How To Develop and Create a Wikipedia Page That Sails Through the Approval Process

Updated March 31, 2022
When Dianna Huff decided to create a Wikipedia page for her customer ’ second technology, she had no idea what she was in for. Making updates to existing pages was simpleton. How hard could it be to create a new Wikipedia page ?
fabulously hard, as she found out. The drawn-out process felt more akin to writing a college term newspaper than to writing marketing subject, Dianna said.

But she felt the feat was worth it. Her customer ’ second industry-changing technology became an official part of Wikipedia and generated traffic to their site. And the article she wrote about the procedure remains one of the most inflict articles on this web site 11 years after it beginning appeared .
We ’ ve recapped her solid advice and added a few updates and ideas from early experts. We ’ ve besides kept the comments from Dianna ’ s original article so you can learn from others ’ experiences .

Reasons to create a Wikipedia page

about everyone is nowadays companion with Wikipedia, the know encyclopedia where anyone can suggest or contribute pages, articles, and knowledge about equitable about anything : roll Stones ( the set ), television games, Mount Vesuvius, Web3, and tied message market .
few understand, though, the rigorous threshold for article acceptance .
Should you silent create a Wikipedia page ( or try to have one added ) about something related to your sword ? Yes, if the subject meets a few all-important conditions. Dianna recommends trying for a Wikipedia page if :

  • Your company invented or developed an industry-changing technology. The tech can be in any category, from mechanical to chemical to musical (e.g., iTunes).
  • You can’t find any information about your technology or topic on Wikipedia. Dianna explained that she created a page for her client’s technology when she couldn’t find any mention of it on Wikipedia.
  • Your founder or company is “notable.”Wikipedia editors apply a “notability” test to determine if your subject warrants a Wikipedia page, and passing that test is a requirement for publication.

Keep in mind, Wikipedia ’ s agreement of luminary may differ from yours. If your company has invented something or your founder is a person-of-note ( for example, a celebrated author, the first person to row a boat across the ocean ), then your company or collapse might be a good candidate, Dianna explained .
But you need a unique report or slant – not every executive or post is sufficiently noteworthy for Wikipedia .
To be considered luminary, you need to be able to cite articles from reputable sources. As Jonathan Ricks notes in his recent article : “ You need to develop a case, using only sources that Wikipedia recognizes, which explains why the submission warrants inclusion in a ball-shaped encyclopedia, ” he says .
Notes : A blue checkmark on Instagram or a foliate on IMDB does not guarantee luminary .
TIP: Read Wikipedia ’ sulfur page on luminary go deep on the topic .

Steps to creating a Wikipedia page

Though you should visit Wikipedia ’ second help pages for more detailed information, Dianna shares this outline to provide a brief and helpful bit-by-bit version to create a Wikipedia page .

1. Do some research about Wikipedia

Learning the ins and outs of being a effective Wikipedia citizen can help you create pages that are less likely to be deleted or challenged in the official review process review .
TIP: Explore Wikipedia ’ s conflict of concern guidelines before you begin .
entirely registered users can create or edit Wikipedia pages. Dianna advises using your veridical name and electronic mail address .

3. Edit existing pages

Test your skills by making minor edits to existing pages before creating fresh capacity. Dianna says to start with topics with which you ’ re conversant. For example, she updated her son ’ s fencing coach ’ south page ( he ’ s an Olympic medalist ) with new biographic information not available elsewhere on the internet, and she linked to his fan club ’ s web site .
“ By making these humble changes, I was able to get more familiar with the locate ’ s content management system and build my Wikipedia drug user profile, ” Dianna says .
TIP: Wikipedia tracks all changes made through your exploiter account. With adequate edit and creating activeness under your knock, your exploiter flat can become an “ auto-confirmed user. ” This level lets you perform restricted functions, such as upload images and moving pages to the public quad.

4. Gather your sources

verifiable, third-party sources are enormously important in Wikipedia. After all, it ’ s an encyclopedia, not a market groove .
The content should be actual and unbiased. For exemplar, Dianna had to include information about competitors and their technology ( and links to their sites ) on the page she created about her customer ’ s technology .
TIP: You may know you, but unless your history is confirmable with aim sites or printed materials, Wikipedia doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe your first-person source .
TIP: Images are alone allowed if you own them or they ’ rhenium not subject to copyright .

5. Write the text

now you are cook to draft the capacity for your proposed Wikipedia page. You can type it immediately into the Wikipedia interface or cut and spread it from your textbook software .
On the top right of your drug user page are headers – Sandbox and My Talk. You can use either to create, but My Talk ensures the page won ’ t be deleted .
Dianna says she found formatting the page using Wiki code took a little time even though she ’ randomness HTML understanding .
TIP: Though Wikipedia has a action to request an article ( submitting a abbreviated description and dependable, mugwump sources ), it ’ south precisely a list of ideas that may get feedback from editors, writes William Beuhler. No one will create the suggest page, and Wikipedia encourages you to submit a draft article alternatively .
TIP: Read through Wikipedia ’ s Articles for Creation for extra explanations and guidance .
TIP: You can learn more about Wiki code by reading Wikipedia ’ south Help Pages .

6. Submit the page for review

With your page accomplished, submit it to Wikipedia for follow-up. The serve can take a few days or a few weeks ( or more ) .
Dianna waited 12 days after submitting her node ’ s page. After seeing approvals, challenges, and deletions for other pages submitted when she submitted hers, Dianna assumed her page was fine and moved it to the public space .

One more thing

concisely after it went live, a Wikipedia editor program changed the page ’ south title and made early non-substantive edits. If you do get a page published, continue to monitor and update it as needed .
Dianna became a confirmed Wikipedia admirer, though she wanted to tear her hair out at times during the page creation serve. “ It was well worth the effort, ” she says .
Have you tried to publish an article on Wikipedia ? Share your learnings in the comments .
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