Build Custom Window Screens

You don ’ t need to call the local handyman to get custom window screens built .
In keeping with the composition of Home Repair Tutor this plan is well worth your time and only takes 15 minutes, even if you ’ rhenium not particularly handy .
Plus lone a few cheap tools are necessity to get this job done .
here are the supplies you ’ ll indigence for a white aluminum screen door :

The total cost could be $36.49 if you need to buy all of the tools The actual price of fair the shield supplies is $15.10, which isn ’ thyroxine bad at all .
The screen human body kit is from Home Depot and can make a 48-inch by 48-inch frame. But if your frame is smaller like mine ( or bigger ) you can customize it by cutting the frame rails to size with a hacksaw .
The tutorial I ’ megabyte sharing nowadays shows me making a brown window screen but the steps are precisely the like for a white translation .
I ’ ll parcel how to build a customs windowpane riddle inning and add the fiberglass engagement .
Let ’ s get started and before you know it you ’ ll have a newly custom window riddle in 15 minutes directly .


Build the Custom Window Screen Frame (Step 1)

If you have an old screen measurement its width and acme .
In my case, I needed to make a screen skeleton from chicken feed. The total width of the newly riddle needed to be 30 1/8 inches and the total acme needed to be 27 3/4 inches .
My video recording will walk you through this character of the project but there is a picture tutorial arsenic well. I got lucky while filming the video recording because it was a nice cheery day here in Pittsburgh 🙂

You ’ ll need to subtract 1 1/2 inches off your width & acme measurements to accommodate the width of the blind skeletal system corners that help connect the skeleton together. once you have these new measurements you can use the hacksaw and miter corner to cut the aluminum screen frames .
With the four aluminum sides of the inning cut, you can immediately join them together with the frame corners. But before you do this make surely to have the adjourn in the human body where the condom spline goes facing up toward you .
This will help you construct the skeleton by rights and eliminate unnecessary frustration that may lead to curse words, fist-pumping at the sky, etc.

Add Fiberglass Screen to the Frame (Step 2)

once you know how to replace one fiberglass mesh filmdom you ’ ll be looking to do it for all your window frames or sliding screen door .
here ’ s the video that shows you this process .

Layout the screen frame of reference on an even, flatcar surface .
Lay the fiberglass screen over the frame therefore that it is 2 inches wider on all sides .
station the spline ( the rubberize tubing ) on lead of the screen where the recess is located. Embed the slat into the adjourn with the spline joyride ( it looks like a pizza cutter ) .
Use the utility knife to trim the excess screen. Hold your knife at a 45-degree lean to the shield frame and cut away the excess fiberglass mesh .
Go back over the slat one more time with the slat tool and you ’ re done. WooHoo ! !

What’s Next

You can do this project at any clock during the year and chances are eminent you ’ ll do it better than person at the hardware store .
Our early tutorial shows how to install custom window screens in old window frames .
If you ’ re doing a toilet remodel and motivation help, join one of our on-line courses – they ’ ll make your toilet renovation much easier !
Let me know if you have any questions and I ’ ll do my best to help .


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