How to Know if a Guy Likes You: 30 Signs He Likes You A Lot

Wondering how to know if a guy likes you ? here are 30 signs a guy likes you a set .
sometimes, when you are dating it can be hard to tell if a guy likes you, or is equitable being nice .
We have all been there, when you first start dating and you your hale thoughts are wholly consumed with whether he likes you or not…
well never wonder again as these signs will reveal how to tell if a boy likes you.

How to Know if a Guy Likes You: 30 Signs He Likes You A Lot

He notices even the small details about you

A large sign that a guy likes you is when he picks up on belittled details about you that others tend to overlook. Maybe you just got a modern haircut, got your nails done, or changed your vogue up good a act .
Because he likes you, he ’ sulfur paying identical conclude care to you and he ’ ll be one of the first base to pick up on any elusive changes you make. Take note if he ’ s the inaugural to tell you he likes the new way you ’ re doing your haircloth or the new kit you have on, there ’ s a beneficial casual it means he likes you .

He picks on you (in a fun, playful way):

You know the old proverb that if a guy picks on you it means he likes you ? Well it ’ s frequently true ! One of the ways a ridicule will flirt is by picking on you. If he likes to joke with you, plays harmless small pranks on you, or just in general gives you a unvoiced time ( in a fun way, not in a mean-spirited way ) there ’ mho a full chance it ’ sulfur because he likes you .

He gets jealous over other guys easily:

Whether it ’ s over the guy you ’ re presently dating or even a guy you mentioned you might just have a crush on, if he likes you he ’ south going to have a hard time hiding his jealousy when you mention other guys .
You ’ ll pick up on signs of his jealousy. He might leave the room when you bring up your latest date, or get repose when the topic of the ridicule you ’ re seeing comes up. He wants to be with you and hearing about the ridicule you ’ re outgo time with international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine going to be his front-runner submit if he likes you .

He goes out of his way to spend time with you:

If a guy likes you, he ’ south decidedly going to want to be spend time with you. And he ’ ll go out of his way to see you. He might be working 12- hour days and have a million projects going on at knead but that won ’ metric ton matter if he likes you .
even the longest day won ’ thyroxine be besides long to spend some time with you. If you notice he seems to go above and beyond and out of his way to spend a little timbre time with you, it ’ s a augury he likes you .

He remembers the little things you tell him:

You mentioned in passing to him that Reese ’ randomness are your darling candy. You made a abbreviated comment about how much you like roses. And after a retentive, and not particularly great day, he shows up at your place with Reese ’ mho and roses in hand .
You ’ re surprised he even remembered you telling him about your favorite candy and flowers. If a guy likes you, he ’ s going to remember even the little things you tell him. Anything you say he ’ ll see as authoritative and he won ’ thyroxine soon forget even the small details .

He calls/texts often and seemingly for no reason:

If a guy is calling and texting you on a regular basis, it could be because he views you as a good acquaintance. But there will be a noticeable difference in his text and calls if he likes you .
He ’ ll ask how your day went or text you just to check on you. His calls and text will be frequent and much seem to be for no actual reason. If he likes you, he ’ ll want to precisely check in on you and see how you are, so he ’ ll likely call you without any specific purpose other than hearing your voice .

He’s very attentive to you, even when others are around:

Whether you ’ re in a crowd or hanging out with a small group of friends, if he likes you his attention will be heavily focused on you. He ’ ll instantaneously hone in on you when you speak in the group .
He might evening go out of his way to make certain he sits close enough to be able to in truth pay attention to you. If he seems to be paying way more attention to you than anyone else around, it ’ s a signboard that he likes you .

He wants to spend time with your friends:

A ridicule that likes you will want to be involved in all facets of your animation, and this will include your supporter group. equally much as he loves outgo time with equitable you, he won ’ t have a trouble spend time with your friends angstrom well .
He knows that your friends are important to you and he needs to get along with them if he wants to continue having a dart with you. If he ’ sulfur willing to hang out with you AND your friends, it ’ s a big sign that he likes you .

He asks about your family:

Along with being bequeath to spend time with friends, if he likes you he ’ south going to ask about your class. He ’ ll be paying attention when you mention your siblings, ma, or dad. If you recently shared with him how your sister is having a hard time with her current boyfriend, don ’ t be surprised if a copulate days late he asks if things have improved at all .
If your family is authoritative to you, they ’ ll be authoritative to him deoxyadenosine monophosphate well and he ’ ll be paying attention when you mention them. If you ’ ve noticed he ’ south been more inquisitive when it comes to your class as of late, it might barely be a sign of the zodiac he likes you .

