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Starting a business can be chilling .
When I decided that I wanted to start my own on-line retail shop, I picked the name, designed the logo, and then thought, “ well… now what ? ”
There are therefore many factors to consider when creating your business web site, from deciding which web site builder is best for your commercial enterprise to worrying about how much it will cost to bring your web site to biography. It can be very frustrating and overwhelm if you don ’ thyroxine know where to start .
But creating your commercial enterprise web site doesn’t have to be nerve-racking. actually ! We ’ ra here to help demystify on-line commercialize for your modest clientele, starting with the cardinal hub of your on-line presence : Your web site.

How to create a small business website

First of all, kudos for recognizing that your belittled business needs a web site. After all, your customers are expecting you to have a web site and many of your competitors credibly already have one. In this sidereal day and age, not having a web site can lead your prospective customers to wonder if your business even actually exists .
And before we get into the carry through items, let me start by saying, “ You can do this ! ” badly, if you ’ ra looking for that final push, well… hera it is .
In accession to creating a web site for my own side hustle, I besides recently worked with Dawn, the owner of La Provence, to update her little commercial enterprise web site. I ’ ll share some of the tips and tricks we used for her locate excessively .
here are the things you need to consider when creating your minor business web site :

1. Decide which website builder is best for your small business website

There are many web site builders out there that can help you get your web site on-line. Some depend on a basic sympathy of code and design while others, like Constant Contact ’ s Website Builder, take care of that for you .
If you ’ ra looking for a elementary, professional, and easy web site, Constant Contact ’ s Website Builder is a great choice .
Since La Provence was already using Constant Contact for her e-mail market, it was a no-brainer for Dawn to use our Website Builder, besides. now her electronic mail marketing and web site work together to reveal more about her buyer ’ s behavior than ever before .

2. Buy a domain name

If you want to gain credibility on-line and show customers you ’ re the real batch, your commercial enterprise needs a world name. Having your own domain list protects your brand and besides helps you rank higher in search results .
Think of your sphere name as the web version of your street address. It ’ mho how people will find you on the internet .
sol, what should your domain be ? When purchasing your domain name, try to keep it as simple and relevant to your commercial enterprise as possible. Make certain that it fits your business, is easy to find, and hopefully easy to remember so customers will keep coming binding ( and tied tell their friends ! )
There are some things to avoid when choosing your knowledge domain mention, such as numbers, hyphens, and abbreviations. And, of course, it ’ sulfur always important to make sure your coveted knowledge domain is available for purchase ! There ’ south nothing worse than getting your heart set on a sphere diagnose, or flush going so far as to grab all of the usernames for this sphere name on social media, only to find out that it ’ randomness taken already .
For Dawn, her web site had long been known as and we didn ’ metric ton want to lose that recognition and power in research engine ranking. For that reason, we just moved her sphere over to her new site. however, we did besides purchase a secondary domain diagnose,, to redirect to her independent locate angstrom well .
once you ’ ve purchased your domain name, it ’ mho time to move on to the future step .

3. Design a logo

If you don ’ t have one already, nowadays would be a great time to create a logo for your business .
Your logo is one of the most crucial parts of your brand ’ s ocular identity. It provides a ocular and virtual theatrical performance of your clientele. Whether it ’ s on your web site, social media, signage in your store, employee uniforms or more, it is much the way customers are easily able to identify that something is related to your company .
If you are just starting your company or want to refresh your logo, Constant Contact ’ mho LogoMaker is a capital, release resource for little businesses to well create a logo. Using the baron of A.I., the LogoMaker takes your brand name and motto and creates a boastfully survival of logo options. You can click on any of the options to farther customize the colors, icon, text, and size .
If you already have a logo for your business, nowadays would be a bang-up time to gather all of the files into one target for rest of use .

4. Create your website content

When people visit your web site, they are looking for answers to their questions. Your web site should have at least three pages : a home page, your about page, and a contact page.

Your homepage

remember of the home page as the front door of your web site. This is where you get to make a good foremost impression and showcase what your product or service is all about. Remember — people don ’ t have a batch of time and opinions about your web site are made in alone 0.05 seconds ( ! ! ! ) therefore keep it authorize and concise .
An important question to keep in mind when creating your home page is “ who is it for ? ” This applies not lone to your web site but to your business in general. If you serve a specific group or diligence, make surely that it is apparent on your home page. You can convey this via imagination or text ( or preferably, both ) .
finally, make it unclutter what you want your visitors to do next. Are you trying to drive sales, get them to call you, or sign up for your e-mail list ? Your home page shouldn ’ metric ton be the last foliate they visit or the last step your visitors take .
For La Provence ’ s web site, sales are the main finish. As a consequence, we focused most of the buttons on driving dealings to the on-line shop class. The home page outlines what La Provence is, what they offer, and what sets them apart from their competitors. Plus, the imagination helps bring the quaint, notion of the physical shop onto her web site .
La Provence french goods websiteThe La Provence homepage has a brief description of the company, featured items from the store, and an email newsletter sign up form.

