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Learn how to make jewelry rings in no time. Making rings is a capital presentation to metalsmithing and silversmithing techniques in the jewelry studio. This resource page will connect you with tutorial articles to get started along with all the materials and supplies required .
We sell everything you need to make beautiful, attention-getting rings, whether you ‘re soldering sterling flatware ring bands from crude material or using ready-made sterling eloquent ring findings to save time .

Making Ring Bands

Making bands has a assortment of uses, from creating rings for the stacking tendency to making custom bands for your stone settings. Our traffic pattern and fancy wires give you a count of options .
To make a closed chain from scratch, you join shaped wire material into a loop using soldering. then, you round out the loop to a perfect gang shape that is cook to wear. You will need to know a number of techniques to measure, cut, prepare, solder and form your metal material to become a ring.

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To make a ring dance band, use half round, low dome or flat jewelry wire. You can choose from apparent cable corporeal or visualize design wires for your band design. The ring band can be wear entirely or used as the foundational build block in a more complex ring design featuring ornamental motifs, gemstones or other embellishments .
If you are new to soldering, we recommend that you visit our jewelry soldering resource page after you browse this information on ring form .
Custom Finger Ring

Make Spinner Rings

People love spinner rings, which are made of an inner set that stays stationary and an knocked out band that spins loosely around it. This type of fidget jewelry is popular with customers and fun for makers to explore .
Our pattern plane and wire make beautiful spinner rings. This is a good project to tackle once you have mastered making simpleton bands. Spinner ring fabrication brings in more complex bonding and forming techniques .

Adding Stone Settings to Your Jewelry Rings

Prong stone settings make it slowly to create greatest argent rings with calibrated stones using ring shanks and settings. You can solder prong setting heads onto jewelry name rings to create customs designs or purchase greatest silver ring blanks with empty settings attached to them for promptly cabochon or faceted gem arrange .
Our ring collection besides includes sterling eloquent ring making supplies for easily setting stones in smooth bezel settings. The only tools you need for this dash of stone adjust are a closed chain spindle and bezel curler. The bezel band settings are desirable for calibrate stones in a variety show of sizes .
Use our bezel strip wire and gallery cable for custom stone setting. To find how much wire to purchase, wrap a string tightly around your stone. Overlap the ends by 2-3mm ( to account for filing ) and mark it with a permanent wave marker. meter the drawstring to determine the necessary length.

Understanding Ring Sizes

The most popular women ‘s ring size is 7. however, sizes 6-9 typically sell well besides. Smaller sizes are sometimes used as musical instrument digital interface rings that sit in front of the knuckle. other sizes are often offered as limited ordering items or custom sizes .
The catchy thing about making a surround is ensuring that it will be the correct size. We ‘ve created handy ring material sizing charts to take the estimate work out of the subcontract. With some basic measurement and mathematics, you will be ready to move on to soldering and shaping. If you ‘ve never bought ring substantial before, read our overview guide included in the list of recommend articles on this foliate .
The easiest way to measure for the size pre-made ring you need is to use a band sizing gauge. If you do n’t have a bore handy, then wrap a objet d’art of string around your finger and place it around a hoop spindle. Do n’t have a ring spindle ? standard the piece of string against a millimeter rule. approximate : Size 5= 49mm ; Size 6=51.5mm ; Size 7=54mm ; Size 8=56.5mm ; Size 9=59mm ; Size 10=61.5mm .

Ready-to-Wear Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are typically little and simpleton so you can wear several at a time on the same finger. These easy upsells make capital accompaniments to your custom designs. Customers love them !
Consider a assortment of price points and designs to complement popular items in your line. At Halstead, we offer a good choice of stacking rings that you can sell “ as is ; ” or, change and embellish them as you see burst. It is playfulness to use cute soldering ornaments to embellish bare electrify rings or bands. then stack them on and enjoy !

Wire Wrapped Rings and Beading Rings

You may prefer an alternate technique that does not require any bonding .
Charm rings and split top rings are ideal for beading and wire wrap enthusiasts. These styles allow you to create trendy silver rings with your darling jewelry making techniques.

Custom Stamping or Engraving

Rings are frequently personalized for the wearer. Add custom pigeonhole or scratch options for your customers as an add service. Ring bands with a flat surface rather of domed take the best pigeonhole impressions. These findings are sometimes called ring blanks for metallic element stamp. It takes a short more practice to successfully stamp a swerve ring on a steel spindle, but with repetition you will quickly master this new stamp skill. Check out our branch resource page dedicated to metal stamp .
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