 1: Cut and prep the sicks

The first footprint is to cut the wicks. I cut my wicks 3-4 inches longer than I ’ d like the finished intersection to be. That ’ south because I use the supernumerary length to help stabilize the wicks to make them stand up when I am I use the extra length to stabilize the wicks and get them to stand up .
Remember, you can constantly trim a bit more off of your finished candle wick, but you can ’ triiodothyronine add more ! If you ’ ra uncertain of the length you should use, an an edge or two on .
long candle wick and beeswax bad

Step 2: Dip wicks into melted wax

The adjacent thing I did was dip the cut wick into the dissolve wax mixture I was using for my candle. But I dipped alone about 75 % into the wax mix and used a paper towel to straight out the wax-covered area. The wax will dry promptly and straighten the wick wholly, forced it to stand up true while you pour the wax .
( I have a wallpaper towel handy. ) I dip each wick into the melted wax so that the wax covers about 75 % of the wick. The I use my fingers to gently smooth out the wax from the wick ’ s acme to its bottom. As the wax hardens, the wick should become absolutely straight .

Step 3: Anchor the wicks

To anchor the wicks and prep them for wax pour, I wrapped my wicks around a pen adequate times therefore that, when the pen is resting on peak of the candle container, the bottom of the wicks barely touch the bottom of the container .
sometimes the wicks just stay in home on their own ( moment and third base pics below ). If they don ’ thymine arrest in plaza on their own, you can anchor them in position using something like a clothes pin or medium-sized binder trot ( first photograph below ). You can besides secure the penitentiary with tape if you need to .
how to make candle sicks stand uphow to make candle sicks stand uphow to make candle sicks stand up

Step 4: Pour the first layer of wax

then I pour about a 1/2-1 inch of mellow wax assortment into the candle container and let solidify for 10-15 minutes. This is a DIY wick holder approach because as the wax solidifies, it will hold the wicks in place. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like to pour the wax in all at once because it will cause the wicks to curl up due to the heat.

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Step 5: Let wax solidify and trim wicks

I leave the wick-holding apparatus in place as I pour the rest of the wax in. I typically like doing this in a few different pours, letting the wax solidify a bit between each pour. then, when I ’ megabyte done and the candle wax has set, I clip the wicks. Wait 24 hours before burning the candle. delight !
collage with a picture of beeswax bars and a finished beeswax candle

How to Put a Wick in a Candle

how to set candle wicks
Learn how to put a wick in a candle ! sure, you can use vomit stickers to anchor your wicks, but what if you just want to make a few candles and do n’t want to buy wick stickers ? here ‘s how I set my wicks .


  • Wicks
  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper towel
  • Melted wax for your candle
  • You might need: Clothes pins or binder clips and tape


  1. Cut wick to your desired length; make sure to add 3-4 inches.
  2. Dip the wick into wax and straighten it out using a paper towel; this will help encourage the wick to stand up.
  3. Wrap the wicks around a pen enough times so that, when the pen is resting on top of the container, the wicks barely touch the container’s bottom.
  4. Pour 1/2-1 inch of wax into the container and let solidify; make sure it’s enough to cover the bottom of the wicks to anchor them.
  5. Continue pouring the wax in a few batches, letting it solidify for a few minutes between each pour. Trim wicks when you’re done.


You may need to secure with wick and pen with clothespins, binder clips, and tape if necessary .

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