How to live stream on YouTube

How to live stream on YouTube: Hardware encoder

How to live stream on YouTube with a hardware encoder

What’s a hardware encoder?

A hardware encoder is an appliance purpose-built for television streaming, capturing, recording – or all three .
Running your YouTube live stream through a hardware encoder offers a number of advantages over web and mobile. These make hardware encoders the best avenue for businesses shooting high-stakes events like concerts or sports games and anyone who wants to elevate the look of their live streams. While be streaming on YouTube through a hardware encoder might seem complex, the advantages of using one more than make up for the time it takes to learn how .
basically, hardware encoders make it much easier to produce polish, multicamera alive streams that are sure to impress and engage your audience. How ? A batch of hardware encoders include multiple inputs for video recording and professional audio so you can connect and stream HDMI and SDI cameras, laptops, tablets, XLR or TRS microphones, and more. And as dedicate devices, hardware encoders frequently perform better than software encoders. That ’ mho because software encoders have to share resources with your operate arrangement and any processes working in the backdrop.

There ’ s a broad range of exist streaming hardware on the market, which makes it impossible to write a definitive steer to making hardware encoders work with YouTube. For that reason, we ’ ll walk through how to live pour on YouTube using our Pearl encoder hardware. If you ’ re not using a Pearl system, we encourage you to check the user software documentation for your appliance or reach out to the manufacturer.

Starting a stream on YouTube with Pearl

For a more in-depth look at how to configure Pearl Nano, Pearl Mini, or Pearl-2 for optimum survive stream, check out our survive stream founder ’ second guide. here ’ s the condense interpretation :

    1. On YouTube, click the “Create a video or post” button in the top-right corner of the screen.
    2. Select “Go live.”
    3. In YouTube Studio, click on “Stream” in the left-hand navigation bar if you’re ready to go live now. To schedule a stream for later, select “Manage” instead and hit “Schedule stream” in the top-right corner and fill out your event details.
    4. Click the “Edit” button to the right of your steam preview and info to review or customize  your stream title, add a description, choose a privacy setting, and upload a thumbnail, and more. In the “Edit settings” pop-up, enter the “Customization” submenu from the pane on the left for more options.
    5. Log into the Pearl web UI. In the side nav, select “Streaming” under the channel you want to live stream.
    6. Copy your “Stream URL” and Stream name/key” from YouTube into Pearl’s “URL” and “Stream name” fields, respectively.
    7. Click “Apply.”

YouTube to Pearl UI

    1. To go live, press “Start” in the top-right corner of Pearl’s “Streaming” menu. If it’s a scheduled event, hit the “Go live” button in the top-right corner of the screen when the time comes.

You ’ rhenium live on YouTube ! If your survive stream was unscheduled, choose “ Stop ” on the Pearl web UI once your event is over. If you scheduled the event, end your stream through YouTube rather .

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