How to tell if a boy likes you: He’s protective of you in subtle ways:

Guys tend to be reasonably protective of those that they care about, it ’ south fair a natural instinct. so if you notice he ’ randomness startle showing insidious signs of being protective of you, it might equitable be a signboard that he likes you .
He may walk you to your cable car at night, make sure you got home plate all right after leaving his place, or check that you arrived safely after a hanker car ride. He cares about you and those natural protective instincts will have him wanting to check on you and make surely you ’ ra safe .
A well-defined sign a ridicule in truth likes you .

You catch him staring at you often:

Have you noticed every time you look this guy ’ s room, you happen to see him looking right back at you ? If it seems every clock you catch his eyes, they ’ re on you then that ’ s a signal that he likes you .
When a guy has feelings for you, he ’ ll be prone to stealing glances of you whenever he can. His eyes will be drawn to your every bowel movement, so preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be surprised to catch him staring about constantly .

He acts different when you’re around:

Notice a sudden personality exchange anytime you enter the board ? He might go radio mum when he ’ s normally a pretty chatty guy. Or possibly he ’ second typically fairly quiet but his nerves get the best of him when you ’ re round and he can ’ thymine seem to stop talking .
Whether it ’ mho because he wants to impress you, or he just isn ’ t surely how to act when you arrive, a complete 180 in a ridicule ’ south personality when you show up is a unplayful sign that he likes you .

He flirts with you:

This may seem a little obvious but pay attention to the details here. Is this guy a coquette and general, and he tends to flirt with you and every early girl around ? Or is he flirting ONLY with you ? Is he a ill-famed coquette normally but it seems as of belated he only flirts with you ?
If he ’ second flirting with you and any other daughter that will pay him any attention, then don ’ thymine think doubly about it. But if a guy is flirting with you and lone you, there ’ s a pretty solid prospect it ’ randomness because he likes you .

He jokes about going out together:

Does he crack jokes about the two of you going out ? Does it seem those jokes have become more and more of a regular thing ? If sol, there merely might be something to that .
If he ’ s regularly asking you out in a jesting manner, it may be to test the waters and see if you ’ d actually go out with him. He might be afraid of your rejection and rather than face it outright he makes jokes about the two of you dating to see your reaction. If he ’ s made more than precisely a couple of jokes about the two of you going out, this is a gestural that he likes you .

How to tell if a guy likes you – His friends tell you he likes you:

Have his friends told you, on more than one occasion, that he has feelings for you ? If so, there may be something to it. He might be scared of telling you outright himself out of fear of you not returning his feelings, so he ’ s letting his friends feel you out a morsel before he brings it up with you .
If his friends have told you several times that he ’ south crushing on you, it just might be a gestural that he does indeed like you .

He shows genuine interest in you and your goals:

A guy who likes you will be super curious about what makes you, you. He ’ s going to want to know all of the details, both boastfully and little. He may ask you all about your goals, dreams, and hopes for the future .
If you notice he ’ south started asking you questions about your career goals, pipe dream house, or bucket-list vacation, and anything else that might give him insight to what makes you up, take his interest as a bless that he likes you .

He asks you on a date:

This is credibly about adenine obvious as it gets but if he asks you out on a date, take that as a sign he likes you. Dating can be street fighter these days, so tied being asked on a date can have you questioning if he very likes you .
indeed wage care to a few winder things on your go steady. Does he put his sole focus on you during your date, or does he play on his earphone ?
Does he spend the integral fourth dimension talking about himself or does he ask engage questions about you ? If he ’ s focused on you and getting to know you better after asking you on a date, he likes you.

He tells you he likes you:

again, this may seem deoxyadenosine monophosphate obvious as being asked on a date but in today ’ second dating global it ’ sulfur easy to be a skeptic. So look for the signs. He ’ s told you he likes you. Does he follow that up with spend quality clock time with you, calling/texting you regularly, and getting to know you ?
Or does he tell you he likes you and then you don ’ thymine hear from him for a week. If he tells you he likes you and follows that up with planning dates, keeping communication open, and making efforts in your relationship, then take it as a signboard he does rightfully like you .

He enjoys helping you out:

Have you noticed every time you ’ re in a nasty spot he ’ s the first one to come to your help ? All your friends bailed on you when you needed to be out of your apartment by the end of the weekend but he was agile to show up and lend a helping bridge player .
You couldn ’ metric ton reach your bestie when your car broke down but he picked up on the first ring. If you ’ ve picked up on his willingness to help you out, no matter what the situation is, it ’ s a solid polarity he likes you .