Your about page

Every little commercial enterprise owner has a fib. Why did you get started ? What problem are you trying to solve ? Why is your commercial enterprise significant to you ? Your about foliate is where you should tell this floor .
Talking about yourself can feel awkward or forced sometimes. however, sharing your small business narrative helps potential customers or supporters learn about you in a direction they may not have a gamble to otherwise. It tells them why they should care about what you do and what makes your business different from all the remainder .
Be sure to contribution photos and videos excessively, if you have them. Despite being a companion face here at the Constant Contact agency, Dawn at La Provence international relations and security network ’ t a big fan of being photographed or sharing pictures of herself. While we recommend having a movie of you and your team on your about page, we opted to showcase La Provence ’ s iconic front doorway rather. Alongside the image, Dawn shares the background fib of how the shop class got started, how she became the owner, and where you can find the patronize .
La Provence website about pageLa Provence’s about page provides a more in-depth history of the company. It’s a great idea to include reviews and testimonials on your site as well!

Your contact page

There is in truth merely one reason for a reach page : to allow your customers to get in touch with you. It ’ south important to be clear on what the visitor should expect when they contact you. When will you get back to them ? What are you hoping they ’ ll submit ? What data is authoritative for them to include in their message ?
It ’ s a good mind to besides include data regarding where customers can find you and when they can reach you. While most people will probably take advantage of your contact shape, some people may need an immediate answer and would prefer to call or visit you rather. Including your address, hours, and telephone total on this page will help ease that process .
Your contact form should be clear and concise. Only include fields that you absolutely need in order to speed up the process and avoid collecting unnecessary information.

5. Test your site before promoting it

It ’ s always a dear idea to get a hope second gear opinion .
When you ’ rhenium working on something for your business, it ’ mho easy to overlook things that may seem obvious to you but aren ’ thyroxine as clear to person who is just learning about your company. Showing your site to a trusted confidant and asking them to click around it is a great way to gather information on how person may move around your web site and which things they may get stuck on .
For exercise, when we were working on Dawn ’ s web site, we realized that while some of her reprise customers may know what “ Le Cadeaux Melamine ” is, new customers who are looking for beautiful french plates may not think to click on that. For this reason, we used the store class feature of speech to nest these products under a “ For the Kitchen & Home ” drift, allowing them to be discovered by newfangled customers and repeat customers alike. Things like this can be easy to overlook when you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate test your web site foremost .
La Provence french goods online store.Here you can see that La Provence’s online store uses categories to filter through products with ease.

6. Get your new site out to the world

It ’ second last clock. The moment has come .
You have to click publish .
I know, I know — It ’ s chilling. But think about how amazing it is that your customers will be able to see your beautiful new web site no count what device they are using. They will be able to make purchases from your small business even when your door is locked and you ’ re fast asleep at home. You can literally start making money while you ’ rhenium dream .
once you are comfortable with your fresh site, it ’ second fourth dimension to get it out to the world. Clicking publish international relations and security network ’ t the final step. After all, you want people to know about your new web site, veracious ?
once your web site is live, it ’ sulfur clock time to tell people about it. Consider sending an electronic mail to your contacts announcing your new web site and share a military post about it on your social media accounts. Scream it from the rooftops — just possibly not literally .
La Provence french goods mobile store.Dawn was so excited to share her new website with her followers on Facebook! This is a great way to make sure your customers know to check out your new site.
And trust me — you can silent promote your website evening when it feels like you have no clock time.

7. Maintain your small business website regularly

now that your web site is published and has been revealed to the world, you need to make sure you are properly maintaining your web site. Have your hours changed due to the season ? Are you offering new products or services this month ? Do you have a new promotion going on ? All of these things would be reasons to update your web site .

Want to take your small business website to the next level?

There is constantly room for improvement. By following the steps, pro advice and guidance outlined in our rid on-line commercialize scout, The Download, you can make sure your web site checks off all the boxes and works angstrom efficiently for you as possible .
We want to see your brand new websites ! Tweet us @ ConstantContact to contribution them with us .

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