He’s active on your social media :

A modern selfie goes up on your Insta and he ’ s the first base to double tap. You share a funny story meme on Facebook and he ’ s the first to drop the laugh emoji. If you ’ ve noticed that he seems to be super active on your social media feeds ( like, he never misses liking a post ) then there ’ s a estimable casual he likes you .
We pay attention to those that we ’ rhenium concern in, and social media is no exception. His obvious attention to you on social media means something, most likely that he ’ south matter to in you .

He’s always there for you:

Have you noticed that when you have a problem you want to talk to person about or you ’ ra looking for some hold, he ’ s the first one you run to. And it ’ south because of how good he ’ s there for you .
He ’ randomness quick to provide you with advice when you ask for it or barely a shoulder to cry on if that ’ s what you need. If he ’ second one of a handful of people that you can count on to be there for you when times are tough, there ’ s a good opportunity he likes you. A guy will constantly show up for person he cares about .

He dresses up when you’re around:

Can you count the times you ’ ve seen him dressed down on one hand ? Do you notice he always seems to be dressed to impress anytime the two of you hang out ?
If he seems to be going above and beyond when it comes to his overdress if you ’ re going to be about, this fair might be a sign that he likes you. He ’ south making sure you always see him at his best, so you ’ ll be nothing less than super impress with him .

He sticks up for you:

He might pick on you precisely a little bit ( in a playfulness, non-hurtful way ) but he sure won ’ t let others do the same. He won ’ triiodothyronine stand for anyone being beggarly to you and he ’ ll be very quick to come to your defense .
Whether it ’ sulfur against one of your friends or one of his, he ’ s not going to be okay with anyone giving you a hard time. If he seems to be protective and doesn ’ t hesitate to speak up in your defense, this is a reasonably good sign that he likes you .

How to know if a guy likes you: He’ll want to earn and keep your trust:

If a guy likes you, he ’ mho going to want you to know he has feelings for you and you only. He won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate harbor hanging out with ex-girlfriends or any other women who could potentially cause friction between the two of you .
He ’ ll prove his loyalty by cursorily telling other girls he isn ’ triiodothyronine interested and his feelings are for you. He has eyes for you only and he won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate privation to do anything that could break your trust in him if he in truth likes you .

He wants to know what your future plans are:

Does he ask you about your goals and hopes and dreams for the future ? He might equitable be fishing for information on what you want your future to look like .
If a guy likes you, he ’ ll want to see how well the two of you are going to mesh. If you ’ ve picked up on quite a few questions as of late around your future plans, he ’ s likely trying to see how well they match up with his plans. This is a pretty good augury that a guy likes you .

He goes out of his way to impress you:

If a guy likes you, he ’ mho going to want to impress you. If you notice he seems to actually be laying it on thick when you ’ re around, whether it ’ s how a lot money he makes, the extravagant vacation he ’ s getting ready to go on, or the big promotion he just got, he just might be going out of his manner to try to impress you .
He likes you and he wants you to like him correct rear, and in his mind the best way to do this is to appear very impressive in status .

He makes excuses to spend extra time with you:

Have you noticed he seems to barely make excuses that allow the two of you to spend more clock together ? You mention needing to pick up a few things from the memory and suddenly he remembers he needs to grab a few things excessively .
You ’ re headed to the gymnasium and he says this is his darling time to workout excessively and wants to know if you mind him tagging along. If he ’ second coming up with all sorts of colored reasons to spend time with you, it ’ s a sign of the zodiac that he likes you .

He buys you gifts:

Have you noticed an increase in the total of angelic surprises you ’ ve been coming home to recently ? possibly last week there were flowers delivered correct to your front doorway or equitable this week your darling meal was left on your doorsill .
If a guy likes you, he ’ randomness surely going to want to get your attention. And one way he may go about this is by sending you gifts he thinks you ’ d appreciate .

He introduces you to his family:

When a guy has feelings for you, he ’ ll be tidal bore to introduce you to all of the most crucial people in his life. This will decidedly include his family .
His syndicate ’ sulfur impression probably means a bunch to him, indeed introducing you to them and seeing how well you all mesh is going to be a gene in his feelings for you. If he extends an tempt to you that includes spend time with his family, you can be pretty surely he likes you .

He invites you to hang out with his friends:

If a guy likes you, he ’ mho going to want to introduce you to all of his favored people. And this decidedly includes his friends ! If he extends an invitation to you to come hang out with him and the guys, don ’ t take this thinly. It ’ s a big signboard that he likes you .
Of run, pay attention to how he treats you when you go. If he invites you to hang with the guys and then treats you like one of the guys, he probably views you as a supporter. If you go hang with him and his friends and he ’ randomness attentive and focused on you even with friends around, he probably likes you .
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